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Forums : Character Profiles and Biographies > Sulzith Sorastiss bio
Sulzith (Associate) 12/14/2009 5:17 PM EST : Sulzith Sorastiss bio (edited a little)
GP User: Sorastisz
Antonia Bayle
Posts: 18

Full Name: Sulzith Sorastiss
Nicknames: Sul
Date of Birth: exact date unknown, no one bothered to record it.
Age: about 30
Race: Iksar
Sex: Male
Skin: green scales
Height: 6'7''
Weight/Body Type: about 245lbs, atheltic build

Place of Residence: Qeynos
Place of Birth: Freeport
Known Relatives: none
Religion/Philosophy: follower of Erollisi Marr - however, not a pacifist.
Occupation: Berserker

Server: Antonia Bayle
Guild affiliation: Avengers of Virtue
Guild Rank:
Enemies: None
Friends: has a few casual acquaintances but no real friends yet.
Likes: bad jokes, a good bar brawl, having a clean place to sleep at night and enough food to eat
Favorite Foods: He's not picky, so long as it's not rancid he'll eat it.
Favorite Drinks: ale
Favorite Colors: seems fond of earth and metallic tones, such as bronze and brown
Weapons of Choice: He likes halberds above all else but will make do with anything he can get his hands on.

Dislikes: Dirt and grime, Thulians, stuck up sorts.

Hobbies: He's thinking about taking up either cooking or armor smithing. For recreation he actually likes to slip into people's houses unawares and just look around and different artistic decorations. He's a little odd like that. 

Physical Features: He's a pretty typical looking Iksar - big, broad, and has a few scars on his scales. There's nothing particularly noteworthy about him that would make him stand out in a crowd.

Special Abilities: None, he's an ordinary no super-power guy

Positive Personality Traits: Open minded, amiable, good sense of humor

Negative Personality Traits: When his temper is up he can be more than a little violent and stubborn

Misc. Quirks: Secretly likes romantic poetry and writes it from time to time, but will never admit that to anyone

Played by What Famous Person: Ray Stevenson (of Rome fame),0.jpg

Theme Songs: Rammstein, Haifisch
Professions: going either Amoring or Provisioner with him, haven't decided.

History: Born and raised in Freeport, Sulzith never did get along with most of the Iksar in the Scale Yard very well. He lost his family at a young age - which is not all that uncommon in that city - and went to work doing odd jobs where he could find them. Early on it was apparent he was going to be a large and strong specimen, so he was often recruited for body guard duties or to rough up thugs, fight orcs, or do other such physical work.

Sulzith wasn't happy though - his views were peculiar for a citizen of Freeport and he often thought the mindless brutality and doctrines of fear and hate practiced by so many people self destructive and backwards. However, he had no means of escape and no contacts outside of Freeport, and did not know how to survive outside that city.

Very recently, during the rioting and chaos that have arisen at the disappearance of Lucan D'Lere, Sulzith saw his chance to slip out of Freeport and did so... eventually earning the trust of Qeynos guards and advisors to Queen Antonia enough that he was allowed citizenship within that city. He currently resides there and has been poking about, looking for work and for a guild or clan to call family.

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Sulzith Sorastiss - Iksar Berserker - Antonia Bayle

Kennin (Member) 1/16/2010 8:11 AM EST : RE: Sulzith Sorastiss bio (edited a little)
Antonia Bayle
Guild Leader
Avengers of Virtue
Posts: 678


You should update your documents, dear friend!
I think this is no longer true. <Grins>
Sorastisz said:
Guild affiliation: currently none (looking though!)
Guild Rank:

Anyway, here too, welcome to our ranks, friend!

Zerzal Nephardyuel
Paladin of Mithaniel Marr, Lady of Qeynos, Steward and Knight-General of the Avengers of Virtue.

Accompanying evil is strengthening evil!
Characters: Zerzal Nephardyuel - Kennin Fujibayashi - Pardona - Qroa -

Sulzith (Associate) 1/16/2010 5:00 PM EST : RE: Sulzith Sorastiss bio (edited a little)
GP User: Sorastisz
Antonia Bayle
Posts: 18

Oh yeah! I better go and fix that...

*whips out a writing quill and gets to work*

(( hehe forgot all about this X) ))
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Sulzith Sorastiss - Iksar Berserker - Antonia Bayle

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