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Forums : Guild Registration > The Great Nest (AB, Neutral)
Loocie_eq (Member) 5/9/2012 11:20 AM EST : The Great Nest (AB, Neutral)
Guild Leader
The Great Nest

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Guild Name: The Great Nest
Server: Antonia Bayle
Guild URL:
Roleplay Style:  Medium
Alignment:  Neutral
Brief Description: Once, Ratonga could feel the beating of the world-heart. They knew the dark places and were unafraid of the secrets hidden below the earth. The world changed and so did Brell's greatest creations. The rats you see now, with their pranks and fun - they are shadows of what they could be. They've forgotten how to hear it, how to feel it, how to use it. The time to remember is upon you, children of the Underfoot. The Great Nest is rising and calling you home.

Additional Information/Detailed description:

The white rat, Loosie, went to sleep one night. She slept for a very long time. While she was in the dreaming place, something strange happened. She began to hear a sound; like a heart beating so very faintly. More important than the sound was the feeling that came with it, the tiniest of vibrations that began at the tips of her whiskers and moved through her. Through these vibrations came a message. It was time to wake up and Remember. So, wake up Loosie did and in waking, she remembered. Now, it is her mission to help other rats wake up. No one knows exactly -why- she is rousing the dormant things that have been forgotten in the minds of today's ratonga and the inner workings of the nest remain a mystery.

OOC: The Great Nest is a guild of ratonga. Most of us are old school, veteran gamers and role players with busy lives outside the game. We just want to enjoy our time in Norrath, do some role playing and have an over all good time and be rats while we're at it. We want to get rid of the assumption that all ratonga are illiterate, slapstick silly thieves who don't have the brains to speak properly and sit around all day eating cheese. Ok, maybe we like cheese but that's beside the point! The race and the lore around it has changed a lot from what it was at launch and we want to reflect those things in our play styles with our rats. Ratonga can be so much more than how they're normally portrayed.

Characters: Loosie

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