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Forums : The Tavern > BREAKING DEVELOPMENT ((Open))
We Are Deimos (Associate) 3/9/2010 12:53 AM EST : BREAKING DEVELOPMENT ((Open))
GP User: Cogrocket Incorporated
Antonia Bayle
Cogrocket Incorporated
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This headline finds it's way into every major newsprint on Norrath.....

Earlier this evening, around 10 bells after noon in Eastern Regions, a mighty, cataclysmic crash shook the island of Mok Rent. Gorowyn Parsers and investigative military expeditions to the source identified it as, "A Massive Clockwork Tower, similar to the Twilight Citadel of Freeport." Investigations say the Tower crashed headlong into the south end of the island, breaking it into hundreds of pieces.

"Judging by the wreckage," Parser Zilch Ty'Lik stated, "It would appear that the tower suffered internal detonations moments before actual impact. This was clearly a very large accident."

Investigators collaborated as to where this Tower came from, to which it was unanimously confirmed that it was in fact the "Tower of Dread", the long-sought after citadel and home base of the Thulian Terrorist group "Deimos". Readers may remember Deimos from their frequent Mail bombings and rash of Tavern-raids and bank heists.

Only months ago were the two head perpetrators, Coggle Cogrocket and a Sarnak known only as Ixeus, apprehended during a raid of the Qeynosian Guild Hall of the Vagabond Knights. Ixeus was slain in combat and Coggle was incarcerated, then turned over to the Qeynos Guard. No guardman was willing to comment on the condition or location of Coggle. That had pretty much sealed the deal with Deimos as far as the city officials were concerned, but their headquarters had never been found; until now.

A few Vagabond Knights, who wished to remain anonymous, stated that Coggle was only the figurehead of Deimos, and that their real leader had managed to evade the limelight. If anyone has any information regarding this mysterious Deimos member, please turn it over to local authorities immediately.

No bodies were recovered from the crash.
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