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Forums : The Tavern > Lucanic Observer: Reform Makes Knights Even More Dangerous
ArdaenTildaen (Associate) 3/30/2010 2:23 PM EST : Lucanic Observer: Reform Makes Knights Even More Dan...
Antonia Bayle

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On the domestic affairs page of the 'Lucanic Observer', the temporary resistance newspaper of the Knights of Freeport:

Reform Makes Knights Even More Dangerous

FREEPORT - Under the visionary leadership of Lord Commander Ritsar Unius Tadius Metellius, the command structure of the Knights of Freeport was reformed to make the unit even more dangerous. A 'boot camp' for pages and squires will provide the unit with even better-trained minions for the Overlords' cause.

Occult-General Elain Trevion has been appointed as the new commander of 'Boot Camp'. The noble arasai commander will be responsible for making sure that all new pages and squires meet high standards of patriotism, familiarity with Lucanic protocols and basic literacy. He will be assisted by training officers such as Sage-Captain Kikiriki Gingerpaws, Shadow-Lieutenant Rienna Rivaldis and "Old Woman" Tcaawunkl Skullsmarsh. The Knights of Freeport are an elite unit, constantly training to be even better than they already are. New enlistees can expect a team that is dedicated to shaping them into useful agents of the Overlords' will.

First brigade contains the bulk of Knights of Freeport, and it is commanded by the zealous Occult-General M. Salvius Curio. First brigade will fly the flag of the Overlord in all the Lucanic territories, from the narrow corridors of Temple Street to the rebellious Imperial Province of Western Karan. First brigade is the epitome of patriotism and blind faith in Lucanic values. Duties include policing, defending the city of Freeport, and putting down the enemies of Freeport at home and abroad. All traitors, heretics, extra-planar creatures, werewolves, vampires and tax evaders will fall sooner or later fall to the blades of this blackened iron killing machine.

Second brigade is under the command of the cunning Sage-General Masq, a former patriot of the month. This brigade is dedicated to the dissemination of propaganda, intelligence-gathering and (only as a last resort!) diplomacy. The Provincial Reserves are also being folded under the command of this impressive ratonga commander, providing the Knights of Freeport with swarms of disposable foreigners who are ready to die for the loyalist cause. The eyes and ears of the second brigade are present in every foreign city, making sure that all conspiracies against Freeport will fail.

Third Brigade has been established for Knights of Freeport who are sent on missions abroad. Bravely conquering and holding distant lands for the Overlord, the new third brigade proves that heroism is possible even in dire circumstances.

Free Citizens are rejoicing in this organisational reform. With the Knights of Freeport stronger than ever, the Thexian oppressors and their disloyal dreadnaught allies will soon be driven from all the occupied districts. Follow the Overlord, and the glory of victory shall be yours to share.
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