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Forums : The Tavern > The Iron Claw Tournament ((Festival of Discord lead up))
Ijaka (Associate) 10/26/2009 9:43 AM EST : RE: The Iron Claw Tournament ((Festival of Discord le...
Antonia Bayle

Posts: 732

((Just wanted to post a reminder/advertisement for the Iron Claw Tournament.

At this point, we still have plenty  spots available for people wanting to participate. We've not yet had any sign ups for combatants, so the field is wide open! There will be 8 spots for fighters total, as a dry run a couple weeks ago showed that this is a pretty ideal number for the timeframe. We could also use volunteers to provide color commentary during the matches. Notable public figures (i.e. guild leaders) are ideal but anyone who will bring a bit of fun and excitement to the fights will be appreciated!

And now, to drum up some interest, a word about the prizes! The champion of the tournament will win, aside from bragging rights, a complete set of the Relics of the Ethernauts collectibles! The reward for completing the collection is a powerful earring that lets you view the rare blue shinys in TSO instances. For the monetarily inclined, the individual pieces rarely sell for less than 10p and many of them can go for well over 30-40p. And the defeated will not be going home empty handed! All participants will recieve a complete collection of either the TSO blue shinys or the more difficult to obtain Kunark blue shinys. Second place will have first pick of the pool of collections, third place will have second pick and so on.

So if you would like to participate, sign up today! Contact me here by PM or in game by tell or mail!))

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