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Skyana (Member) 7/7/2010 6:32 PM EST : The Kelethin Times - DEIMOS Have They Returned? (imag...
Antonia Bayle
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DEIMOS: Have They Returned?

Unsettling rumors and nebulous claims of sightings of the infamous Deimos organization reorganization have surfaced. Long thought vanquished and wiped out from the face of Norrath, it would appear that rumors of their demise are incorrect. Other than the brief encounter at the end of the Festival of Unity, Deimos has remained quite silent since their rebirth. This almost always has meant they are planning something big.

There are a lot of rumors floating around about this organization and its goals. Some say that someone gave them a large amount of funds, over 500 platinum. Others hear stories of a recruitment process, but solid evidence has yet to be found. It is known that they are attempting to use the Cogrocket Inc cover name. However since Coggle Cogrocket is a known member and has clearly returned to the fold that might be a less then successful tactic on their end. Speculations as to the location of their new headquarters since the last one was destroyed talk of Halas, or maybe Neriak. There are even those that claim they are now wearing a uniform and cloaks, which should make them more easily avoidable.

Current plans in Kelethin have included a lockdown of the mail system. All mail is carefully checked before allowed delivery to its intended owners. While the postal service apologies for the delays they deem it necessary for public safety. A plan is being worked on to protect the mail boxes as well. A joint team from Kelethin and Gnomeland Secuirty are working on some prototypes. However the Queen has declared that until they can make sure that their device will not cause the mailbox to explode as well, they cannot install it.

The Kelethin National Bank has also been placed under heightened Security. The bank has been a target in the past, and, rumors threaten that it is being targeted again. Guards placed around the bank have been doubled. The Kelethin Guard wish to assure the public that they will protect the bank. They have plans in place to help deal with clockwork devices that may be used.

Demios, the questions still remain. What do they want? Is there some sort of purpose behind their seemingly random acts of destruction? What will it take to end their streak of terrorism for good?

~Skyheart Silverwing


Out and About NOrrath!

As promised this is our first edition featuring a tavern and an organization somewhere in Norrath. Each edition we will attempt to feature one of each, as well as promote upcoming events!

Our First Organization is Clan Silverpaws. Tomais, the Clan Leader was gracious enough to grant us an intervew.


Me: woah you are big!"
Tomias: *chuckles, deep and merry* So I have been told. But my feet reach the ground and I understand that is what most need to do"
Me: "Hi! I am a reporter for the Kelethin Times. I was wondering if you have a moment to speak to me about your guild?"
Tomias nodded as he waved me to follow to the office he has, past the tamed fearstalkers and the sound of children in the story area.


Me: "Are all the kerra in your clan as big as you?"
Tomias: "No, but some may grow up to be close... the blood of the Vah Shir runs strong in the Clan.. but then again we are not all Kerra in my Clan.."
Me: "Vah Shir those are the kerra that were on the moon before the Erudites messed with stuff?"
Tomias:, "Actually the erudite managed to send a city of kerra to Luclin during the civil war they had with each other... the city , protected by the ancestors.. landed there and the kerra grew into the Vah shir."
Me: "oooooh, but they had to leave when the moon blew up?"
Tomias: "aye, the ones who lived. But my Clan had a bit of warning from the ancestral spirits and were leaving when the moon was destroyed"
Me: "oh, and you say not all your folks are Kerra though?"
Tomias: "We oft adopt others into the Clan.... different races if they have the Heart"
Me: "the Heart? What do you mean by that?"
Tomias: "the spirit and drive behind the person. The flesh we wear is of little concern to the Clan, the spirit within matters more; the heart of someone and how they act. City matters not, the Heart does"
Me "and you would take anyone in that you judge has this Spirit?"
Tomias: *nods* Aye... if they were looking for a home. See we may be considered a guild by the cities... but we are a Clan and so are family.”
Me: “What are the goals of your Clan"
Tomias: "mostly to preserve the lore and histories of the Clan and of all races of it... to grow.. to one day be able to see about making a little settlement in the memory of lost Shar Vahl "
Me: "Where do you buy your hats people like them"
Tomias:*chuckles as he tips his hat with an oddly silver paw* I either find them or go to have them made for me. I use different tailors for each one I commission"
Me "your paws look weird, what's up with that?"
Tomias: *holds up one paw* The sign of the Ancestors blessing. By this, it shows that I have been tried and found worthy by my ancestors to be the Scion of the Clan. The leader of the Clan"
M: “does it do anything special?"
Tomias: *grins as he picks up a piece of metal and taps it. The claw tip has punched through the metal. Oh a couple of things in addition to that..."
Me: "ooooooooooo cool!"
Me: “ okay , what do you want people to know about your clan"
Tomias: "*ponders a moment* That we take in all who show themselves worthy of being A Silverpaw. Admittedly, we do tend to lean more towards the kerra, but refuse no one! *chuckles* "
Me: "Your hall is in Qeynos, how do you feel about the city?"
Tomias: "the city.. well its okay.. It took us in during our time of need... and we have survived here. We need to grow and this place is better than many to do so"
Me: “And how do you feel about kelethin?"
Tomias: "a fine enough place. (I) Know several great people there. Several of my tailors do live there as well. "
Me: What are the goals for Clan Silverpaw
Tomias: "it would be.. mmmm I would like to have the clan.. when larger of course.. be able to have a island not too far from these climes and found a little Shar Vahl there..."


Me: “what is the philosphy of your Clan
Thomias: Be true to the Clan and the Clan will be true to you. Just one of several Mottoes but one that I try to build on, the willingness and desire to take care of the family first and then the cities.

The Tavern we are featuring in this edition goes by the name Intrigue, and is located at 3 Freedom Road, South Freeport. While located in Freeport the tavern itself is open to all people. It is considered a Neutral location, and you are invited to come in and enjoy yourself, just leave your weapons at the door.


* Villiance greeting newcomers at the door*

Intrigue features; drinks; entertainment in the form of a dancer or singer, sometimes both; as well as a gambling table. The also have feature nights, the pictures taken with the gnomish device are from their "Opera" night.


* Saiah, Veonil, Mathias are busy at the table as Chanse deals. In the background you can see Villiance talkign to another customer*

The tavern has an elegant feel to it, with a gritty undertone that I can't quite put my finger on. There is an undercurrent that makes you suspect things might not be completely what the seem on the surface.

Devolnu Taliesin, the Crimsom Dame, owner of The Feir'dal Flame had this to say " This tavern holds potential. Potential in the form of those that run it, the drinks they serve and the performances that have been held. I look forward to darkening? Erm well Lightening their doorsteps as time passes."

Kyshen described it as " Elegence with a touch of decandance.... there is always a warm welcome at the Intrigue and the staff is the top of the crop"

Back in the Dancing area Sairina of the Lucan Youth Corps shared " Th' Tables dun cheat, they kin fill any taste or desire, an' some people like th' dance round wif no clothes on. I like the peanuts they serve myself."


* Peralin poses as a cat takes a turn down the catwalk*

You won't want to miss their next special event (( Tuesday July 13 Starting at 7pm PST/9pm CST)) Masquerade Macabre. Join them for a a night of mystery and dark intrigue in an event you won't soon forget! Celebrate the darker side of life in a formal event hosted by the Intrigue Nightclub. Featuring: Samirah Deathknell, the Poppet Mistress as well as Evangeli, the Harmony of Neriak in performances sure to bring chills down your spine.

Intrigue is a reflection of those that run it. Elegance within a hint of mystery, with the faint air of a down and dirty brawler just around the corner. Definately a tavern you won't want to miss out on!

** ooc note, would have posted on the Kelethin times account but, GP didn't want to let me log out of my regular account**

Skyana- Guild Leader Outriders of Kelethin, And the amazing roving Rogue, Layla 


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