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539434345_Inactive (Applicant) 2/11/2008 8:31 AM EST : Union

Posts: 32

Greetings my brothers and sisters! I am Einheit Vasae, though as family you may call me Ein. Here on these pages is my dream, the dream for a world where the Ayr’Dal are not oppressed by their parent species, a world we may walk equal and strong, a world where the Ayr’Dal are united under a common banner, and their voices ring true with the sound of accomplishment! This will not be an easy task my brothers and sisters, we will have to struggle, but we will endure as we always have. We are set on all sides by enemies; there are many that would like to see us stay in the mud they have driven us into. But do not lose heart! Do not lose hope! For we are a family, and family helps one another. I do not preach war my dear brothers and sisters, I do not request you to take up arms against all that would be set against us. Words strike truer then any sword, actions of kindness sway the hearts more easily then the fear of fire and violent revolution. But my brothers and sisters this is not a path of peace we walk, there shall be fighting, and that fighting will be wearying and filled with sorrow, but nothing in this life is worth having if you have not earned it. For those that cannot fight, those that can will protect them, those that cannot cook or sew will find solace in those with such talents. We must cover our weakness’s so they can no longer be exploited.

I propose a Union, a glorious combination of all our talents, to create a nation we can call home, a true home, not one borrowed from the god bred races but one we have made through our own talents. As of now we are based in the fortress city of Gorowyn, but the seeds of this Union have stretched far in a short time, and saplings are taking root in the ancient forests of Kelethin, the streets of Freeport and Qeynos ring with the talk of better days on the horizon, and the caverns of Neriak grow warmer with the knowledge soon, our feet shall walk its soil and stone. Our Union shall reach the heavens, and not even the gods in their self imposed exile shall be able to look away from the truth. Long have we walked those streets getting sneers and comments such as “half a man is a cripple, what is half an elf” called scum and sectioned off from the rest of the city like plague victims, but my brothers and sisters those days are falling into the past replaced by the proper respect we so deserve!

You would ask why I would do this, perhaps call it a fool’s errand, call me a mad man or a fanatic. But I do this not for personal glory or gain. I do this for you my brothers and sisters and for generations to come. So deep is the love for my kind, I would gladly sacrifice myself to this ideal. I hope to live in a world I can see Ayr’Dal art and music fill the streets and take pride! I wish to no longer see Ayr’Dal children starving on the streets or sold in the slavers shops for labor. I want each of our kind to have a full belly, a warm bed, and a home without the fear it will be stolen from us because we are half breeds.

((As a racial guild, there are several guidelines we must ask all hopefuls meet.  They follow below

Members must be of Ayr'Dal heritige, meaning, Icly they must be an Ayr'Dal. The combination isnt important, just the roleplay involved. Player avatars can be of human, Wood elf, Half elf, High elf, or Dark Elf.
Potential members please contact Einheit, Kaian, Veldin, or Nayakra in game or over the mail here for further information and times we might be able to meet in character or chat in-game.
Though any meeting for acceptance into the guild is nice, face to face RP interaction is prefered.


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