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Forums : Guild Recruitment > Whispers in the night...(The Great Nest Recruiting thread)
Loocie_eq (Member) 5/9/2012 11:44 AM EST : Whispers in the night...(The Great Nest Recruiting th...
Guild Leader
The Great Nest

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In the dark side streets, the quiet corners, under crates and in the spaces between the walls; watching, listening, waiting. We are obscured by the predisposed notions of those who think themselves better, overlooked as nothing more than thieves or simple minded creatures akin to pets. We like it that way...for now. Nothing can remain hidden from us for long. We will know their secrets. We will survive and prevail.

The brood mother has remembered how to hear it - the Great Rhythm that guided our ancestors in the Underfoot. No more shall we be shackled to ignorance and comedic relief in the eyes of the world. We remember now. We are stronger...Can you hear it? The great nest is calling you home.


The Great Nest is a guild of ratonga. Most of us are old school, veteran gamers and role players with busy lives outside the game. We just want to enjoy our time in Norrath, do some role playing and have an over all good time and be rats while we're at it. We want to get rid of the assumption that all ratonga are illiterate, slapstick silly thieves who sit around all day and eat cheese. Ok, maybe we like cheese but that's beside the point! The race and the lore around it has changed a lot from what it was at launch and we want to reflect those things in our play styles with our rats. Ratonga can be so much more than a bunch of JarJar Binks cast offs with the constant "yis yis! me'ses likeses cheeses!"  While we appreciate everyone's unique play styles, the over all theme of the nest is to become -better- than that. If this is something you'd like to do - come and find us in game or you can visit our website!

Game contacts: Loosie, Pinna, Reunmarilith

Characters: Loosie

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