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Forums : The Town Crier > Wise Guy Private Eye
_Kyiera_ (Associate) 11/14/2011 9:07 PM EST : Wise Guy Private Eye
Antonia Bayle

Posts: 332

Wise Guy Private Eye Detective Service – Cleaning up old messes, creating new ones

Have a problem that just won’t go away?  Need help solving a sticky situation?  Just prefer not to get your hands dirty?  Or remain discrete?  If you answer yes to any of these questions, Wise Guy is your man!

Free consultation.  Full confidentiality.  Professional.  We get the job done!

Services offered: surveillance, background investigations, divination, investigations of theft, infidelity, missing persons, strange happenings, and anything else you bring our way!  We also offer protection services!

If you have a case, or just want more information, contact Trable Volski by mail at Glacial Villa (c/o Trable) in New Halas or in person on Monday nights from 8 – 9 pm EST.  ((5-6 PST))  

Disclaimers:  The Wise Guy is not a hired killer.  If you are looking for an assassin, look elsewhere!  The Wise Guy is not responsible for accidental decapitation, dismemberment or loss of limbs, infection with squirrel flu or rabies, burns (especially if they are over more than 80% of the body), acquisition of phobias, pregnancy, eczema, possession, monkey bites or other such similar mishaps or events.  If you suddenly develop a strong affinity for pigs wearing lace and leave your wife before you realize she was, in fact, the woman of your dreams, do not come crying to us.

((All money exchanged is RP only!))

Characters: Aleera Aundrielle Wolfsung Llyre

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