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Loetae (Associate) 9/16/2008 5:44 AM EST : Viska Bloodyeyes
Antonia Bayle

Posts: 1955

Full Name: Viska Bloodyeyes
Server: Antonia Bayle
Race: troll
Gender: female
Hair: none
Skin: red, pink, and, gray
Eyes: blood red
Height: as short as a troll can be
Weight: she is extremely skinny to the point of being almost skeletal even though she eats anything and everything and a lot of it.
Identifying Features: a length of chain nailed to her head along side each ear

Guild affiliation: Raven Guard
Place of residence: 1 Justice Road, South Freeport
Place of Birth: a small troll village, in an area of many small troll villages, refered to as River Bending Place by the locals as it was built near a large bend of a river
Known Relatives: a cousin, Zunzun Bloodyeyes, a brother, Vurn Bloodyeyes, and two sisters Sleska and Gonkwa Bloodyeyes
Religion/Philosophy: she doesn't have any true religious or philosophical beliefs though does pay homage to Bristlebane occasionally. her only real concerns in life are singing / song writing, eating / cooking, having a pretty house, and making her friends happy -  of course what she believes will make them happy is often in conflict with what they will actually enjoy.
Occupation: dirge / provisioner
Enemies: she doesn't have "enemies" but halflings should be wary when near her - she loves a good halfling roast; so plump an juicy. she is also very fond of ratonga, but with the exception of an occasional sniff, lick, or fantasy, she restricts her cravings to those she doesn't know personally.

Likes: singing / song writing, dancing, pretty homes, food / cooking - she is also very sexually attracted to gnome males, especially those who practice necromancy... their pets are so good for flavoring.
Dislikes: she doesn't like hair - she thinks everyone looks better bald.
Favorite Drinks: blue goblin wine - in fact she is quite obsessed with blue goblin wine
Favorite Colors: blood red
Hobbies: she likes to collect books and strange objects.
Misc. Quirks: she is clean which is unusual for a troll. she enjoys getting messy - often, but she always bathes and keeps her home clean.

Special Abilities: she is slightly telepathic though she does not realize it is telepathy. this is restricted to those close to her for the most part - when the RP opportunity is just right she may get a random idea or thought from others, but i will ask permission before doing anything like that.
Positive Personality Traits: she is very friendly
Negative Personality Traits: she is very friendly!
Played by What Famous Person: Eunice Kennedy Shriver (Maria Shriver's mother / JFK's sister)


Viska was born in a remote swamp area in a small village of trolls, surrounded by many other small villages of trolls. Her mother was named Mother, as everyone, including she herself, forgot Mother's name after her children were born. She was a well known cook in the area - a skill she taught Viska - and the other villages would often trade with her.

On one such outing she took a wrong turn, stumbled into a village of strangers and ended up in their cooking pot. Her last thought was "oooo... Mother make good taste with blue goblin wine!" Viska, having some light and unpredictable telepathic ability of which she is unaware of as being telepathic, heard the comment, and has ever since believed that blue goblin wine goes with every meal.

A few years later, as Viska and her brother were out gathering ingredients for her pantry, they forgot to pay attention to their direction, wondered very far away from their village, became hopelessly lost, and were unable to return. However, this did not disturb Viska, as she is usually content where ever she is, and since coming to Freeport has developed many recipes involving blue goblin blood and found many people for whom she can sing.

New Adventures
Though she had established a new home in Freeport, made good friends, written lots of songs, and created many recipes, Viska found herself missing her old village and friends and simple way of life. She decided to head out in search of her lost village, and after a long journey, she was over joyed to find that home.

Viska reconnected with her roots, sniffled over Mother, and was surprised to discover her cousin Zunzun all grown up. He was ready for adventures of his own... and neck deep in trouble! so she put him in her row boat and brought him back to Freeport where he has been happily slashing things with large axes since.

Characters: Minsipone Persiphone, Ishaza Sool, Gonkwa Bloodyeyes, a bunch of alts,

Loetae (Associate) 7/18/2011 5:01 PM EST : RE: Viska Bloodyeyes
Antonia Bayle

Posts: 1955

i am sad to report, the colorful life of Viska Bloodyeyes has come to an abrupt end. however she leaves us with these important life lessons... giant crabs have NO musical appreciation. NEVER trust a pair of shoes fashioned by a halfling. and most importantly, NEVER twirl when you are hungry. please direct any memorials and claims against Viska's estate to the inheritor of all her worldly goods and talents, miss Majelberry Tesslefoot, the swiss miss halfling.

Characters: Minsipone Persiphone, Ishaza Sool, Gonkwa Bloodyeyes, a bunch of alts,

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