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Lords of the Combine
Council of Elders
Oct 3, 07 2:56 AM
Oct 3, 07 2:54 AM
Oct 1, 07 7:50 PM
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Welcome to the guild, check out the rules and lets have some fun.

Council of Elders

Innate, Oct 3, 07 2:56 AM.
Congradualtions are in order for Fong, Mordakei, Ephron, Eave, Euladin, Winky, Deathnote, Crelek, and Kublah these are your Council members. Once the official guild tag comes thru i will be turning over full control to the council and they will run the show 100%


Innate, Oct 3, 07 2:54 AM.
A ruling has been passed down by the Council of Elders, you may now apply to the guild as a race / class available from the expansion that is right after the one we are currently on. In this case Iksars are now available to be created. However there is a penalty, they will not be eligable for guild tags or guild loot until kunark has been broken into. The only benefit this gives you is if you wish to play a class / race that is unavailable until the next expansion comes out you may play it with the other guildies to level up. You are allowed to loot gear when you are grouped with LC members, you are allowed to raid with us, you simply are denied a guild tag and guild loot on raids and other forms of guild loot, until we unlock your the next expansion. if you have any questions please contact a council member.


Innate, Oct 1, 07 7:50 PM.
If you are wearing a Lords of the Combine ( LC ) guild tag or apping to join us you must agree to follow all of the following rules. Rules are subject to change. You are currently only allowed to access things that were available to players in the original EQ 7 years ago, that means....
NO Vah Shar
NO Frogloks
NO Drakkin
NO Beast Lords
NO Beserkers
NO Anon or Roleplay
NO Tutorial
NO Newbie armor / weapon quests
NO Zones that are not in the " Old World "
NO Bazaar
NO Tasks
NO Leader or Vetern AAs
NO Buffs from any players out side of the guild
NO grouping with people outside of the guild
NO Twinking, only hand me downs will be allowed and they must be from a toon already in LC and be earned thru the guild. this includes but is not limited to copper, silver, gold , and plat, as well as items. Currently any toons requesting admission to LC must be lvl 10 or lower and completely gearless unless approved by vote in guild channel where at least 10 or more a present.
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