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Homeland established
Oct 11, 11 10:13 PM
Dec 7, 10 2:23 AM
welcome new member Nixkamich
Apr 3, 09 12:06 AM
welcome new member Ze'ev Zariz
Feb 16, 09 8:23 PM
Eriland supports wolf friends
Dec 18, 08 2:00 AM
The story of the origin of the three clans - as spoken by White Wolf.

When the Chipewyan People began to emerge from the First World they started to hunt the sunrise. The first band encountered a Bear killing a Great Hart, so they became the Bear Clan. The second group came across the kill and saw the Bear driven off by a pack of wolves, so they became the Wolf Clan. The remaining Chipewyan, who traveled much more slowly came upon the remains of the deer carcass and found a nest of spiders in it. They became the Spider Clan and it brought them much fortune.

By taking the animal totem of the spider they were granted protection by the wise and powerful, Spider Mother Spirit (Na`ashjeii Asdzaa). To help them on their journey, she took the bone and ash from their cremated dead and fashioned the first horses to carry heavy loads and for riding.

The Bear Clan, which arrived first and established a village, remains to this day the most powerful group. The Wolf Clan was never the strongest or the most prosperous, but because of the aspect of the wolf they live and hunt together in harmony and are able to communicate with each other over vast distances. Finally; although the Spider Clan was the last to arrive, it became the biggest Chipewyan clan because of the large number of children its ancestors brought with them on their journey.

The way of Nature and the aspect of the Wolf:

The Wolf Clan people live in a state of harmony and unity with nature. This entails accepting the sometimes harsh realities of living at the mercy of the forces of nature while at the same time trying to entice or appease the nature spirits for protection and prosperity. There is a delicate balance that must be maintained between ensuring the survival of the Family Clan as a group, yet not hording or taking the gifts of nature unnecessarily.

Many of the Wolf Clan traditions revolve around hunting animals. The Wolf Clan people are meat eaters, yet have respect for all living things as possessing a spirit and consider all animals their brothers. This requires sometimes elaborate precautions be observed not to offend the spirit of the animal being taken. Some of the basics of a group hunt are: to set out to hunt one type of animal at a time, to make blessings and have a ritual dance in preparation for the hunt, to hunt using traditional weapons (bow and spear), to show respect for the prey by not utilizing magic or poison to kill them, to immediately pray over the corpse asking for forgiveness and by not leaving anything useful from the animal behind to rot.

The aspects of the Wolf Clan that distinguish it from the other Chipewyan tribal family sub-groups, the Bear Clan and the Spider Clan are their close-knit communal way of life, tendency to work and hunt in groups rather than separately and the integration of not just wolves but all types of pack animals into their daily lives. Almost all members of Wolf Clan society, no matter what their division of labor has a knack for taming animals and is at least competent with a bow and arrow.

Spirit of Freedom

The primary goal of the First People guilds is to embody enthusiasm for American Indian traditions, folklore, mythology and spirit. That spirit is the spirit of freedom.

Individual freedom, the respect for nature and honoring traditions shall be the basis of each Wolf Clan character and held as the greater part of reason for decisions of the Council of Elders.

Homeland established

Two Wolves, Oct 11, 11 10:13 PM.
Feb/24/358 Emissaries where dispatched to council with the rulers of Britain, delivering a charter that clearly establishes the self-determination of the descendents of the First People and freeing the sacred land between Skara Brae Crossroads and Yew Crossroads for their care, use and resettlement.

As a result, Wolf Clan home range has now been declared as a sovereign Denesuline Nation (Chipewyan) homeland. As a sign of our tribal authority, standards will be placed on the boarders. Movable campsites and watchtowers are also planned to be erected wherever needed throughout our territory.

Epeve! Nea'esemeno Sky People! Machitam!

To find out more read Wolf Clan, player run town


Two Wolves, Dec 7, 10 2:23 AM.
Wolf Clan is alive and well on Demise. GuildPortal just does not get a lot of attention. We also have guild chatter on uodemise forums, and our Face Book page.

Be on the lookout for the next council fire meeting. I think it should be called some time in the next two weeks.

welcome new member Nixkamich

Two Wolves, Apr 3, 09 12:06 AM.
Nixkamich Wolf is called Grandfather. He is and old and wise Shaman who have traveled from the Winter Camp to help aid the physical and spiritual well being of those how are working to restore the Native Village - hard pressed as we are. There is some help from the voehoe. A fire mage has gifted us with a full book of spells. Truly a rare thing in this world.

Welcome and safe travels to Grandfather - Nixkamich.

welcome new member Ze'ev Zariz

Two Wolves, Feb 16, 09 8:23 PM.
Ze'ev Zariz is a Young Blood on the path of the hunter from the Eriland shard helping Red Wolf gather supplies for the Native Village (custom town for wolf clan) and train his skills in archery.

toksa ake, Two Wolves

Eriland supports wolf friends

Two Wolves, Dec 18, 08 2:00 AM.
The owner of Eriland likes the idea of realistic wolf RP so much that he had created a new generation of script support for selecting wolf as a starting character type for new characters. It alters your body type, skills and equipment so that your character is restricted to a reasonable, instant wolf like template.

You will start out not as strong as a "Gray Wolf" but will be able to grow your skills. You will have a wolf body type, wolf hit sounds, pelt color changer and a newbie dagger for cutting corpses. You also start with a fixed set of items that do not wear out, so you will never need gold or rely on banking in town.

The starting weapon is a pitchfork altered to 3-7 base damage. This is intended to give wolves specials Bleed Attack and Dismount. The lower damage ensures that they can not be over powered at higher skill levels. It is quite brillient.

We are trying to establish a pack along with WolfSpirits. Hope to see you there wolfing it up.

Conquest of Nifol

Two Wolves, Dec 7, 08 5:39 PM.
On Grimmwold there is rustic area that has recently become open for conquest. It is currently controlled by Trow people who are also called First People and keep humans as pets.

We want to make the great hall in this village like a traditional wolf clan village and make Nifol a place for wolf clan people and legends to resume a traditional way of life.

You can help us by making a wolf clan character on Grimmwold and joining the Hearth Stone in Nifol. Vote for Raven Darkholm as your allegiance, she backs our cause.

There are some challanges: The character background in the application for Grimmwold is specific and requires some careful wording. They use lots of modified client files that COUD does not support.

If you are already using ML, trying to reinstall will ask you to uninstall.

This is my method for getting configured for all three shards, Demise, Eriland, Grimmwold.

uninstall/remove all UO clients, reinstall using UOML_setup in the default location

make a copy of the fresh install in a new directory EA Games/GrimmwoldUO/ is what I used, unpack Grimmwald-All.rar run the VerdataPather.exe

test this new configuration by connecting to Grimmwold, in the razor Client Options click Browse to get the path to GrimmwoldUO

under server use Port 5002 and choose these two things to connect to Grimmwold in the future

back in the default UO path \EA GAMES\Ultima Online Mondain's Legacy\ run the UOPatch to get up to date

for some reason it patches up a second time when you lauch and choose 2D first time, let it patch again. now you can reach Demise and Eriland

I was using the 9th anaversery client that uses the setup- installer. My spell and skill tiles all got removed and for some reason icons for my counters are gone, but I made some improvements.

Contact me with questions about this setup or Grimmwold if intereted in helping out.

welcome new member Honiahaka

Two Wolves, Nov 30, 08 11:24 PM.
meaning Little Wolf, joined the clan on Demise and is working his way up the social rankings right away.

Honiahaka is good with animals, and still finding his way around a bow. If you see him, he is eager for help with missions that will earn him Eagle Feathers.

welcome new member River Wind

Two Wolves, Nov 3, 08 9:50 PM.
River Wind is a hunter from the Eriland shard helping Red Wolf restore the Native Village (custom town for wolf clan) and fight the evil encroaching on us there.

toksa ake, Two Wolves

Grimmwold branch

Two Wolves, Oct 25, 08 1:24 AM.
New First People: Wolf Clan branch established on Grimmwold.

Grimmwold is a Role Playing shard that is based on Grimm's Fairytales and has content for mature audiences. One of the interesting features of Grimmwold is the premise that your primary character is asleep and dreams adventures in Grimmwold.

To quote:
Grimmwold is a new shard that is based primarily on English-Irish-German folk lore and fairy tales. Grimmwold is a dream world, a spirit world where everything from the pied piper to the big bad wolf to the Sidhe exist. Grimmwold has been best described as iconographic. Evil is EVIL, good is GOOD, bad things are BAD, and nice things are NICE. There are damsels to rescue from dragons, giant spiders in the dark forest and gnomes who steal from your garden.

The character premise is simple - you live in a world known only as "The Kingdom" in which you are human and live a simple boring life, a world of no magic and no adventure. You own a copy of a book set in a world called "Grimmwold, The Book". You have read this book a hundred times. It is filled with beloved fairy tales and folk lore.

One day, just as you are entering your adulthood (approximately age 18), you become so frustrated with the boring life you are set upon that as you read the book you escape to the stories of your childhood - and what an escape it shall be! That night as you go to sleep, dreaming of Grimmwold, you find that you have arrived in that very world. You are now known as a dreamer. Here you are free from the constraints of "The Kingdom" to pursue your hearts desire. Will you be a valiant knight? A respectable merchant? A master of the magical arts? Or perhaps a fair maid in need of rescue?"

We are not moving Wolf Clan players from Demise to Grimmwold, however there are already a few core members already playing and have Wolf Clan characters there.

We have struck a deal with the shard owner. They will be able to support Wolf Clan roleplaying as an official Grimmwold culter if we adjust our fiction to fit the Germanic Folklore premise.

Here are the changes:

Wolf Clan believes they are descended from wolves, revere and protect wolves and will never harm a wolf even if attacked.

According to legend, Wolf Clan culture was wiped out by Northmen - the group that leads to the estanlishment of "The Kingdom" civilization.

Wolf Clan possessed Dream Shaman who were able to manipulate the Gate of Horn and Ivory for the good of the tribe by obtaining wisdom and foresight.

Now distant decadence of Wolf Clan people living in "The Kingdom" who have kept the Legends alive through oral tradition are starting to awaken in Grimmwold in the form of the very Legends from these stories.

When these Legendary Heroes awaken in Grimmwold, they have the awareness that they need to seek the Dream Shaman who are believed to have escaped death by physically entering Grimmwold centuries ago.

They also are aware that they should gather the other Heroes that are awakening, form a Wolf Clan community and return to a traditional way of life.

It is not yet clear what the purpose of meeting the Dream Shaman is, except that it may somehow benefit the Wolf Clan people of the past.

Important information links:

Caution: this shard requires a seperate installation of UO client because of the huge number of moddefied files. a regular installation will not work. this modefied installation will not be able to log onto other shards. it takes a little consentration to set up, but worked for me first time. use Razor to select the custom UO Data Directory path to the modded client and Server to select 5002. ask anybody here for help.

~Two VVolves

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