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sorry everyone
Dec 28, 07 1:51 PM
Kickin into gear
Dec 5, 07 4:41 PM
Roleplaying blog
Oct 23, 07 9:42 AM
Oct 21, 07 8:32 AM
level 30!
Oct 21, 07 5:37 AM

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The Value of Honor

There is a priceless respect that everyone in the world possesses, and that is the
respect of a persons honor. A persons honor is something that can not be bought, sold,or traded its something that must be gained by the respect of your peers. An example of how honor is seen in everyday life in through a persons word. A persons honor is supported by their word, and if they do not uphold their word then they are left with nothing. To try and explain the personal trait of honor is something that can not be done in a few words, or a sentence. I feel as though honor is made up of different combinations of personal traits depending on the individual. Some of these characteristics of honor can
include loyalty, reverence, respect, and commitment. Even though honor is usually looked at as being a personal trait.

It is better to die with honor than to live with shame
It has been said, "I would rather die standing than live on my knees!" All things are possible to a person who stands on the foundation of honor. The definition of honor is a high regard or respect; personal integrity; reputation.  Honor shapes lives everyday, and provides the glue that holds a Kingdon of Honor together.
To be a part of a fantastic guild is the best honor a person can have. We teach others to be good to one-another and make a well name for themselves but it is in them whether or not they will truly do it. Being proud of where you came from and then creating a great reputation for yourself emphasizes how much you honor your guild. Honor is what keeps our guild striving to do better. The members of this guild are willing to help and give advice when ever need so we may rise and tryumph as one.


sorry everyone

539221512_Inactive, Dec 28, 07 1:51 PM.
well i have been running around like crazy for the past little while and havent had anytime to come on and hang out with you all... things arnt look to hopefull for me haven the time to do any amount of things... there is alot of real life things that i need to work on like my EXP and aa points... hope you are all doing good feel free to bring up any issuse will Wekki and he will be more then happy to help you at and if he can then he will pass em on to me... good luck everyone be safe and happy Hunting

Kickin into gear

539221512_Inactive, Dec 5, 07 4:41 PM.
Well as of today i am glad to say the our Kingdom has grown way past what I thought it was going to be back in july of this year. We are pushing 120 accounts with more then 180 members. Having an average of 10 online in anyone given night. We are well on our way to beeing able to get out there and unlock the end game content wich has been my dream since day one. Keep up all the good work everyone, and if you need me you will find me running around in circles with a yellow con trying to bit me!!! 

Roleplaying blog

539221791_Inactive, Oct 23, 07 9:42 AM.
Asesina will now be posting a weekly blog!  It will be in roleplaying format and should be fun!  Hope you all enjoy it.


539246398_Inactive, Oct 21, 07 8:32 AM.
Just takeing a moment to introduce ourselves! I would like to take this opprotunity to introduce you to our guild leadership members!  If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please feel free to bring them up to any of us and we will try our very hardest to resolve any in game issues you have!

Hannavas - Guild leader
Oonul - Guild leader
Wekki - 2nd in command
Laey - Officer/Guild Banker
Knoc - Officer
And our newest Officer.... Darl - Guild Recruiting Officer!!!!!

Any of us can be reached by in-game e-mail

Thanx again for everyones support!!

level 30!

539246398_Inactive, Oct 21, 07 5:37 AM.
Congradulations everybody for helping to get us to guild level 30!  We have a new guild cloak finally! And we're going to start doing some guild status raids soon!  Let's all do what we can to get to guild level 40 next by doing writs and helping each other out with heritage quests!  Raids are posted in the calendar section so make sure to stop by and sign up for anything you may be interested in attending.

~~~~Wekka Dart~~~~
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