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Addons update
Jul 15, 08 4:22 PM
Contest Results
Jun 9, 08 1:15 PM
Guild Contest!
Jun 4, 08 7:54 AM
New Rank Structure
May 25, 08 2:07 PM

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 We are a fun friendly guild who likes to joke around but can kick some serious butt when it comes to instances and battlegrounds. We're growing quickly and can't wait to start our own raids. We try to help out any way we can but begging for money or ranks will get you banned. If you have any questions contact the GM. For the Horde!

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Other Guild News

Addons update

539734397_Inactive, Jul 15, 08 4:22 PM.
Everyone in the guild need to download Group Calendar addon to see events scheduled in the future.

Also, WowMatrix is a very VERY helpful program to keep all your addons up to date and organized so definitely google it.

Contest Results

539734397_Inactive, Jun 9, 08 1:15 PM.
And it's a.....tie! Lookbhindyou gets 2pts - 1 for dancing and 1 for no clothes and Helaku gets 2 points for two dancing screen shots. But since both of the winners have more gold than me, I don't think it really matters if I pay them haha. But if you'd like your 20g I have no problems giving it to either of you.

Guild Contest!

539734397_Inactive, Jun 4, 08 7:54 AM.
What: guild contest!

Starts: Wednesday, June 4th

Ends: Friday, June 6th Sunday, June 8th (because you guys suck)

Prize: 20g

Rules: Comment on this post with a screen shot of as many random people as you can get in it dancing. Naked people get bonus points.




New Rank Structure

539734397_Inactive, May 25, 08 2:07 PM.
Getting up in the ranks in this guild means more access to the GB. Your rank does not necessarily reflect your level. We must see you be helpful to others, invite people to the guild, level in a timely manner, be in the guild for a certain period of time and we will promote you. The new rank structure is as follows:

Guild Leader
- Thumndedstar
Assistant GL - Danted

Rank 0
Locked and Loaded - full access

Rank 1
The Immortals - full tab access, limited gold access

Rank 2
Fallen Angels - full tab access

Rank 3

Gods of War - full tab access

Rank 4

Reign of Terror - limited tab access

Rank 5
Death Dealers - limited tab access

Rank 6
Furions - limited tab access

Rank 7
Day Walkers - limited tab access

Rank 8
Guards of Hell - limited tab access

Rank 9
Minions - no access
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