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Sorry guys =/
Feb 16, 09 12:36 PM
Andre's Coming back, I promise
Nov 26, 08 2:58 PM
Death in the family..bri
Oct 26, 08 5:10 AM
Oct 4, 08 6:17 AM
Downloading on 9/3/08
Sep 2, 08 9:14 PM
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Sorry guys =/

amdag101, Feb 16, 09 12:36 PM.
Im sorry for not being on last night for the raid but one of my god parents died and we were really close so i wasnt home to do it im really srry i wont be on this week probly. thanks. have fun =)

Andre's Coming back, I promise

Andresin, Nov 26, 08 2:58 PM.
     OK, I know it was kind of sudden and ill-timed, but I ran into a few compy issues recently.  Thankfully, I have my computer back now and I'm working on re-installing all my hardware.  And software.  If everything works out OK (which it rarely does, mind you), I'll be on later tonight.  Hope to see you guys then!!!


Death in the family..bri

bri1, Oct 26, 08 5:10 AM.
SORRY guys for the long afk my father passed monday..and i had to fly to st.louis to help on the arrangements and helping my sisiter and brother with all the stress involved from such a sudden thing..i will be back around nov.5th..the funeral will be oct.27th so i will see u guys and plz pray for the campbell family..i cya and HAPPY QUESTING.. ps...amdag i havent forgotten u  on the contest..:) and plz  recruit....WOOT MoM NOV 18TH..  CYA:)


bri1, Oct 4, 08 6:17 AM.
 well guys its been 4 weeks sence my return and as u all know i have been very busy crafting..pvping..and finishing my last lvl 50..(asialin)..the time has come for us to start recruiting and getting things rolling again..before MoM comes out..i cant stress how thankfull i am for what dre has done with the kinship keeping things together while i was sick..:)..The month of Oct. will be called our Oct. madness..for recruiting..for 30 days we will recruit hard and i would like everyone to help on this effort..and to spice things up i am making a contest out of this:)..the person who recruits the most ppl in the month of Oct> will recieve 5g AS A the end of the month..if u recruit someone just send me a tell or dre or any officer thats on for the invite, i will keep tabs on who recruited who and post it on the website sooo.RECRUIT..RECRUIT..RECRUIT cya :)...Bri

Downloading on 9/3/08

bri1, Sep 2, 08 9:14 PM.
HELLO guys  its  me Bri..i will be on wed.. 9/3/08 ..i tryed to get on after the forth ..but  things came, i am home and well now, and i will see u guys tomorrow  happy questing!!!:) if u want to email me  u can at AXBURKS@UALR.EDU...CYA:)
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