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What is Praxis?

Praxis was originally formed when the linkshell Redwings disbanded.  A few members from the linkshell Redwings decided to start a new linkshell with it’s main focus being Dynamis, Limbus, Sea and Sky.  Since our inception we have successfully created our own Dynamis linkshell called Living Sacrifice.


Minimum Requirements to join Praxis.

1)  At least one Job @ Level 75 with sub Leveled to 37
2)  Sky Access is Required
3)  Cop Mission 3-5 or Higher completed (Sea Access Preferred)
4)  Nation Rank 6 or Higher

We are currently accepting applications for all players that meet these minimum requirements.

Applications will be posted in our publicly displayed forum and discussed openly, applicants will be able to see and respond to all comments throughout the application process. 

Note: Applicants are expected to be at several Praxis events prior to receiving an invitation to our linkshell.  If you apply and don’t show up to any of our event within a timely manner we will assume you no longer wish to be part of Praxis and your application will be denied. 

Before you apply please take into consideration that our events consist of Sea, Sky, Limbus and Dynamis.  If you are not interested in joining Praxis to take part in at least 3 out of 4 of these areas, then you might want to rethink applying to Praxis.

We do not accept time wasters and linkshell floaters.  We understand that many people have social linkshells, however Praxis pearl should take priority over social pearls during Praxis Event times.  If you are on a social pearl while Praxis is doing an event, or plan on doing this don’t bother applying. 

We are a team, we want to get things done in endgame activities, and all endgame activity requires team work and help from our members, so don’t waste our time or yours if you don’t plan on helping our members.  Your either with us or your not, there are no grey areas.  If you plan to exp, merit, quest or whatever time wasters do while praxis is doing an event you might as well not bother applying in the first place.

Praxis member are prohibited from being part of any other endgame linkshell.  If you are applying to Praxis and currently have another endgame linkshell we will require that you drop that pearl before attending any events with us.  This does not guarantee that you will receive a invitation from Praxis, but we require that you have parted ways with your previous linkshell before applying to Praxis and attending our events to be considered for membership.

It may take several weeks or longer to earn enough points to earn the right to lot the gear that you want.  If you expect to become a member and receive gear within a few days of being accepted into Praxis then you've come to the wrong place.  We reward our members that have put in the time and effort and have earned that right to obtain a specific piece of gear.  So know that you will have to put in the work as well before being rewarded.
Other things to consider before applying

Offensive behavior is not acceptable.  Please keep all hate speech out of linkshell chat and vent.  There will be no tolerance for racial slurs, gay bashing, or sexist remarks. 

Building a strong reputation is difficult, but losing it is easy.  Questionable or unacceptable behavior can quickly erode public confidence, causing our members grief.  So if you must use shouts please do so in an acceptable manner. 

It is important that we do not lose sight of one basic principle of integrity.  "We care not only for the end result but how it is obtained."  This means conducting ourselves with integrity in everything we do.

Manditory events require that all members be present until the event is finished.  If any members decides to take their pearl off and not help their fellow Linkshell members during the event, then they might as well keep it off for good.

Also Please take into consideration the schedule below, if your personal schedule does not fit around our event times, then Praxis is probably not for you. 

When are events scheduled?

Free Day 

Dynamis 7 PM (EST)

Free Day

 Free Day

Dynamis 7:30 PM (EST)

Sky Farming/Sky God's/Kirin 4 PM (EST) - 10 PM (EST)

Sky Farming 4 PM (EST) - 10 PM (EST)

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Dynamis Bastok

539234330_Inactive, Oct 29, 07 11:38 AM.
October 25, 2007 Dynamis Bastok Win!!!  After getting ripped off on #1 attempt we came back to Bastok and owned the entire zone!

Forum Tools

539234330_Inactive, Oct 10, 07 11:19 AM.
Peekabooie has posted on the website forum very valuable tools that will come in handy for navigating through sea, sky, and limbus, by adding maps, pop requirements and other valuable information, there should be no excuses for getting lost now! 

Please check out the tools we have put together to help you out when you get the chance! 

Praxis Has a New Address!

System, Oct 7, 07 11:03 AM.
Praxis has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

3 Days Into Our New Adventures!

539234330_Inactive, Oct 6, 07 9:40 AM.
The Time: 10/06/07
The Place: The Shrine of Ru'Avitau
The Mob: Kirin
The Linkshell: Praxis (3 days old)
The Prediction: Kirin in a landslide
The Final Score: Praxis wins!
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