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JTollers (Associate) 1/14/2010 9:48 PM EST : DG Dungeons Guid (shared from inks)
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I am posting this in hopes of persuading more folks to give this instance a try. IT”S A LOT OF FUN! Frankly, it’s extremely well designed (my only complaint is that broken prisoners should not be signature mobs) but it’s a nice break from the normal DPS race-slash your way through an instance. It’s also 3-man and nearly any combination works.

***The guide is a bit lengthy, but it’s worth a read bc it will save you A LOT OF TIME. We spent 4.5 hours our first time in.***

There are 3 modes for this instance AND each person gets 2 “Fate” quests. You can learn the modes by simply scrolling over the loot chests in the large chamber. The 3 modes are:

Challenge Mode (aka “hard”): Rescue 7-9 Prisoners

·         Rewards: 8 DG Medallions +3 for daily = Total 11. Big loot chest (means chance for teal). LOOT

·         Time: 30-90 minutes

Challenge Mode Failed – noteworthy (aka “medium”): Rescue 4-6 Prisoners

·         Rewards: 6 DG Medallions. Right loot chest.

·         Time: 30-90 minutes

Challenge Mode Failed (aka “easy”): Rescue 0-3 Prisoners

·         Rewards: 1 DG Medallion. Left Small loot chest

·         Time: 5-90 minutes

“Fate” Quests – There are 9 total for the deed. Each time you complete one, you get a Mirkwood STAR and some other goodies. Players usually have different Fate quests, but they can also have the same ones. Each Fate quest is to rescue one of the prisoners (they have names). RESCUE = set free and survive Warden-boss fight. This is a great way of earning STARs and IXP.

Easy Mode – Just a warning that you can spend up to the 40 minutes trying to do HM and end up with Easy Mode, however, you can also farm on EM. To farm EM, send one players into the left, center, and right dungeon cells and get seen by a patrolling Olag-hai (they don’t kill you they just stun you and send you to jail (see map). Do this 3x in each part one right after the other. This will close all the wings. The Warden then comes out. He’s a piece of cake (doesn’t even really take a healer). DONE.

Medium Mode – This is merely a product of letting too many prisoners die during the Warden fight. No explanation needed since there is no reason to want this to happen.

Hard Mode –

Group Composition – Really and truly any (which is why it is fun), it really doesn’t matter except you need someone to heal prisoners. It is not necessary to have a legit tank or crowd control or debuffs or tons of dps. I am sure some will make the fight go smoother, but this instance isn’t so much about what you bring to the encounter class wise, it’s more about what you do with the prisoners in the encounter, and this simply means good playing.

Damage Type – While not extremely necessary, it will make things easier especially if you don’t have a dps stacked group.

·         Sentinels/Guards – Fire is best, then Beleriand

·         Warden – Light, then Beleriand

What to bring – Token for Warden fight, Fear and Poison pots (lots)

Before you begin –

·         Target Assist all 3 of you – this is really important to do this now for the last fight bc it saves you time and makes healing prisoners A LOT easier

·         Turn on Ambient Sounds – This will allow you to hear footsteps of the Olag-Hai that are coming near you.

·         Choose your route – Each wing (left, center, right) is separate and only entered by virtue of the ramps from the center room. They are progressively harder (left-center-right). If you are sure of success, then it really doesn’t matter, but if you want to be cautious, then I recommend doing the RIGHT (the most complex) first. The reason is that it has the most prisoners in it and if you fail to get them all out, then it’s not horrible to start over again if you haven’t done the other 2 already. It’s a sock in the gut if you’ve saved it for last, and you fail to set even 1 of the 4 free.

Facts to Know –

·         Map – Understand it to save you time. (I really mean it bc if you don’t you’ll spend like 3 hours in here). Map and Key are below.

·         Jail – You will go to jail (no dread or loss of life) if you are seen by an Olag-hai. It’s like a 90 second induction to open the jail door unless you have someone in the main chamber by the pillar that can pull lever to open it for you.

o   Consequences – If you go to jail 3x from one of the wings. The wing will be sealed and closed, which means you cannot rescue any prisoners from that side. ALSO, every time you go to jail, it resets all the guards and sentinels (elites with 22k) in the wings. This is a time-sink and gets old fast.

·         What you find in cell doors – It’s a short induction to open a cell door (marked with red asterisks on the map). It is never the same twice, what is in the cells is randomly assigned when you begin the encounter. You will find any of the following or combination thereof in them:

o   Nothing – nice place to dive into to avoid being seen as you make your way around.

o   1-2 Nightshade barrels – This is a barrel that is BOA has a 2.5s induction to use it and has a onetime use. You can pick up another one after you use the one you have in your inventory. There are lots of them. When you use it, the Olag-hai will fall asleep for 60 seconds. There is a text for when the fall asleep and when they wake up.

o   Pale-folk/Broken prisoners – They can be in rooms with nightshade or prisoners. Just kill them.

o   Prisoners – These are ones you need to free. DO NOT DO SO UNTIL THE END! You avoid freeing them by not walking into the room. Also, they will stop if you are not near them, so, if you need them to move you kind of have to Sheppard them. If you want them to stop, then  run away from them quickly. If they are seen (but none of the player are), they get put in their cells again.

·         Escaped Prisoner – Once a prisoner makes it to the top of the ramp into the Warden’s chamber (the main room you first come into), it will sound an alarm. You have 60 seconds to get the rest of the prisoners out of that wing before the wing is sealed. They will patiently wait for you in the Warden’s chamber once they escape the wings to finish the other chambers and will aid you in the battle against the warden.

·         Nightshade Barrels – As said you can pick up one at a time and use as many as you like, BUT its AOE, therefore, one barrel can work on all Olag-hai. DO NOT USE BEFORE YOU ARE READY TO SET PRISONERS FREE. While it’s not a fail, it gets their walking pattern time off and just makes thing more difficult.

·         Olag-Hai – Big troll things that patrol. No health bar, you don’t fight them, they see you, you go to jail. They see you too much, they close the wing and you lose Hard-mode.

·         Poison/Pale Folk – Be careful. Poison stuns you and silences you. If you get hit in a corridor, you may get stuck and get seen.

·         Left Wing – 1 Olag-Hai; 2 prisoners; 12 cells

·         Center Wing – 2 Olag-Hai; 3 Prisoners; 15 cells

·         Right Wing - 3 Olag-Hai; 4 Prisoners; 19 cells


Key Index

  • White numbers “2, 3”, 4” – number of prisoners to be rescued from the wings
  • * - Prison Cells
  • Colored Arrows – Each color represents the walk path of an Olag-Hai. They pause at certain pts.
  • Blue Letters – Represent where each Olag-Hai is at a point in time (as long as none have been put to sleep).
    • Left Wing – None bc there is only one Olag-Hai and he just walks around
    • Center – “A” and “B” both represent where each are at a point in time. They do cross the middle at the same time.
    • Right – “A” and “B” both represent where each are at a point in time. “C” represent the yellow and purple Olag-hai crossing paths. Green Olag-hai can actually be where it says the other “C” or opposite side as well. “D” (VERY IMPORTANT) is where all three cross at a pt in time. This happens on the 4th cycle (I believe).
  • & - represent the Elite 22k morale Sentinels/Guards scattered throughout. These guys have high mitigations. See damage types.


1.       Overall – Rescue the 9 prisoners from the 3 wings (or as many as you can) without being seen by the Olag-Hai (as much as possible) and then defeat the Warden.

2.       Clearing a Wing – Pull the guards/sentinels up the ramp and clear as many hallways this way to lower risk of being seen by Olag-Hai. They won’t reset, and Olag-Hai cannot see you on the ramp. Clear all these out (map shows you where they are) as many as you can at first.

3.       Open Cells – Just start opening cells, BUT DO NOT GO IN THEM WHEN YOU OPEN. You want to make sure there are no prisoners to rescue (glowing green under their feet) in the room. If there are, don’t go in the room until you clear the entire wing. If there are not, then feel free to go in and clear.

4.       Cleared cells/empty cells – You can use these to pull mobs into. Olag-Hai don’t see you in them and for some reason don’t notice the door open. It’s best to go into rooms that allow you to see Olag-Hai pathing to you.

5.       Nightshade Barrels – Have everyone pick one up and have it. Try not to use them until you are ready to set prisoners free only because it upsets the timing of the Olag-Hai paths.

6.       Putting Olag-Hai to Sleep – Don’t do this until all cells have been opened and you know exactly where each prisoner is. Watch pathing (and look at map-key above), but basically try to put them all down at once or very close in time. The reason is prisoners sometimes stop, they sometimes run in weird patterns and it’s just best to have all Olag-Hai down. They are only asleep for 60 seconds.

7.       Freeing Prisoners – Once all cells are cleared and Olag-Hai are asleep have players activate them by running with them/next to them. It might be good to have available players putting more Night Shade down. However, once a prisoner reaches the Warden room, you have only 60 seconds before the wing is sealed, which is why you have to coordinate and do all the prisoners together.

8.       Before starting the 2nd and 3rd wing – VERY IMPORTANT. Take the time to see if the freed prisoners are ones any player has a Fate quest for. If so, put a MARKER on them. When you get to the Warden phase, and if things go rough, this will help anyone who can heal prioritize who gets healed. ALSO, have each player scroll over 3 of them (since there are 9 total) and click the “h” key. I use this in instances for tracking npcs and mobs (like devoted) health bars. You can have each person with 3 prisoners health bars on their screen (they won’t have avatars any other way). This will allow a player to click on one if morale is low, and then healer can target their target (since you have Target Assist up J). Each person should have 3 NPC health bars on screen before Warden’s fight.


To be in the best position for Hard Mode, you should have all 9 prisoners out in Warden’s room, all Fate quest prisoners marked, and each person with 3 prisoner health bars on UI (remark them if their health bars aren’t green). Quickly eat, read scrolls, and pop a token. The fight begins rather quickly.

When the warden appears, someone will have agro, just keep it unless you have a specified tank, which is not necessary. This guy doesn’t hit that hard. Whoever has agro you want to:

1)      Make sure the melee prisoners are on him. If they are not, just run him around till they engage.

2)      Make sure the healing prisoners are very far away (like you are out of their healing range). You can manage this by having whoever has Warden agro run toward them. You will know they are healers bc they cry and run away. You can scatter them to a far corner – but you need to do quickly.

3)      Last – bring the Warden behind a pillar so that he breaks Line of sight on the prisoner archers. You want the prisoner archers to come and melee him. You need to manage this through fight bc the archers manage to find range. If this happens, just move Warden around pillar to get them to come close.

4)      Distributed Damage – Around 40k (he has 115k) he begins this Distributed AOE damage thing. First, it doesn’t do distributed damage to players (only the prisoners/pets) – at least this is what my combat log is telling me, so, no reason to run toward him if you are a healer. However, any prisoner that is not near him (but in range of the DD AOE), will be one-shot.  This is why you line of sight the archers and why you take the healers to other side of room. Otherwise they get killed.

5)      At 40k, your healer will need to focus healing on the prisoners. Players should be able to manage themselves. Players need to watch their 3 prisoner health bars on their screen and click on the box so that the healer can easily get them.

6)      Fear effect – the warden does this really cool fear effect where he sends you silenced and running hap hazardously around. I mean cool bc it’s unique and creative, but obviously sucks bc he then starts going and beating on prisoners. It cannot be interrupted, but the Warden can be conjuncted, so, my gut tells me you can prevent it with a burg/guard.

7)      DPS – Of course while all this is going on and you are in position, you are dps in melee range only.

HAVE FUN! – When you get good at it, you can get 11 tokens in 40 minutes and maybe chance ant good loot. ~Wise


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