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Welcome to the officially shiny Wreckless site. You'll find most of what you need in the sections above this welcome box - the titles are fairly self-explanatory. Enjoy yourself and let us know here or in-game if you have any questions, issues, or funny pictures to upload.

A few useful pieces of information around here:
A description of our DKP system: Guild Info/Progression
Our class openings for raiding: Recruiting (go there first, not the forums)

Other Guild News

First round of T5 gloves hits Wreckless!

539219403_Inactive, Feb 16, 08 5:22 AM.
It's been a little while since our last celebratory post, but here's the latest addition to our list of angry dead people: Leotheras the Blind and Annoying! After a 23-man attempt that wiped at 1% and a few other clashes he reluctantly relinquished riveting rewards and we went away with a whole lot less money than we went in with. Grats to everyone involved and many happy repairs! And returns.


New address!

539219403_Inactive, Jan 30, 08 1:49 AM.
For those that haven't heard, our shiny website now has a shiny new address to go with it! While the old address still works, if you have it in your favourites folder, you can get here now by typing in in your browser of choice. We figure it looks nicer than an address with 1320871 in it. Well some number like that, I didn't bother to check.


One bird, Two lives, Three loots.

539245173_Inactive, Jan 27, 08 5:52 PM.
This past Saturday, January 27th, Wreckless smoothly turned the Phoneix God, Al'ar, into a bunch of ashes.  This gives us a total of 3 bosses down in The Eye.  We also took the opportunity to take a shot against Kael himself, getting to Phase 2.  Congrats to everyone who was there.  Now, if we can get Al'ar to drop loot both times he dies...

No alternate text supplied.

Fishies and recruiting

539219403_Inactive, Jan 24, 08 9:13 PM.
Big news first: Wreckless' first official Lurker pie event was celebrated on Wednesday, 01/23! Beautiful things dropped for mostly beautiful people and we now have a new plaything to entertain us. Hydross is set to follow soon, our armour sets are cooling off the forges so stay put.

In other news, we are now recruiting several players to round off our raiding force. On our current list of openings we have:

Two warlocks
One resto druid
Shadow priest
DPS warrior
Balance or feral DPS druid

If you have friends or are interested yourself apply on the forums after you've poked around the website or contact an officer.


Wreckless Wrath too much for Hexlord!

539245173_Inactive, Jan 21, 08 8:40 PM.
On Monday January 21st, Wreckless survives the oddities of Hexlord Malacrass in Zul'Aman, with a little evasion tanking by the sexiest orc rogue known to the online community.  This puts one more kill on the Wreckless kill list and one step closer to a ZA full clear.  Congrats to all those involved, including Sargonas for receiving the Dagger of Bad Mojo, and our demented chain healer Rhen for some secksy healing shoulders.

On another note, so I don't steal the glory of our Hexlord success, there is now a guide to setting up your GroupCalendar addon correctly. You can see it here, but only if you are approved as a member on this site. If you are a guildie but do not have access to the guide let Rhen/Cflames/Jae know and we'll take care of it.
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