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Forums : The Locker Room > Ideas for my NEW controller
Miss N. Controll (SuperAdmin) 9/7/2006 8:57 AM EST : Ideas for my NEW controller
Prom Queen
Miss N. Controll
Posts: 1506

Ok all of you controllers I need ideas for a new troller
So please list you favorite combos of powers and tell me why

Primary:           Secondary:
Earth                  Emapthy  
Fire                    Force Field
Gravity               Kinetics
Ice                      Radiation
Illusion               Sonic Resonance 
Mind                  Storm  Summoning
                           Trick Arrow

Any Help at all would be great. I made a Fire/Storm combo but all the powers are area attacks so I could only get off about 4-5 before I was out of end.. was thinking about fire/forcefield.. I like the little fire imps  if that helps at all.

But am willing to try anything that is highly recomended. I would like her to be VERY strong in teaming, Decent in soloing and Strong in PvP... hmm what else can i tell ya.   I already have a empath defender I enjoy, the rest are scrappers tanks brutes blasters etc.. i do have a level 33 illusion/ force field troller on another server, but i only made him to see how good the pets where.(long time ago) so i never played him after that..

Even if you dont have a troller tell me what you have teamed with that you thought rocked..thanks all Cant wait to see what you all recomend



Anastasiya_Pez (Member) 9/7/2006 10:20 AM EST : RE: Ideas for my NEW controller
Posts: 2915

I found illusion to be an easy "intro" set to controlling because...well... it's not like other controller sets, your pets do the hard workfor you and I'm all for that.  Earth has very strong holds,fire is the best damage wise as far as I can tell (at least once youget your imps).

Fire I know is VERY heavy on the endurance, by the way.

I'm very fond of forcefield or radiation as a secondary for acontroller because you don't have to play defender--you buff peopleonce every few minutes, but you don't run the "risk" of ending upplaying defender instead of controller.  A number of controllersI've had the pleasure of teaming with in the past have been forced toabandon the control aspect in order to use their empathy in particularas their main power and played more like empathy defenders with acontrol set as a secondary.

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537175045_Inactive (Applicant) 9/7/2006 10:24 AM EST : RE: Ideas for my NEW controller
Posts: 249

Wow... you asked a ton of questions in such a short amount of space. Where to begin?

OK, I'll break it down to playstyles first:

Solo: Ever since I5 and Containment came out, any controller can be made into an awesome soloer from the moment you leave Outbreak. This is because each of them has a hold attack they can get by level two, and each of those holds does moderate damage with a decent recharge rate. Also, each controller can get another moderate damage single target attack by level two (usually an immobilize attack or a toss-up attack... illusion has spectral wounds). Simply slot those two attacks for accuracy, damage, and recharge, and you can solo just about any misison in the game (and easily solo on invincible once you have SOs). At higher levels, I'd say fire trollers have the easiest time soloing, basically becasue their pets do the most damage, but by then, you'll be able to tear through pretty much any mission anyway. Secondary doesn't matter a whole lot for soloing, in my opinion, except agaisnt some special foes (anything with caltrops, PPs with MOG, etc etc).

Primary: Fire is great damage. Ill has the best perma aoe mez available in spectral terror, plus grp invis, plus phantom army at lvl 18. Grav has great control. Stone is a lot like fire, except you lose damage in return for some grav and ice like aoe effects. Ice is great so long as nobody is found of using aoe immobilize effects on your ice slick (eyes the fire controller). Side note: you can spot a noob ice troller any day of the week... they cast ice slick and then immediately cast aoe immobilize on their slick!

Secondary: Anything but empathy, in my opinion. Not that you can't be effective with empathy, but I think empathy requires dedication to that powerset, and a controllers job is to control, not to heal. Storm trollers have a bad reputation lately because so many of them make PvP builds that they stink in PvE teams. Rad is awesome with any kind of primary. Kin is a natural fit for fire (although I personally love how my ill/kin plays... most fun I've ever had playing a toon in the lvl 40+ game). Sonic and FF are kinda similar. THey provide great team benefits, but can be a lot of maintenance (as can kin with SB). On large teams, I'd recommend Rad, simply because it is low maintenance (only team buff is AM, which is a highly effective PBaoe power), and provides the best opponent debuffs in the game (when forming PUGs, I first look for rad trollers, and then look for kin trollers). As for trick arrows, meh.

PvP: Not my area of expertise, but I'll give it a go:
    Fire: not very good. Imps can be ineffective against flyers, and are very prone to debuffs (caltrops, slicks, etc). Furthermore, fire is a great team set becasue of the aoe powers, none of which are that useful in PvE.
    Illusion: Very good. Lots of tricks to throw at your opponent. Not all tanks and scraps have fear protection, which spectral terror gives you. Plus, Ill deals psy damage, which most ATs cannot resist. Phantasm is a good all-around pet, made better in PvP becasue it flies, casts more pets, and has knockback to screw with opponents.
    Mind: Good. Nobody has more kinds of holds. However, the lack of a pet (lets face it, aoe confuse is just plain worthless in PvP) is a big draw abck. On the other hand, telekinesis can singlehandedly when you fights against a LOT of opponents. Plus, Mind deals Psy damage. Finally, mind has a sleep effect, which is great for turning acro off.
    Ice: Good: Decent mez powers, pretty good pet. Becomes much more effective when mixed with storm or rad. Has a sleep attack
    Grav: Very good: Lots of single target attacks. A great mezzing pet. Only drawback is slow animation times.
    Earth: Good: Again, mixture between ice and fire. Pet is much better in PvP, though, since it has ranged attacks, can knock opponents down, and I believe it can stun opponents (not 100% sure on that one, though). Also has a sleep attack.

    Empathy: Useless in PvP unless on a team
    Sonic: Not very good. It slows the bleeding, but does not stop it. Better for teams PvP.
    FF: Very good. Mild mez protection, plus personal force field. Turn PFF and elt your pet take care of business against squishies. Plus, if you start getting hammered, use detention field to call a time out and take a breather or get away.
    Kin: Hit or miss: Basically, if you can hit your opponent, you'll probably win. Transferrence will end-drain them completely before too long, at which point you can pounce. If they are SR, Ninja, Rad, FF, Dark Miasma, or Storm, and you don't have the accuracy to hit them with transferrence, transfusion, and siphon speed, please give my regards to the orderly at the hospital. With Kin, you basically know before a fight starts whether you will win or lose.
    Storm: Very good: Hurricane and Snow Storm are a wicked wicked combination. Throw in freezing rain, tornado, and lightning storm, and you've got problems. Only drawback is the lack of a self-heal. Against good blasters, storm trollers will almost always lose.
    Rad: Very good: Debuffs, debuffs, debuffs. As long as you can stay unmezzed, you have the potential to defeat anything.    
    Trick Arrow: No clue. Debuffs are a good thing. No self-heal is a bad thing. I've not seen it used much in PvP

Great combos for PvE:

For PvP:

In general:
Go with what's fun. Make a team build with soloing capability. Ignore PvP until you're at the level you want to PvP at and then respec. I personally hate playing with teammates who have PvP oriented builds becasue they are usually awful teammates (aka kin torllers who don't have SB or FF trollers with no teammate buffs). Take assault and tactics... tactics is especially useful all the time in PvE, especially if more than one person in the team has it.

High Beam (Member) 9/7/2006 11:01 AM EST : RE: Ideas for my NEW controller
Hall of Famer
High Beam
Posts: 4086

Here are my several cents.  I hope loca weighs in on this as she pretty much runs nothing but trollers.

I have:

Ice/FF 50
Illusion/Kinteics 20
Gravity Kinetics 25
Fire/Rad 20
Gravity/FF 15

Impy said a lot and a lot was good.  I have always had some heartburn with the Secondaryies of a troller being defender primaries.  But moving on.  I have a lot of lower level trollers which means I havent yet to enjoy their full power run.  However I have found that I like Gravity very much from a fun factor.  Throwing cars and pool tables looks cool.  Lift is just nice to look at.  The down side is that the damage is smashing.

I was new to trollers when I created Siberian Shield so I went with what was easy for me to understand.  Back in the day, Ice Trollers were not as fashionable as Illusion and Fire because you used to be able to have a ton of imps out or you got a lot of pet action (Illusion).  PvP did not exist so it was not the FoTM that is has become now.  I took ice because unlike a lot of control sets, you could not mistake who you had held.  Illusion and Mind and Gravity are often hard to see in large mob actions which would mean if you had other trollers on the team you would be holding the same foes instead of having maximum crowd control.

WHat I dont like is Sonic.  I really am not impressed with it.  I have trick arrow on some other, non-controller types and they can be fun, but really only when they are arrow themed.  Earth and Gravity are smashing damage so a lot of foes have resistances to them.  Naturally Illusion and Mind are great cause so few foes have resists to Psionic damage.  The few times I have PvP'd and really got my ass handed to me were by Mind controllers with their array of "piss beam off" powers.

You do need to go with what is fun but a weak power set or a boring power set will not endear you to it.  Radiation is a FoTM Secondary so everyone has it.   A lot of people sleep on Force Field but Force Bubble changes their minds.  Plus Detention Field is a nice "pseudo-hold".

And that is the point I want to make with Secondaries.  Radiation is based on anchored debuffs, which people like to KILL, this means frustration for you.  Plus two of the powers involve dying.  One is a Radiation rez and the other is a post mortem Alpha strike (Fallout).  PLus Choking Cloud is way to much of an endurance hog in my opinion.

Sonic is Force Field (including an equivelant detention field) until the high levels when you get the Sonic equivelant of Clear Mind (Clarity) at 35.  Personally, this means FF is better because of money Force Bubble.

I know zippy about Storm.

Kinetics is great but you have to be prepared to get in close for the real great toys

Keep in mind that many of illusions pets cannot be buffed

Yarr I am all over tha map here.  I am gonna shut up now.
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537175045_Inactive (Applicant) 9/7/2006 11:48 AM EST : RE: Ideas for my NEW controller
Posts: 249

High Beam said:
  I took ice because unlike a lot of control sets, you could not mistake who you had held.  Illusion and Mind and Gravity are often hard to see in large mob actions

Ooooooohh... nothing is as invisible as fire holds... essentially just a smidge of black mascara! Back when Blazing Imp was a youg Imp, I loathed playing with Ice, Stone, and Ill trollers because my hold animation was completely invisible compared to theirs, and I got sick of teammates complementing them for their great holds and suggesting quietly that maybe I should use my holds every now and then!

High Beam said:
The few times I have PvP'd and really got my ass handed to me were by Mind controllers with their array of "piss beam off" powers.

LMAO!!! That might be the funnies thing I've read in weeks!

High Beam said:
Radiation is a FoTM Secondary so everyone has it.

Huh? More like FotEntireTwoPlusYearsSinceCOHWasReleased! The reason is simple. Buffs and Debuffs absolutely rock. No other powerset in the game does what Rad does:
Heals (Radiant Aura)
Rezzes (Mutation)
Makes you hit your oppnents more often (Radiation Aura)
Makes your opponents hit you less often (RA)
Makes you deal more damage (Accelerate Metabolism & Enervating Field)
Makes your opponents deal less damage (EF)
Increases your recharge time (AM)
Decreases your opponents recharge time (Lingering Radiation)
Decreases your opponents regeneration (LR)
Increases your movement speed (AM)
Decreases your opponents movement speed (LR)
AOE Mezzes (Choking Cloud & EM Pulse)
End Drains Opponent (EMP)
Provides mez resistance--lets you wake up faster (AM)
Increases your endurance recovery (AM)

Basically, rad does it all, and get a couple rads together on a team, and you all become unstoppable.

High Beam said:

And that is the point I want to make with Secondaries.  Radiation is based on anchored debuffs, which people like to KILL, this means frustration for you.  Plus two of the powers involve dying.  One is a Radiation rez and the other is a post mortem Alpha strike (Fallout).  PLus Choking Cloud is way to much of an endurance hog in my opinion.

Well, we obviously disagree dramatically on rad. I'll say this though. Nobody who has played this game for a while cringes at the thought of a rad joining their team. While it is true that two of the key powers have anchors, it is not difficult to choose your anchors intelligently. Basically, choose a boss or Lt that isn't likely to draw instant aggro from your teammates (like Quantum bosses, sorcerers, etc) and doesn't have erratic behavior (like TPing sorcerors). Also, don't use the same anchor for both powers, unless there's a good reason. The simple fact is that a lot of teammates will not notice they are beating up your anchor (either they don't know, don't care, or due to tuned down graphics, can't tell who the anchor is). Besides, on a good team, by the time your anchor dies, your opponents should be nicely mezzed (or dead)... you are a controller, after all

As for Fallout, name a power set that doesn't have a crappy power or two

Otherwise, I completely forgot about force bubble. It's a great PvP power, but I think it's utility is somewhat limited for PvE, especially since a lot of controller powersets have PBaoe powers which kinda contradict what force bubble does. Still, it is, like Huricane, a very effective power for someone who knows how to use it well.

Kitty Kat (Member) 9/7/2006 1:13 PM EST : RE: Ideas for my NEW controller
Kitty Kat
Posts: 365

As i have hw out the gazoo and am totally fried from school already, I will make this very brief...

but my 2 cents (and I didnt look at the other posts so I wouldnt be biased)...

but part of deciding what u want is how u plan to play, when u play..can u get teams, etc...

If you are looking to be more of a dmg orientated controller..I would pick fire. I think it does the best overall dmg and after playing a couple different powersets, I would say fire imps seem more aggressive and are easier lead.

If you are looking to be the "control" in controller...I say ice. I think ice has the best holds and is more team friendly. In contrast to Imps...I think Jack Frost is a huge ditz ( in fact I would say he was blonde if he wasnt all covered in ice =p) . He doesnt follow as well, and is slow to engage in battle.

As far as secondaries, I picked emp for my fire, just cuz I knew it would be a grind until I got imps and wanted something that made me attractive to teams, as well as self sufficent once I had imps.

I have storm on my ice troller and that does great as a control tool, and is pretty good in pvp too, just very little direct dmg...just aoe stuff.

I can say from bouncing around Sirens Call, Rad/ Rad is big on the heros side and Ice/Rad is big on the villians side currently, so if you are looking for something different then the new hot thing, maybe you want to look at another powerset.

Good luck Miss N!
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Miss N. Controll (SuperAdmin) 9/7/2006 1:47 PM EST : RE: Ideas for my NEW controller
Prom Queen
Miss N. Controll
Posts: 1506

From what i have read so far,  i am leaning towards the Fire Force filed combo..but am i going to be able to bubble my imps?



DiDiGuns (Member) 9/7/2006 2:30 PM EST : RE: Ideas for my NEW controller
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Just my (less control-experienced) $.02 worth:

Not knowing where to start on one when I first tried a controller soonafter starting to play almost 2 years ago I decided to try severaltypes on another server, then pick one to play on Freedom.  Myfavorite is not because she does the most damage, nor because she isthe most end-efficient, nor for any of the really good reasons I shouldhave thought about, I just liked playing her.  The concept wasgood (at least imho), she was survivable, and teams pretty well. Now she's only 35, because I focused on other fun things (like DD Gunswhen I joined BoW), but I've played her a bit lately after an I7 respec& find her fun still.  Funny thing is - she's exactly what youshould NOT build.

Primary is Grav:  As has been pointed out, it has slow animation,uses end pretty heavily (though not the worst) and does smashingdamage, which is widely resisted.  Nevertheless, the holds arequite effective and can make all the difference in survivability, bothpersonal & team.  Also, the Singularity, while not thebrightest candle on the cake, is exceptionally effective against thoseidiot baddies who find themselves in its path. 

Secondary is Emp:  This is, as Imp has said, probably the worstpossible choice for a controller, and as Beam implies, probably shouldnot even be within the bounds of what a controller is called upon todo.  It does not "control" enemies in any sense of the word, andtaking this secondary deprives the controller of half their effectivearsenal.  Furthermore, you can never be nearly as effective as a"Real" Empath, with crippled heals and such.  And worst of all, itis OF NO VALUE to the soloist.  I still like it.  Having thissecondary gives me some freedom in a pinch to switch from primarycontroller into backup healer mode to bail out a team in trouble. Also, I find on a tightly knit team without a healer, I can focus onhealing, fill the niche quite well & still have the opportunity totoss out some needed controls fairly regularly, plus "Sparky the Spot"is never far behind when I need some melee help.

By the way, I can still Solo at 35, tried it on Invinc just this week,but it is slow, and it is not as much fun as running through as ateam-support machine.

I guess the point is:  It doesn't matter what powersets you pick,as long as you pick them because you think they'll be fun.  And aslong as you play to the strengths of the character rather than tryingto make them into something they aren't you will enjoy it all.

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Wind Wench (Member) 9/7/2006 2:41 PM EST : RE: Ideas for my NEW controller
Wind Wench
Posts: 5529

Yes, you can bubble imps.  As for emp as a 2ndary, it's a common take for a PvP troller, ill/emps are common.  Mind rocks at PvP, btw. 

I also disagree with Beam on rad being FoTM.  It's been popular since the game came out and has remained so.  It's strong in both PvE and PvP environments.  However, do note that my ill/rad on live is built for teams and PvEing and is radically different than my test version.

I'm hungry and will have more to say on each set later. =p

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Hero Barbie (Member) 9/7/2006 4:05 PM EST : RE: Ideas for my NEW controller
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Hero Barbie
Posts: 392

Miss N. Controll said:
From what i have read so far,  i am leaning towards the Fire Force filed combo..but am i going to be able to bubble my imps?

Fire/Bubbles FTW...I have this combo on Lady Shannon .I choose it along time ago because i like the little monkeys but the fire part of it with all the stuns and holds is great but on the bubble side its more for the team your with when it comes down to crunch time the bubbles save some hides by adding that extra edge and it keeps the sappers from draining ya too much...Looking back i would say i wouldnt change my build...also epic pool i went psy rocks... look me up we'll team and ill show ya the neatness.. 

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