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Forums : Badge Discussion > High Beam’s Accolade Guide – Portal Jockey
High Beam (Member) 3/22/2005 8:47 AM EST : High Beam’s Accolade Guide – Portal Jockey
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Greetings!  Accolades are money, do not let anyone tell you otherwise.  Some are simply for honor, while others give serious perks (in the scope of things) to your toon.  Getting them should be important.  I am going to give you the skinny on the Accolades that count.  Unlike hunting, these are not targeted to any specific level unless otherwise noted (zone restrictions).  To get location entries, simply type “/loc” in your chat window and you will see coordinates listed, figure it out from there.

Portal Jockey is the most money of the Accolades because it provides both a bonus to hit points and endurance.  You combine this with Freedom Phalanx and Atlas and you have some nice bonus action going on.  Of course because you earn it late in your career (except in rare instances of young cats having a very generous high level cat letting them tag along), you may think the benefits aren’t that big a deal, and for Tankers and Scrappers with seemingly unlimited hit points, that may be the case.  But for Squishies like Blasters and Controllers as well as Defenders these should be mandatory.  Naturally because of the nature of the villains that must be defeated, it will take some time and hard work to earn.

Here are the requirements:

Dimensional Warder – Achievement – Achievements are essentially hunting missions.  This one is awarded for hunting Praetorian Arch-Villains.  Refer to High Beam’s Hunting Manual post for information on techniques and requirements.

Emancipator – Accomplishment – Accomplishments are also referred to as Prestige Story Missions.  Prestige Missions are usually one or two missions, not too hard, against a specific villain.  This mission is issued in the 40-44 level range by Tina Macintyre in Peregrine Island.  It is frequently referred to as the Psychic Clockwork King mission and there are frequent broadcasts in Peregrine Island for people recruiting to do this mission and never for money like I see for the Spelunker badge.  The exact text of the mission is “We’ve detected a very strong Psychic signal and we want to make sure it doesn’t pose a threat”.  The Mission title will read “Mission: Find source of psychic energy.”  You will fight the Psychic Clockwork including the Arch-Villain Clockwork King in an open demolished city setting and every time I have fought this cat (six times total), he is always in the far north, roughly center along the wall.

Multidimensional – Exploration – Exploration Badges are essentially finding a circular marker on the ground where you earn a badge.  But this one is not.  This one requires you to complete a single mission in the 40-45 range.  It is given by Tina Macintyre in Peregrine Island and will send you to the native dimension of the Hydra.  The specific mission text is “Mission: Defeat all villains in area” but the mission conversation string will mention “learning anything you can about the Hydra”, and taking the information to Dr. Steve Sheridan.

Shrouded – Exploration – Exploration Badges are essentially finding a circular marker on the ground where you earn a badge.  But this one is not.  This one requires you to complete a single mission in the 45-50 range against an Arch-Villain named Nightstar.  He is very tough and you will need to bring lots of friends.  It is given by Maria Jenkins on Peregrine Island.  The specific Mission title is “Mission: Disrupt Nightstar’s ritual” and will send you to an instanced city area where the AV is found on a rooftop.  You do not have to clear the entire area to get the Badge, just the AV and his surrounding lackeys.

Scholastic – History – History badges are awarded for viewing a number of commemorative plaques in various locations in the city.  This one refers to the history of Dr. Webb’s smashing of the dimensional barrier and requires you go to the following locations:
 -FOUNDERS FALLS: (1720, -15, 2400) About 217 yards west of Gaspee map dot on the east wall facing the river.
- BRICKSTOWN: (-230, 0, -370) on the southeast corner of a brick building about 430 yards south of the tram station.
- BRICKSTOWN: (-3460, 0, 2065) A bit north of the southeast corner of the Ziggursky Prison fence line.

Benefits: +5% Hit Points, +5% Endurance.

Activation: Automatic.

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