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Forums : Badge Discussion > Flashback Badging Guide (Villian Side) LONG!
Miss N. Controll (SuperAdmin) 12/9/2007 3:05 PM EST : Flashback Badging Guide (Villian Side) LONG!
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Miss N. Controll
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Ok first off my post will not be as detailed in explanations as Beams.


Let me start by saying I picked these mission because they are the least evil. I stayed away from all EB/AV/Hero Arcs, picked the Arcs with less kill all missions, picked the Arcs with no multi kidnappings, and I picked the ones with the least mission in them-most are only 3 long. 


Hints that might make it easier

-         If your AT has a form of stealth respec it so it can be used as early as possible

-         Remember to keep your inspirations stocked your going to need them

-         Make sure you are soloing

-         Set your difficulty all the way down

-         Combining Badges makes it faster (click for details-Beams Post)


(level 1-15) Story Arc “Hit List”

   Mission 1- “Defeat Wyveren Rep”

                    Only need to kill the 1 Lt. and his 1 minion

   Mission 2- “Kidnap Technician”

                   Only need to kill the 1 LT. and 1 minion guarding him, and you don’t escort

                    Him to the exit only the computer in the same room as him

   Mission 3-Last One “Get Hit List”

                   Hardest mission, 3 filing cabinets protected by 1 lt. and 2 minions

                   The Guardian and list are in the same room together, he’s a LT.

   Pointers- the Arena is close by to buy inspirations


(level 16-19) Story Arc “High Tech Gold”

   Mission 1- “Kidnap Dr. Cambrian”

                   One of the few escort back to the entrance missions he is protected by 1 LT.

                   and 1 minion, my toon just walked right through the mobs but she is a Brute

                    so this is where your inspirations will come in handy

   Mission 2- “Defeat Lost in Cargo Ship”

                   This is the only one with a kill all in it, but all the Arcs at this level have kill

                 alls. I picked this Arc because these lost are easier to kill then the other groups

   Mission-3 Last One “Steal Data Defeat Witness”

   Pointers- be careful running around there’s always a Deathsurge up, you can get

                  Inspirations from the Black Market


Option 1
(level 20-24)
Story Arc “Disturbing the Dead”

    Mission 1- “Speak to Archmage Tarixus”

    Mission 2- “Steal magic isotopes from Legacy Chain”

                     Just click glowie box to end this mission

    Mission 3- “Steal blue prints”

                    A lot of blinkies to click takes a bit to find right one

  Mission 4- “20 Freaks to kill”

                  Easy kills back in Sharkshead N.E. of the Crush Dot

  Mission 5- “Deliver Bomb parts to Tarixus”

  Mission 6- Last One “Plant Bomb in Circle Lair”

                   Just click the bomb


Option 2
(level 20-24) 
Story Arc “Operation Skyhook”

  Mission 1- “Steal Holo Disguise”

                   Guarded by 3 minions

  Mission 2- “Visit Dr. Percy”

  Mission 3- “Kidnap Council Defector”

                   1 lt. and 1 minion guard him, 3 ambushes on the way out, and he is an idiot


  Mission 4- “Steal robotics Data”

                   A lot of blinkies and it takes two of them to complete


(level 25-29) Story Arc “Heavy Metal Doctoring”

     Mission 1- “Steal medical supplies”

                 4 crates to click

     Mission 2- “steal parts for Doc”

                4 supply boxes

     Mission 3- Last One “Rescue 3 Tank Freaks”

                Escort all three to entrance, they do fight but they draw a lot of agro

                 Also ambushes after each rescue


(level 30-34) Story Arc “Breaking the Streak”

     Mission 1- “Seek hideout in St. Martial”

                   Kill 10 freaks, easy kills near the Black Mariah Dot

     Mission 2- “Seek Luckless”

                   You only have to destroy the force field generator to end mission

     Mission 3- Last One “ Defeat Luckless and guards”

                   He’s a Lt. and kill all in room

     Pointers- you can buy inspirations at the Arena in the Pyramid

                    The force field regenerates its health fast so use inspirations to compensate


(level 35-39) Story Arc “Fat Cat City”

     Mission 1-“Steel Black male photos”

                    A few blinkies to check

     Mission 2- “Steel proof from Arachnos”

                    Click blinkie

     Mission 3- Last One “Kidnap Wenkler”

                  You don’t kidnap anyone just kill the longbow agent and Agent Dwyer both

                  are Lt’’s

     Pointers- You can buy inspirations at the Arena in the Pyramid


(level 40-45) Story Arc “Absolute Vengeance”

     Mission 1- “Defeat Armortail”

                     Kill him and his minion

     Mission 2- “Defeat Dune and Guards”

                    Kill him and clear room

     Mission 3- Last One “Defeat Death stalker”

                     Kill him and his minion

   Pointer- this is one of the fastest Arcs I found took my Brute 8:52 to finish it, great

                   To use for all three of your timed badges and all your no Death badges


(level 46-50) Story Arc “The Great Gun Gathering”

     Mission 1- “Steel Device from Council”

                Click blinkie box

     Mission 2- “Talk to Viridian”

     Mission 3- “Reroute Malta Crates”

                 Hardest mission in this Arc, to get the keys you kill the Named Gunslinger Lts.

                 Some of the boxes are guarded; the last room is also heavily guarded

     Mission 4- “Get Device from Doc Creed”

                 To get there from last mission take the Black Helicopters to Mercy from Cap

                 After you talk to him take a Base teleporter back to Grandville

    Mission 5- Last One “Steel Sample and Escape”

                 Device is in the building at the 2nd to the top green dot on map

                 I suggest you go around the island near the building and climb

                 Up the hillside to get to it with less agro




High Beam (Member) 12/10/2007 12:40 AM EST : RE: Flashback Badging Guide (Villian Side) LONG!
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High Beam
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Woot!!  Excellent Post Miss N!
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Miss N. Controll (SuperAdmin) 12/10/2007 1:59 AM EST : RE: Flashback Badging Guide (Villian Side) LONG!
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Miss N. Controll
Posts: 1506




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