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Dominus Hostis
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            Dominus Hostis
                  ....::::Master of Our Enemies::::....

We pledge to always conduct ourselves in an Honorable Manner. We vow to always help those in need, to have fun, and to respect our Fellow Guild Members.  We also wish to ask you to work as a team where such matters dictate, and to listen to the guidance of those placed under the command of Dominus Hostis. We further pledge to always be on the lookout for opportunities to decrease the advance of the Midgardian and Hibernian populations, with zeal, fervor, and to the last breathe.

Long Live


1. Dominus Hostis a guild of compatible, mature individuals with goals of co-operation, teamwork, and overall having fun and enjoying the game together. 

2. Always strive for the greater good of Albion. Try to make a difference in the lives of those around you. Dominus Hostis wish to aid our fellow Realm Mates not tear them down. Always try to be an example of what is right – in PvE and RvR. 

3. As a member of Dominus Hostis, we will conduct ourselves honorable in RvR. We do not insult the fallen whether it is a member of our own Realm or of an opposing Realm, even if someone has shown no class towards you in the past. 

4. Before a new Guild recruit can be promoted to Rank 8, they must register on the Guilds Website. We would like everyone’s input and will be using the website for this purpose. 

5. There will be no insulting language or disrespect to any Members of the Guild or Alliance. Also, when you carry our Guild Name, you represent Domius Hostis as a whole. Please conduct yourself accordingly.

6. Each member of the guild must strive to do as much for themselves as possible. This does not mean that we will not help you; it simply means we are not here to level your character for you. Although if you hit the leveling wall, we can get you passed the tough spots.  

7. Help your fellow Guild mates and Alliance members if there are questions or assistance is needed. Please help with quests/crafting etc, whenever you have time.

8. Alliance members are to receive the same kind of respect that you give your guild mates. Any disagreements should be kept out of Alliance Chat and directed to an Officer or GM to be settled privately.

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