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Oct 16, 07 5:12 PM
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Welcome Raiders! Full Roster will be up shortly, still recruiting a few people, have almost every class

Next Raid: Saturday

Please read the following rules/reminders for the raid:

Repair before we head out!
Bring at least one repair kit
Bring enough drink for a few hours
If you need a shard send a tell to conj so he knows who (if we have a conj healers get preference)
Vent required (those not on vent will be replaced)
Don't speak over vent during fights unless important (healers saying rezs/main tank/main assist/raid leader talking)
if afk please say something and put your tag up!

Let Ashamon or Jedil know if u see a raid here and wont be able to make it!

Should go smoothly if we all do this!

(anyone know a crafter that can make repair kits for cheaper then broker would be nice too)

other then that, just try to get as geared up as possible for raids (eof set gear for now, proc gear for mages, in combat regen healers etc, resists for all), loot system will either be ladder or dkp and be designed to benefit those who raid the most

can't wait cya there



539256560_Inactive, Oct 16, 07 5:12 PM.
Check forum for updated roster and get yourself as good geared up as possible for raids!!! i.e eof set gear is a good start.  I will always help if im not busy or at least try to help put a good group together if i can't.

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