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Nexxona is Dead
Mar 31, 09 11:02 AM
Well done, Trobane
Feb 22, 09 8:38 AM
Overking is Slayed by the Freeport Alliance
Jan 10, 09 11:11 PM
Guild Level 50 !
Dec 16, 08 7:07 AM
New Freeport Raid Alliance Website
Nov 15, 08 11:29 AM

Thank you for visiting DEFIANCE !

Our website has moved.  You may find us at:


Nexxona is Dead

Scratch_EQ2, Mar 31, 09 11:02 AM.
With the slaying of Druushk Nexxona, the Freeport Alliance earns mythicals!

Grats Bitter, Krelix, and Maelae of Defiance!

Well done, Trobane

Scratch_EQ2, Feb 22, 09 8:38 AM.

Overking is Slayed by the Freeport Alliance

Scratch_EQ2, Jan 10, 09 11:11 PM.
Congratulations to the Freeport Alliance on a job well done!

The Overking found his death at the hands of ~

Defiance:  Scratch, Trobane, Krelix, Rooster, Eddiemeduza, Istol, and Veronicka

Shadow Guard:  Morgotha, Lyliss, Tuffy, Syrnath, Ramie, Moptop, and Avia

Voices Within:  Windcry, Parabola, Kikue, Taiki, and Neobouz

Warpigs:  Asparin, Znova, Slowsem, Lagarto, and Tymear

Guild Level 50 !

Scratch_EQ2, Dec 16, 08 7:07 AM.
Congratulations on Guild Level 50!  A job well done by all :)

Also, we have a t1 guild hall in Neriak by the Hex Tower. 


New Freeport Raid Alliance Website

Scratch_EQ2, Nov 15, 08 11:29 AM.
Please click the link to go to the site and request permission to join.  It is a guildportal site.  I recommend being logged into guildportal and simply clicking the -->Join<-- button.  Please use a login that is your main/raiding character's name w/minor variation if needed.  Example, Scratch  login=Scratch_EQ2.


Freeport Raid Alliance
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