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Welcome to Revelations, a multicultural FFXI linkshell that currently focuses on the exciting endgame event “Einherjar” and may eventually expand to endgame events that will likely appear in the new expansion to be released this Thanksgiving. Please take the time to read this document completely and be certain that Revelations is right for you.

This linkshell will only be focusing Einherjar for the time being and is meant to provide a bridge for communicating with our entire alliance during Einherjar events. It will also serve as a social medium for anyone who wishes to remain in the shell during their everyday gaming. The only time members are expected to be actively equipping the linkshell are approximately one hour before a scheduled Einherjar event, and ten minutes afterwards.

Teamwork is Einherjar's greatest weakness. If you take the time to study the Einherjar battle strategy, and do your best to help your teammates, we'll always come out on top.

The rewards of Einherjar are largely unique. You will have the opportunity to obtain previous abjurations as well as ten new abjurations that complete two very unique sets of armor that are exclusive to this event. You can use your accumulated points called “Ampoules of Therion Ichor” to purchase unique rare and exclusive items, synthesis materials for your own Einherjar exclusive abjurations, or you can even purchase the materials for crafting and selling. These materials are extremely rare and require several successful Einherjar runs to obtain, so they will still carry a substantial value if you choose to do Einherjar solely for profit.

The Einherjar reward system can generally govern itself. There is no need nor will there be any internal, centralized banking system for the linkshell. The “points” awarded for each run are done so internally by the game itself and everything in Einherjar is linked to this point system except for the occasional “memoirs” scrolls that may drop from the Einherjar monsters or the nonexclusive abjurations that can be found in other endgame events and act as a supplemental reward to the Einherjar system. In other words, as long as you attend Einherjar events, you will get the things you came for. The system was cleverly designed this way by Square Enix to eliminate the flaws in previous endgame events that can deny people any compensation whatsoever for their hard work.

Most importantly, please have fun!

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