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...And the two dragons...
Mar 21, 09 2:33 PM
Naxx 25, Malyghost 10 and Jon's bed eated
Feb 2, 09 3:42 PM
WTB Motes of Water
Jun 28, 08 10:31 AM
Hydross down!
Jun 26, 08 5:45 PM
hmmm OYA Dragonhawk timer done.
Jun 10, 08 9:51 PM
The very blood of Azeroth runs through this clan's veins,  long, ancient and deep, reaching back to Day Zero and further still.  When we were asked to face everything we'd come to believe in, we endured. When others left for supposed greener pastures, leaving us wounded on a battlefield, we endured. When we stared Death in the face and saw we shared the same cheekbones, we endured.

Hail the Four-Hundred Drunken Rabbit Gods.

Hail Centzon Totochtin.

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...And the two dragons...

Jademcian, Mar 21, 09 2:33 PM.
The story is actually about three bears and their porridge, but this is close enough for me.

Naxx 25, Malyghost 10 and Jon's bed eated

Esoriea, Feb 2, 09 3:42 PM.
(I edit and say all this but he only has stupid big picture of one)

WTB Motes of Water

Sethilaksauce, Jun 28, 08 10:31 AM.
So after farming water elementals for hours in hopes of scoring big on some amazing Primal Water sales on Azjol-Nerubs amazing market, srsly its amazing. I though to myself that maybe the larger the elemental the better the chance to make more money.

Hydross the Unstable Down...well..was down last week but no one likes to take pictures unless forced.

P.S I have no idea who the other 24 people in that picture are because I solo'd it...

Hydross down!

Sethilaksauce, Jun 26, 08 5:45 PM.
This is late, but Hydross finally got down the other week after some good hard attempts on him.  Sadly no picture from lack of people standing around for it, hopefully next time.

Grats all!

hmmm OYA Dragonhawk timer done.

Sethilaksauce, Jun 10, 08 9:51 PM.
After much "Omg go faster wtf are you doing"s we finally got our third timer down...not much time now before I have my---we have our first Bear Mount!
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