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Welcome to the Disbanded homepage!

This is the place for general info, fun stuff and keeping in touch with each other outside of the game...

The forum is up and running, and is now a vibrant community for the Disbanded members to share information and in general have some good 'ol banter ^^

We've started a few threads, which we encourage you to read, about the Disbanded neighbourhood and values, about raiding, our dkp loot system, or fun drunken events such as general jumping off Aldor Rise naked ^^

You're all welcome to post your thoughts and such. Suggestions are always welcome, any opinion offered by our members is valued and the officers will always take them into consideration.  So don't be shy, come get involved!

We regularly post information about forthcoming events like raids to Kara, Gruuls and beyond, so please sign up on the calendar and add your name to the lists of keen raiders wanting to improve their characters and skills in the World of Warcraft.

For now, all that's left for me to say is: have fun and enjoy!

All the best,

P.S. To use the site, you have to sign up. All members will have to do this, given that info concerning raids and events in the guild will be announced on this website.

Click "New User" on the top menu bar next to the login. Chose a nickname, preferably one that resembles your in game name, fill out the little form and list your characters.
After doing this, one of the Site Administrators will approve your user and you're good to go!

Other Guild News

Hex Lord Malacrass Follows ... ZA 5/6

Arganaut@AP, Jul 3, 08 2:21 AM.
On the same night as Disbanded's Jan'Alai first kill we also took down Hex Lord Malacrass.  Nice work all :-))

Disbanded Down Jan'Alai

Arganaut@AP, Jul 2, 08 1:56 PM.
At last! Pally FTW! Great work to all involved!

The Lurker Below is Dead

Arganaut@AP, Jun 9, 08 2:10 PM.
Fantastic Effort to All .... 9th June, Disbanded kill The Lurker Below

No alternate text supplied.

Gruuls and Magtheridon on Farm!!

J the man, May 22, 08 12:23 PM.
It is my pleasure to announce that Gruuls and Maggy are now regularly getting spanked by Disbanded :)

Thanks to all that have put in the effort to make it possible.

Next - Lurker

SSC Progress

Arganaut@AP, May 13, 08 7:46 AM.
9th June 2008 - The Lurker Below down

Gratz guys on a nice kill.  First SSC boss is dead.  Visit the Trophy Cabinet.

Resist kit for Hydross coming together nicely. We'll pay him a visit soon.
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