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540065261_Inactive (Applicant) 12/8/2008 11:40 PM EST : 80 shadow priest

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1. How old are you? 17

2. Do you have ventrillo and a functioning microphone ready and working broken mics do not count? yes

3. Do you talk on vent? only when i need to say something

4. What is your raid experiance? i raided ssc and tk on my mage during the summer

5. What is your PVP experiance? i have raided all the cities, use to be in a 2v2 and 3v3 with real life friends, and i usually pvp for fun when bored

6. Are you more of a PVPer or Raider or both? both

7. We raid at 4pm server normaly  does this work for you? ya it is perfect for me

8.  Are you willing to start and lead your own raid group? i can as long as i know who does what normally

9. Who in the guild do you know that can give you a good recommendation?   I heard about this guild from Tomax

10 Whats guild were you in before and why did you leave? Smile i got kicked for not playing when school started up and had to do alot of assignments

11. Are you willing to wait for a raid spot?  If there are no raid groups avaiable are you open to starting a new one? i would do both once i learn who does what that isnt in the major group i will try to form smaller groups

12. How many hours a week do you play and be honest with yourself about your addition? i play 2 hours in the morning and about 6- 10 hours so about 10 hours a day

13. On a scale of 1-10 how serious of a player do you think you are? porbably a 7

14.How much DPS do you do in a raid envirionment?  1550

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