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540037168_Inactive (Member) 11/16/2008 12:19 PM EST : Application for MooseMange - 70 Warlock

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Opening Comment

I have listed all my 70’s.

Fuégoeiskält – 70 Mage

Wowowoww – 70 Paladin

Störenfreid – 70 Warrior

Kaltblütert– 70 Hunter

Rokoko – 70 Druid


I am currently grinding the Warlock

However, I would be happy to focus on whatever Class(es) theguild needs most.

1. How old are you?


2. Do you have ventrillo and a functioning microphone ready and working brokenmics do not count?

>>Yes Vent

>>No broken mics only working ones

3. Do you talk on vent?

>>During Raids – Only when needed

>>General – I am not overly loquacious

4. What is your raid experience?
>>Old School (MC, Ony), T4, T5, Random harassing in Allyland

5. What is your PVP experience?

>> Arena, BGs, Random harassing in Allyland

6. Are you more of a PVPer or Raider or both?


7. We raid at 4pm servernormally  does this work for you?

8.  Are you willing to start and lead your own raid group?


9. Who in the guild do you know that can give you a good recommendation? Please tell them to post a reply on this thread





10 What guild were you in before and why did you leave?
>>Ancient Knights – With Snakeeyees

>>5 Man – Disbanded do to in-fighting

>>Dirty South – With Ernaken, Catpee, and Malahria,

>>Annihalus – Got to old to hit people with foamswords

11. Are you willing to wait for a raid spot?  If there are no raid groupsavailable are you open to starting a new one?


>>Yes – either pre-made(guild only) or semi-pug

12. How many hours a week do you play and be honest with yourself about youraddition?
>>On days that I can jack in: 12+

>>On days the wife is not working her 12h shifts:>1

13. On a scale of 1-10 how serious of a player do you think you are?

>>On days that I can jack in: 9

>>On days the wife is not working her 12h shifts: 1

14. How much DPS do you do in a raid environment?  DPS is a number damageper second if you dont know you can down load mods that will show you.  IFyour a healer disregard

>>Here is a Link to a Recount.  Since I am hvy Affliction DPS is rathervariable

15. armory link here please

>> Moosemange  

Feel free to add any additional comments

>>Corrected your spelling…although beergoggles will dothat to you, or watching to much Metalocalypse.

>>Takes direction well

>>Can code and admin website

>>Will respect as needed

>>Will Contribute to guild bank

>>My sign is Neon

>>I am a freshman in my 12th year at “OurLady of Perpetual Pain”

Also guys if i missed any questions let me know ill add them im a bit hung overat the moment

>>Try B12 and lots o water

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fallenagain (Member) 11/18/2008 3:10 AM EST : RE: Application for MooseMange - 70 Warlock

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man this guy is a bigger smart ass then me i kind of like him

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Aceknight123 (Member) 11/21/2008 10:59 AM EST : RE: Application for MooseMange - 70 Warlock
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seems like a solid app, and will be a good addition to Money's 10 man if he wants in on that action.
Just fyi, me and Ozzqueer are running 10 man teams, both are 'full' atm, with like 12 a piece, but we got a 3rd getting worked up by a dude named Monaya, so id talk to him about a solid raid spot because he's still fillin out and i think he needs a lock.
You seem like a good dood although if i remember catpee i wasnt really a fan of his.
I vote accept if you're gonna be 80 by the end of the month.
Catch me, I'm ballin.
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