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539835653_Inactive (Applicant) 12/11/2008 6:08 AM EST : Unubus 80 combat rogue

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1. How old are you?
 16 years old

2. Do you have ventrillo and a functioning microphone ready and working broken mics do not count?
yes i do have vent , no i do own a mic atm

3. Do you talk on vent?
When i did have a mic yes i did talk

4. What is your raid experiance?
only pre-wotlk  stuff like kara,gruuls,maggs, and once BT

5. What is your PVP experiance?
i do 2v2 arena and farm honor

6. Are you more of a PVPer or Raider or both?
im more of a raider but i do get with some people to go pvp

7. We raid at 4pm server normaly  does this work for you?
yes 4 pm is perfect for my schedule

8.  Are you willing to start and lead your own raid group?
Yes i am willing to start one but im not a leading type of person
as i have not experience in leading raids

9. Who in the guild do you know that can give you a good recommendation?  Please tell them to post a reply on this thread

10 Whats guild were you in before and why did you leave?
i was in "the Fallen" which is my family guild its basicly where i go on and off ot talk,help with my other family members
i also was in "i am champion" whose raiding times conflicted with my school/sleeping schdule

11. Are you willing to wait for a raid spot?  If there are no raid groups avaiable are you open to starting a new one?

yes i am willing to wait for a spot and if no raids are available i will start one and hand over lead to a more experienced person  who can lead a raid

12. How many hours a week do you play and be honest with yourself about your addition?
im quite addicted to WoW i usually play about 10 hours a day

13. On a scale of 1-10 how serious of a player do you think you are?
im about a 7 im very serious it just i can never find the way to help me get better

14. How much DPS do you do in a raid envirionment?  DPS is a number damage per second if you dont know you can down load mods that will show you.  IF your a healer disregard
im not sure how much dps i do nor can i find a addon that can show it to me w/o being in the raid

15. armory link here please  (i am aware that my gear is in need of upgrades too)

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