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Daimius (Applicant) 1/1/2009 7:58 AM EST : Daimius Protection Warrior

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1. How old are you? 26

2. Do you have ventrillo and a functioning microphone ready and working broken mics do not count? Absolutely, couldnt live without it.

3. Do you talk on vent? Yes as long as its appropriate.

4. What is your raid experiance? I've done everything to this point besides Black Temple. Wich i probably could go do for fun these days.

5. What is your PVP experiance? Well before WotLK I was a hard core PvP type. highest i achieved was 1989 3's rating. But i go way back before BG's where incorperated into the game, South Shore FTW!

6. Are you more of a PVPer or Raider or both? As of late Im more into pve, Warriors are just gimped in pvp unless your prot. and its hard to find people who want a prot war for arena.

7. We raid at 4pm server normaly  does this work for you? Well i go to school on Mon., Thur., Fri., from 3pm-7pm server. so depends on what days you rock out.

8.  Are you willing to start and lead your own raid group? Ya I could do that.

9. Who in the guild do you know that can give you a good recommendation?  Please tell them to post a reply on this thread. Humasharm suggested i apply to yall.

10 Whats guild were you in before and why did you leave? Warfare, and because the guild leader bounced. We had issues with guild members not improving or something like that, not really sure on all the details, i was out gettin messed up on New Years when it all went down.

11. Are you willing to wait for a raid spot?  If there are no raid groups avaiable are you open to starting a new one? Yes and Yes.

12. How many hours a week do you play and be honest with yourself about your addition? probabaly about 40hrs a week +/- 10 hrs depending on whats goin on.

13. On a scale of 1-10 how serious of a player do you think you are? 8, im pretty intense when it comes to pvp and usually pve is cake to me cause i usually have good people with me wich makes it fun.

14. How much DPS do you do in a raid envirionment?  DPS is a number damage per second if you dont know you can down load mods that will show you.  IF your a healer disregard. Weeell as a tank im just about at 1k dps.

15. armory link here please.
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Ozzir~ (SuperAdmin) 1/3/2009 1:40 AM EST : RE: Daimius Protection Warrior

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I dont see you getting into 25 mans very frequently but if your cool witht hat accept
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