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Extul (Applicant) 2/1/2009 1:19 PM EST : Extul 80 Enhancement Shaman

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1. How old are you? 30

2. Do you have ventrillo and a functioning microphone ready and working broken mics do not count? Yes and yes

3. Do you talk on vent?
If needed to

4. What is your raid experiance?
Pre BC Cleared MC, BWL, ZG, AQ20, some AQ40
BC Cleared Kara, Gruul, Mag, some TK and SSC
WotLK Clear Naxx, OS, Arch

5. What is your PVP experiance?
PVP'd mostly on a hunter during BC

6. Are you more of a PVPer or Raider or both?
I enjoy raiding more, but i like group PVP too.

7. We raid at 4pm server normaly  does this work for you?
That's on of the main reasons I app'd.

8.  Are you willing to start and lead your own raid group?

9. Who in the guild do you know that can give you a good recommendation?  Please tell them to post a reply on this thread
Panagi, played with him since before BC, transferred with him to Perenold and now back to Daggerspine
Abolina, played in a guild called Ferox pre-BC

10 Whats guild were you in before and why did you leave?
Prodigy, merged with Jenova
Jenova, after the merge, they changed raid times and I couldn't make those times
Deadly Penguin Squad, joined with a friend and raid times don't match with my schedule

11. Are you willing to wait for a raid spot?  If there are no raid groups avaiable are you open to starting a new one?
Yes and yes

12. How many hours a week do you play and be honest with yourself about your addition? 25

13. On a scale of 1-10 how serious of a player do you think you are?
I'm a single parent, so not as serious as i used to be.  I like to do well in raids, but I don't play non-stop to be considered really serious. 5

14. How much DPS do you do in a raid envirionment?  DPS is a number damage per second if you dont know you can down load mods that will show you.  IF your a healer disregard
~2200-2400 in heroics, not 100% sure on raids

15. armory link here please
Characters: Extul

Ozzir~ (SuperAdmin) 2/3/2009 1:45 AM EST : RE: Extul 80 Enhancement Shaman

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Honeslty not sure how much 25 man raid action you will get if you have a healing set that would probaly help to get you in raids more aslong as your cool with not gettign a garrenteed 25 man raid spot seems like a good fit.
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