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Hail and Well Met!

Please sign up, sit back, and have fun! Events are getting posted, discussions are happening, and this site could be your next best friend in LOTRO.

This is a trial site to see if people actually use it.  If there is enough interest and continued use of it, I'll pay to remove the ads and give us a shorter URL.

Please comment on what you would like to see changed, if anything.

Colors Fonts Styles

539268589_Inactive, Oct 24, 07 8:57 AM.
What do you like? Do you like dark colors and light text, or the opposite? Do you prefer larger fonts, more creative fonts, or just want to be able to read it? What do you most want to get from this site?

We really do want to hear from you!

Feedback Requested

539265306_Inactive, Oct 20, 07 9:09 PM.
Feedback is welcome. What do you want to see?  What should be changed or removed?
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