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In order to accompany the shift from DAoC to GW2, the B&M Salvage page will be moving to a new web location. Link coming soon.

Ever gone out power leveling your alts and come back with loads of armor and weapons? Ever led a raid and ended up with a lot of useless RoG items? Ever wonder if you could make more money instead of the 3 gold a merchant gives you? If so then you have come to the right place. Welcome to Break and Make Salvage Co. We buy your seals. We buy your loot. We are a small salvaging company in the mmorpg Dark Age of Camelot. We accept all customers no matter if you are a Saracen, Elf, or a Celt dressed up in a Troll suit. Whether you can stay a while or your just stopping through, welcome!

Current Prices:

Level 51 Armor/Weapons: 20 gold/per
Level 49-50 Armor/Weapons: 18 gold/per
Level 45-48 Armor/Weapons 15 gold/per
Level 40-44 Armor/Weapons 10 gold/per

Emerald Seals:   1 gold/per
Saphire Seals:    3 gold/per
Diamond Seals: 10 gold/per

Also Carry:

Perfected Armor Patterns
Broken Dragonsworn Armor
Broken Dragonsworn Weapon

Enriched Quicksilver
Ancient Giant Blood
Ancient Mirror
Ancient Crushed Focus Stone
Pure Mercury
Lich Teeth

Vial of Heavenly Breezes
Torch of Innovation
Dust of Creation
Cauldron of Vivifying Water

You can contact me either via VN Boards or my E-mail

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