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Best name yet for a children's hospital
May 22, 12 9:19 PM
NEW news! (Finally)
Apr 23, 12 9:52 PM
Oct 21, 07 7:36 PM
WELCOME TO CLAN BEC'S guild page, The BABY EATING CLAN. Currently we are made up of 4* members. My self, Childmangler (aka BB Bob), Holy Lord Chaos, Jake and Bill. Jake and Bill do not yet know that they belong, but, they will find out shortly after some stalking, chloroform/GHB, a kidnapping, some binding with rope, a teensy bit of coercion and DING! two new members!

Note, the above approach will not apply to most members, we like our members to join voluntarily.

Best name yet for a children's hospital

539267528_Inactive, May 22, 12 9:19 PM.
I recently saw an ad for "Comer children's hospital" on television, and since know Spanish I realized, it is a hospital for EATING CHILDREN. Think I am crazy? Look up COMER on Google translate, it means TO EAT. In short, the hospital name is "To Eat Children's Hospital".  

I do realize that I am fudging the truth a little bit. The proof is seen on the University of Chicago's website, the hospital is actually named after...please see below:

"The hospital is named for the late Gary Comer, the founder of Lands' End, who made a generous gift in 2001 to establish Comer Children's Hospital at the University of Chicago, followed by another gift to build the Comer Pediatric Emergency Department, followed by another donation to create the Comer Center for Children and Specialty Care at the University of Chicago." 

If you want to see the actual site, feel free to visit their site at 

See their default image below :


I L0v3 848I3S! (Do you?!)
BB Bob / Childmangler.

NEW news! (Finally)

539267528_Inactive, Apr 23, 12 9:52 PM.
Diablo 3, yes, finally, it is coming out shortly. BEC will be present on D3 once it comes out. Due to time constraints, I will not be able to play for hours and hours on end Monday through Friday. As to playing time, I will not speak for other members though, they can speak up as they wish.

You can look for us on D3 once it comes out, we will post when and who will use it once we are on. I will likely use the name childmangler, BEC-hugs, babypie or some variant of "Gilded Baby"... I will update once I decide my name.

I L0v3 848I3S! (Do you?!)
BB Bob / Childmangler.


HolyLordChaos, Oct 21, 07 7:36 PM.
*Upbeat carnival music playing*
Carnie - "Babies here! Get your fresh babies! Pick a baby, any baby, small medium large or even a preemie! We have white ones, yellow ones (with and with out jaundice), brown ones and every color in between! Buy three babies get the fourth free! Buy ten get four free*, (*for a limited time only) what a deal folks!  
We will cook or not cook your bab(y/ies) any way you want! We will fry (pan or deep), fricassee, bake, broil, grill, sear, or spit roast. Additionally, we will give them up fresh, while alive or freshly butcherd! Any way you want it, we will do it, at Bob's Beautiful Baby Butchering Barn, run by BEC!"        
-BB Bob
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