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Welcome to  the home of
"Nordic Dream"

Nordic Dream is a small collaboration of mainly Europeon DAOC players. We have set up home on Midguard after coming from Albion and Hibinernia on Prydwen Europe.
We are currently running a small 8 man group whilst trying to level our alts up to 50 to assist us in our various guises.
We can be found on Midguard every evening and are trying very hard to become a household name.
We look forward to fighting with you at our side.....or to introduce you to our various sharp pointy instruments of death.


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The " Nordic Dream " Team


Guildie Top Champion Of The Realm / This weeks Champions. Week commencing 5th May 2008

blisexy, May 6, 08 3:04 AM.
Congratulations to the following for attaining  emoticon Champion Of The Realm emoticon Status on the ECTOR server.

Mendalla (Bonedancer) 15th out of the top 25
Filde (Pac Healer) 5th out of 25
Faylily (Shaman) 20th out of 25
Drakey (Skald) 8th out of 25
Odballz (Spirit Master) 13th out of 25
Tjep (Spirit Master) 18th out of 25
Mummie (Warrior) 18th out of 25

Also congratulations to the following for attaining emoticon This Weeks Champion emoticon status on the ECTOR server

Filde (Pac Healer) 5th out of 25
Icklefef (Runemaster) 5th out of 25
Nilavia (Runemaster) 7th out of 25
Slagroom (warrior) 8th out of 25

Well done all. And if you didn't manage to be in the top 25 then don't worry. We know everyone is fighting hard for the guild emoticon
Nordic Dream Alliance Current RP info
Nordic Dream currently have 24,663,330RP's
This places
NORDIC DREAM 8th out of 25 Alliance guilds, making us hot on the heels of Legacy Of Salisbury who have 28,146,898.
NORDIC DREAM gained a total of 1,611,874 RP's last week...GREAT STUFF emoticon
Nordic Dream Guild Current RP info
Guild RP info is as follows.......
Top 10 guild RP holder
Top 10 RP Holder goes to......
Filde with 2,110,290 RP's emoticon
But this is very closely followed by our super tank
REDRICS who has 2,090,340 RP's. Well done both guildies emoticon

Top 10 RP's gained last week
Top 10 RP's gained last week goes to.....
Again our supertank
REDRICS, with a total of 297,732 RP's emoticon
Redrics holds this spot miles away from anyone else, the closest to him was
Nepenthess who had 152,732 RP's emoticon .

This info is just for a general guild update. It's not about how good individuals are, as we all know each persons success depends on the group they run with....after all there is no I in TEAM WORK. Well done to one and all in the guild for all their hard work emoticon




Nordic Dream join the "MYTH" Alliance

blisexy, Feb 1, 08 2:49 AM.
On Thursday the 31st January, Nordic Dream succesfully joined an RvR Raid into Albion with Myth and some of its Alliance members. We were congratulated and thanked for playing a significant role in the raid, and as a result we were successfully accepted into the MYTH alliance.

Congratulations to all who attended the raid, it was a good night for Mids, and very interesting speaking to our new alliance they are as nuts as us :O).


Roster Info

blisexy, Jan 15, 08 1:42 AM.
Members please note the following. Once you have added a character, please go back to the roster screen and click on update character. This will open your character screen which will allow you to update info on your toons. Info such as realm,class,spec, etc.
Please fill in as much as possible so that we are all aware of peoples spec and abilities.

Many Thanks

Server Info
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