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Heart of Stone CoC

This is our Code of Conduct,
We expect all members and high council to obey the following:

1: Members are expected to be courteous and well mannered.
All guild members must respect each other and fellow players on this server.
Your actions reflect on the guild as a whole. rude comments, F-Bombs, insults,
derogatory comments refering to race, religion, sexual orientaion or any other personal topics are strictly prohibited.

Act with maturity, be understanding and have a good time!
Be a little silly, tell a joke or two, express yourself and your individuality..
Just be mindful that there's a time and place for everything and be kind to your fellow guildie.

2: Taking in vassals.
All new potential swear-ins must be interviewed by the Monarch or a high-council member prior to them being allowed to join.
This rule also applies to the high-council you will be required to have your vassal be screened by the Monarch or another high council.
30 day probation on all new members, one strike and they are out permanently.
You must direct all new swear-ins to our Website's CoC prior to them being interviewed.

3: Our stance on UCM.
While we do not condone UCMing, It is a fact of life, We will not report any UCMing activity on this server,
However we stand by the Turbine CoC and if you are repeatedly banned for UCMing you can find a new home elsewhere,
As this displays a bad image for the Guild.

4: Trading.
All members should be courteous to other guildies when trading,
If you notice a fellow guildie has bid on an item on VN boards or in Trade channel,
Do not start a bidding war against them.
If a fellow guild member is looking for an item Please be fair with them
and do not overcharge.

If any of these are broken, You will be warned,
If you get 2 warnings There will not be a third,
You will be removed from the guild.
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