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Home of the Every Day Hero
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Welcome Home, Heroes!

   Home of the Every Day Hero is a SuperGroup (or SG), on the Victory server, from the MMORPG, City of Heroes.  Home of the Every Day Hero (HotEDH) is just what the name implies, a home for every hero.  Unlike some SGs, we don't limit our ranks to certain levels, playing at predescribed times, forcing participation to events or limiting membership to certain genders, architypes, origins, playstyles or role playing.  We're here for one purpose and that is to have fun while playing this great game.

    Our members are a mix of new and veteran players of the game.  We pride ourselves in friendly, helpful play.  New to the game?  No problem, our members will do everything possible to help acclimate you to this fun experience.  No ridiculous rules or absurb gimmicks here.

   On huge point of interest to any player looking for a SG is that particular SG's base.  Our base is a huge, fully functional "Home" where you'll find everything you need to get the most out of your gameplay experience.  First and foremost, we have teleports to each and every zone in the game.  The base also includes a medical bay, not one but two spacious workshops which include invention benches and plenty of storage, a vault and much more!

   Looking for a place to call "Home?"  Please feel free to contact me or any other member of the SG in game for an invite.  You can reach me at Pyro Kinesis or my global chat handle, @Unknown-User.  Have fun!

The bitch is back......

Pyro Kinesis, Jul 5, 11 2:09 PM.
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Happy Birthday, Home of the Every Day Hero!

Pyro Kinesis, Aug 5, 08 8:50 AM.
August 5, 2007.  It was a very unassuming day on City of Heroes.  Two players ponder, "Hey, what's with all these supergroups with the strange rules and wacky gimmicks?"  "Yeah, why can't there just be one that's laid back, friendly and most importantly, just wants to play CoH?"  And so it was, Home of the Every Day Hero was created.

Honestly, when the supergroup was just started, I had no clue what it took to make an SG.  In fact, I never could have imagined the incredible journy of going from SG n00b to one of the top SGs on the Victory server (and still growing!). 

Now, a look back (briefly) at some of the more memorable and important figures in HotEDH's lifetime. 

Great Grandpa Rob:  I'm not sure if he was actually a grandpa or just played one.... but he was the one who took that moment and spoke with the SG Registrar to officially establish Home of the Every Day Hero.  His time was brief here, but his mark was left and we're all grateful for that.

Kalt:  The first level 50 in the SG.  Yes, when I and Great Grandpa Rob started out, we were level 20 or so.  SGs sometimes don't have credibility until the big 5 O is in the mix. Not only that, but she played in SG Mode to help with prestige and made possibly the biggest contribution to a new SG:  Kalt single handedly retrieved every exploration badge (which went toward getting every teleport beacon).  So the next time you use that fancy teleporter, you'll know why it's there.

Vexxus:  This seasoned veteran of CoH could have looked for greener pastures on Victory.  Instead, he stuck with HotEDH during it's early days and his imact to the group is still felt.  Like the fancy AES in the meeting room, the nifty Turbine Generator or perhaps the Combat Logs?  Without these items, a massive base could not function.  Vexxus (and some of his alts) dedicated time and resources so our group could enjoy these luxuries.

SOB Ronald:  Where to start.... well, he was (and still is) quite the character.  Foul mouthed, burger eating bad-ass, and probably the most recognized character to bear the HotEDH name.  Players on Victory still speak of Ronald, even when he's not around.  No thanks to that damned Sunstorm!  ;-)

FerricGuy:  One of the top prestige contributors to the SG, this Canuck didn't take crap from anyone.  He was the enforcer of the SG, at times, but a true team leader that wanted the best for the SG.  He was a cornerstone of the SG for a long time, and without his dedication, we most certainly would not be the SG we are today.

Warseige:  Another cornerstone of the group, Warseige has remained a big piece to the HotEDH puzzle.  A leader by example, he epitomized the concept of a tight-knit, friendly supergroup.  One interesting tidbit, Warseige was the founder of the Home of the Every Day Villain (our VG counterpart). 

Not so honorable mentions: 
-Flaming Pheonix:  If you remember this guy, take a moment to have a good laugh.  Yes, the perpetual "PL m3h!!1" shrieks still give me headaches.  n00bs and begging, gotta love it.  Thanks Flaming Pheonix, because of your love of leeching, we will forever have an inside joke.

August 5, 2008.  One year later.  Today, we're the 30th ranked Supergroup on the Victory server.  Take a moment to digest that.  Damn!  I personally want to take a moment to thank all the members, past and present, for your time and dedication to the Supergroup.  Obviously, one person couldn't do that themeselves.  No, it's a group effort, I feel we have an awesome group here.  So here's to another great year at Home of the Every Day Hero!

-Pyro Kinesis
Rules and Regulations
Unlike other SGs, we don't believe in strange gimmicks and crazy rules.  We do, however, have basic rules nad guidelines we request that all members abide by.  Below is a brief explaination of these rules and regulations.  If you have any questions regarding anything you read, please don't hesitate to contact a Leader. 

  • Please respect others:  This is just a basic one.  Please be kind, courteous and respectful of all other players, both in the SG -and- the rest of the game.  Try to limit profanity use.  Don't abuse the SG, Coalition, Broadcast chats with spam.
  • No begging:  We're here to help you whenever possible, but begging can be annoying.  If you need assistance with something, please feel free to ask.  But don't log on and say, "can someone give me 10 mill inf?" or "PL Meh!"  I am more than happy to help you out if you need some influence, but I'm not your Sugar Daddy.  Yes, we do offer PLs and farming runs to all members, but we will offer them, not the other way around.  Please respect that priviledge.
  • Base Storage: After your first promotion, you are granted full access to the base's storage system.  Please feel free to help yourself to anything you need. Need, being the key word.  Please consider others when taking from base storage.  Also, keep in mind our base storage system (minus the Vault) is based upon the "Take a penny, leave a penny" system.  So enjoy what's there, but help replenish our stores when possible.
  • SG Mode Policy:  This is a touchy subject.  Pre-i12, when a character reached level 34, if they played in SG Mode, they earned 0 influence.  This, obviously, posed a problem.  With the introduction of Issue 12, players in SG Mode post-level 34 will earn no less than 50% influence as well as prestige.  While I'd love to make it mandatory to play in SG Mode at all times, no matter your level, I know the frustration of IOing your characters.  With that said, SG Mode is optional after level 34.  But.... I do ask that if you're not in need of tons of influence, try to play in SG Mode. If influence is a problem, please contact me, I try to assist all members with influence when I can, especially those who are in SG Mode.  We appreciate the support and your understanding.
  • Problems with another member?:  Please, if you have an issue with another member or anything... let me know.  Don't just quit, we're all about making everyone comfortable and happy.  I'm here for the good of the SG and I want to make this the best environment as I can.
  • Getting Kicked from the SG:  Rotating rosters and the like always annoyed me, but running an SG iterates the purpose of such a rule.  While we don't like it, in some cases it's necessary.... to an extent.  Here's how we do it, unlike other SGs:  if you have been gone for more than 15 days, we may *temporarily* remove you.  It's not that you've done anything wrong, but if we need room for a new, more active member, we kick (I hate that word) based upon days away.  Of course, I personally will acknowledge you of your removal by ingame email.  When you do return, you will be invited back immediately.  If you're going to be gone for an extended period of time, please let me know ahead of time so arrangements can be made if need be. 
  • I've got a question:  No question is too small, too irrelevant, etc.  If you have a question about anything in the game, the SG, our policies, etc., please never be afraid to get in touch with me.  I'll do everything in my power to assist you.  Do you have a request or suggestion about the SG or this site?  Let me know!  This SG is about the members, so your suggestions mean a lot to us.  You know, we wouldn't be here if it weren't for you guys!
  • Have fun!:  Most importantly, have a good time.  This is a game, afterall.  Don't take things too seriously.  Games are all about having a good time, don't take that for granted.  See you all in the game!
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