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Open Recruitment
Oct 25, 07 1:28 PM
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Welcome to Balance!

Our goal as a guild is, and will always be to enable our members to accomplish their dreams in the game world, and to do that without sacrificing our friendships and our ideals.  We value maturity, playing at your own pace, and being able to have fun in the game.  We never pressure our players to level or to log on, and we strive for a balance by focusing equally on all areas of the game.  We believe that the journey matters at least as much as the desitnation, and we strive to make every minute of every play session enjoyable for our members.  We are very proud of the community we've forged, and it gets stronger every day.

We're excited about the future of Vanguard.  We've taken our first steps in the world of Azeroth, and the promise of adventure, excitement, and discovery awaits at every turn.  We have plans that involve some of the most challenging aspects of the game - raids to defeat terrible monsters and gather great treasure, and of course being among the first to step foot onto Northrend.

We recognize that only with a strong foundation can a guild truly achieve their goals and conquer the world, and thus we are always looking for new members to join our family.  We value diversity, and all styles of play are welcome - whether you're an adventurer or a crafter, a roleplayer or just a socializer, an explorer or an achiever, you are welcome here.  If you are interested, please visit our forums to learn more about our guild, and post an application there.
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Open Recruitment

538226571_Inactive, Oct 25, 07 1:28 PM.
Balance is recruiting!

For the time being, anyone ranked "Member" and above has invite priveledges.

All I ask is that no one just sends blind invites, we want people who want to be part of our family.

If you have any questions, contact Lucavi in game.
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