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``Be cool and have fun! :)`` ... Thats for babies. Our politic is :``Be nice, recruit, participate to events and guild`s daily life and dont be all the time asking for things. Higher lvls want to lvl too!`` Im not saying : Dont ask for help, cause if you do, you`re out! No. Just, before asking for help, be sure to participate (like talk in chat), help ppl... in other words, Show that you exist and we`ll gladly help you!

How to lvl in ranks : Help ppl, participate in guild's daily life (like talk in chat), participate to events, dont be a f** and recruit! We have our bank, named MayĆ , a nice little gnome warlock, so another way to lvl in ranks is sending useless things to the bank (please only lvl20+ gree, blue and purp things).

Ranks : You might ask : what are ranks for? Well, ranks are principally for 2 things. The highest rank you are, the more help you`ll get, cause helping a higher rank gives a lot of BA rep pts (see further). The second is for the items. A person with a high rank may be a good way to know how much this person helped the guild. So, this person, in a raid, would have more chances to get the item he wants than the one that never helps. It works too with the bank. In this website, you can see whats on the bank, and you can send me a message if you want it. Any donations for an extra slot at the bank would be really appreciate and it will help you get up in ranks.

Theres 31 ranks : God :D, God`s bestfriend, Grand Master, Master, TheGodlikButter, Knife Holder, Butter Holder, Breadcutter, BreadwithButter, Ghost Assassin, Yellow knigt, Yellow Soldier, BakerWithButter, ApprenticeBaker, Legion's Baker, Legion's Butter, Legion's knife, Legion'Dishes, Piece of Butter, Butters XD, Odd Butter, Raid Headhunter, Member, Assistant, Butter perfume, Initiate, Master Worker, New Butter Dish, RustyButterDish, 1st Worker, AssistantWorker(if you are still Assistant Worker, dont take it personnal, you are somehow usefull for the guild 0.o) [21 of these ranks arent already Fixed on the real game, Ill do it as soon as i can, maybe like Thuesday]

BA reputation points : BA rep pts are rep with the guild that you may gather while helping the others, participate in guild's daily life, sending unwanted green or more things to the bank, do any donations to the bank.. this will help you get up in ranks. Each time you lvl in ranks, you get a credit of the number of rep pts that you got to get at your new rank, but it`ll only serve you to get items, you cant use them to lvl up in ranks. To go to 1st Worker, you need 250, RustyButterDish : 400, New Butter Dish : 550, Master Worker : 725, Initiate : 950, Butter Perfume : 1200, Assistant : 1500, Member : 1800. Raid Headhunter : 2150, Odd Butter : 2500, Butters XD : 2900, Piece of Butter : 3350, Legion's Dishes : 3700, Legion's Knife : 4200, Legion's Butter : 4700, Legion's Baker : 5250, ApprenticeBaker : 5800, BakerwithButter : 6400, YellowSoldier : 7000, YellowKnigt : 7700, Ghost Assassin : 8450, BreadwithButter : 9300, Breadcutter : 10200, Butter Holder : 11100, Knife Holder : 12300, TheGodlikButter : 13600, Master : 15000, Grand Master : 16500, and God's Bestfriend : 20000. It does a total of 151125 BA rep pts to gather. I know that when you see that, you say OMFG how will i gather all that?!? Dont say that, and think bout this : This guild is a guild that you are in for a long time. Its the best guild of all WoW, so it worth the time and the effort :) and not only that, theres a lot of way you can get BA rep pts! its not that hard. But be carefull! I can remove some too!

Reasons why you could be out of the guild : Racial bad joke (if its a funny one, its ok lol), being a f**, steal bank (ninja something someone really need and then sell it in the AH), repeatly teasing ppl for help when you absolutely not do anything for the guild, seeking for another guild for a really close time (exemple : a lvl15 becoming-a-twink-lvl19 who comes into the guild to get help and after bump us for another one). Well, i think thats all. What could i say more... well... Be cool and have fun! :)
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Zg Raid! New lotto! Raid Horde`s place!

539277755_Inactive, Oct 26, 07 3:36 PM.
Friday`s our 3rd guild raid! (see in our next events list)
We have started our first lotto! (see in our next events list)
We`ll soon start to raid all the guild togheter horde`s place! (we havent decided yet when, so dont search it in our events list :), we are just saying to keep that in mind, if you love kicking some Horde's butt..) 
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