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Welcome to the 1st Engineer Battalion! We are the hard fighting Engineers in Tabula Rasa! If you are interested in joining us, contact me. Look at our recruitment status below for current occupational specialties we are looking for.

Major Andyrs, Commanding Officer
1st Engineer Battalion

We are a moderate roleplaying clan on the Cassiopia server and are actively recruiting. Our intention is to be a group of players who enjoy participating and running events that exist within the realm of Tabula Rasa. The 1st Engineers is a military styled unit within the AFS, with appropriate ranks and military structure that guide how we participate in the world. We each have a story to tell and are always looking for more to be involved with us.

Though we are open to all classes and levels, we are a unit focused on being good at fixing things. We need guns and ammo to cover our butts, but we are are grease monkeys at heart. When Personal Armor Units (PAUs) are released, we will be focusing on getting those for members to have a mechanized company. If you think you want to take part in this great group of people, just send a whisper to Andyrs or Lightwind and we will be glad to speak with you.
Battalion Notices

Induction of the Iron Phoenix!

LordAelfric, Sep 2, 08 1:13 PM.
Be it known that the clan known as the Iron Phoenix has been merged with the 1st Engineer Battaltion. These steadfast and hard fighters have requested to join us and I welcome them with pride. Their leader, Lt. Reia Panto has taken the role of Bravo Company Commander and will be bringing in her troops under that Company. Also, from here forth all those of Bravo Company will be called Iron Phoenix under their chosen name and will have the respect of those who have seen their deeds.

Please join me in welcoming them to the 1st Engineers!

Fight hard, fight smart!

Major Andyrs, CO
1st Engineer Battalion

New Recruits!

LordAelfric, Aug 27, 08 7:08 AM.
Our recruiting drive has been going well so far and we are looking for more, but I'd like to note some of our new recruits. If you happen to know others who might be interested, send them my way and I'll be more the glad to speak with them.

Please welcome:
Rct. Barrow
Rct. Kalenath
Rct. Leonovich
Spc. Mornn
Rct. Parallax

Major Andyrs

Unit Markings

LordAelfric, Aug 22, 08 12:36 PM.
It would seem that while I was removing some of the older members of the 1st, the AFS Terminal glitched and removed everyone but myself. So if you find that your connection to the 1st has been severed, speak to me and I will reinstate you as soon as I am able.

Major Andyrs

1st Engineers, Reactivated!

LordAelfric, Aug 18, 08 8:23 AM.
The AFS has deemed the reactivation of the 1st Engineer Battalion under the leadership of Major Andyrs. Our terminal page has been updated with the latest regulations and current status of the unit. All those interested in joining are welcome to contact Major Andyrs at anytime, either from AFS mail or through his personal comm-channel.

Hoorah 1st Engineers!

Major Andyrs, CO
1st Engineer Battalion
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