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The Shadow Guard

Welcome to The Shadow Guard website!

A guild on Scarshield Legion for people to chill and enjoy the wonders of an PVPRP server.

- Create an outpost and Annihalate Scourgeholme (Done)
- Push back the Scourge forces at the Argent Vanguard (Done)

- Help Thorim at the Storm Peaks (Done)
- Retrieve mounts from the Storm Peaks (Done)
- Rescue Batsu from the Scholazar Basin (Done)

- Find Batsu and the seal of assention (Done)
- Gain level 70 and kill Skelekal inside the Scholomance (Done)
- Prevent Mellar and Morgothx from attaining the key to Karazhan (done)

- Complete the assasination list given to Batsu by Drager (Failed)
- Aquire Tapré's power (Done)
- Prevent Batsu from aquiring "Drakkisath" (Done)
- Gain the power to get Batsu back (Done)
- Prevent Rhanyan from getting to Shadowmoon Valley (Done)
- Get Rhanyan back AGAIN (done)
- Trap Rhanyan to buy more time (done)
- Find a viable way back to Azeroth and warn Jaina and Tyrande of the      situation (Done)
- Gain access to outland (Done)
- Become more powerful and clense the two altar of storms in Azeroth 2/2 (Done)
- Prevent the dark portal from being opened (Failed)
- Find out more about Kargoth (Done)
- Get Rhanyan back (Done)
- Find Rhanyan and clense Batsu (Done)
- Find Kargoth's grave (Done)
- Find out and destroy the Syndicate (Done)
- Clense Duskwood of undead (Done)
- Gain level 40 and talk with Tyrande whisperwind (Done)

Other Guild News

Icecrown and Deathknights

Tapré, Aug 15, 09 11:17 AM.
After telling their superiors, the pair are given time off. They take a portal to Stormwind to relax and sort some things out. Although he refuses to talk directly about it, it is believed that it is around this time that Tapre broke up with Jaina, as their duties dictated that they never seemed to see each other any more. The pair also met with Tyronas who tells them that the Shadow Guard is going well, and is growing under his leadership, and even his daughter Cowen has joined. Batsu and Tapre are pleased with his progress, but they are troubled to find out that The Shadow Guard have been fighting some dangerous Death Knights, with some sucess, but they need help with a pair of particularly dangerous ones. Although they are on their break, they agree to help, but as they are about to leave they are shocked to find Basu walking into the house. Batsu and Tapre immediatly spring to action, but Tyronas calls them off, telling them that Basu has changed his ways and joined the Shadow Guard. Reluctantly the pair accept this fact, but they cannot delay any longer and must go back to Northrend, promising the Shadow Guard that they will help them next time.

Back in Northrend the pair get sent out together to Icecrown to fight off the threat of the Lich King and his scourge. They are sent to a struggling town where the argent crusade have created a Vanguard. Their leader, none other than the holder of the Ashbringer, Tirion Fordring! The enemy are at the gate and he calls on Tapre and Batsu to help defend the town before it is too late! A long and arduous battle ensued in which the pair fought both on the front lines and also from the turrets set up around the town by Fordring's men, but the fight isn't over yet! Fordring sends them deep into Scourgeholme to thin the ranks of the enemies, collect scourgestones and release the spirits of the dead, to weaken Scourgeholme before the final push. Being quite powerful, the two manage to infiltrate Scourgeholme and do what Fording has asked of them with only minor incident. Meanwhile Fordring and his men had made an outpost above Scourgeholme called Crusaders Pinnicle and they prepare to annihalate Scourgeholme. An epic battle ensues in which Tapre and Batsu fought on the front line. Scourgeholme was destroyed, but Tapre was lost in the fray. He turned up at the Vanguard the next day as if nothing had happened, which Batsu considered "wierd".

As they start to fly out to Icecrown proper, it seems to Batsu that Tapre is acting very strangly: agressivly against the villagers of The Argent Vanguard, even to the point that Tapre took one of them up into the mountains for a "private chat" for the man never to be seen again. Etc...


Batsu09, Aug 15, 09 8:20 AM.
After returning to Dalaran, Batsu and Tapre were ordered to go to the front line of Icecrown, But they were also given days for rest before they set off to depart. They decided to return back to storwind for some rest. The former members of the shadow guard were greeted by Tyronas the shadow guard leader. He gave them dire news of two deathknights that had been plaguing azeroth while they were gone. Given that Batsu and Tapre were too busy for this task they entrusted it to Tyronas to deal with. As they were about to leave Basu entered the house. Instantly Batsu and tapre sprung into action to fight there old enemy to be stopped by Tyronas, He stated that the warlock had changed his ways and was willing to help them. It took some persuading but Basu and Tapre left knowing that Tyronas would be able to deal with the threat.


Tapré, Aug 14, 09 1:22 PM.

With Nartex dead and Batsu and Tapre both fighting for the alliance separately their search for Morgoth ceased. Tyronas continued to recruit Shadow Guard in their absents. While fighting the blue dragon flight in dragongblight Tapre is told that during a mission to the Sholazar Basin when his gyrocopter was set upon and crashed. With no way out of the dangerous basin Tapre took his newly trained swift gryphon to search for Batsu. After a fairly arduous search Tapre found Batsu unconscious on the outskirts of Swindlegrin's dig. After some healing spells and a lot of perseverance Tapre managed to raise Batsu, but he is still trapped in the basin as his flying mount is not yet trained to fly in the cold Northrend air, and Tapre's mount cannot carry two men. He decides to stay with Batsu while he figures out how to escape. The pair run into Hemet Nesingwary who asks them to help him hunt some big game in return for much needed cash. Batsu agrees and Tapre reluctantly helps. After a month or so of fighting through the basin they finally find a man named Vic who, with the gold that Batsu has collected from Hemet, trains his flying mount how to fly in Northrend. Being finally free to escape the basin the pair decide it prudent to fly to Dalaran to allow Batsu a much needed rest, and although Tapre had taken a trip to Dalaran every week to keep his superiors in the alliance informed, he needed time to set his affairs straight. However while they were on their way to Dalaran a strong wind blew them off course and they ended up in a snowy mountainous region that was undiscovered by the horde and the alliance have never explored. But before they could plot a new course for Dalaran to alert the alliance of the situation there, their mounts flew off scared.

With both of them stranded in this most harsh of landscapes the pair were in considerable peril, they decide to look for shelter. They shelter in a cave where they meet a woman called Lok'lira the crone who strikes a bargain with them. She will help them if they set her free. With no reason to suspect the crone, the pair accept and retrieve her runes from a nearby Vrykul that is keeping her captive. With the runes she turns herself and Tapre and Batsu into Vrykul to allow them to blend in so that they can get the trust of Mildred the cruel. Once gained she gave the keys to the crones shackles and the were able to release her. She leads them through the cave to the other side where they are met with an entire village of Vrykul in the middle of a ceremony to chose the strongest of them. Before Tapre or Batsu really know what is going on they are thrust into combat. After winning several duels they are pitted against one another. With a slight gesture they understand that Batsu is to pretend to lose to allow Tapre to see what the leader of the Vrykul has in store. He is sent on a wyvern to battle further more Vrykul to the top of a massive temple called the temple of storms. He fights from wyvern to wyvern until he scrambles to the top, where he finds two very interesting things. The first is their two gryphons standing by as if waiting to be summoned, the other a giant titan by the name of Thorium! After sending Matsu’s gryphon for him Tapre turns to Thorim, who is awakened and expresses a desire for revenge against his brother. Once Batsu has flown to the top Thorim regales them with a story he bids them do several tasks to get his former allies back on side. While doing this the pair come across a block of ore with seemingly magical properties. After presenting it to Thorim it seems that the magical ore is part of what remains of Thorim's armour after he discarded it in grief. He asks the pair to take it to a leader of one of his former allies and get it re-forged. After much hardship the pair manage to re-forge the armour, but there is yet more to do to bring this ancient titan back to his former glory. He asks that they find his old mount, a brood mother who can carry the titan across the mountains. To do so they need to find smaller eggs to lure her out, but Tapre nearly loses his life when he loses his footing on top of one of the nests.

Finally the pair must find Thorim's mighty weapon, but as it was shattered to the ground its parts have become sacred to many of the tribes dotted around the storm peaks. In order to procure them they must first erect monuments to replace them, no easy feat. After several weeks they manage to procure the weapon and take it to Thorim, who is finally ready to venture out to take on his evil brother Loken.

((Beware, in game spoilers coming up.)) After an epic battle, the three of them, coupled with Thorim's minions fight through the makers terrace and come face to face with Loken. However, Locum was expecting Thorim, and as they stand on ground friendly to Locum he is the more powerful of the two. He enslaves Thorim and to Batsu and Tapre's surprise, he turns to them and tells them that it was HE that was Lok'lira the crone and HE had been the one to get them to persuade Thorim to come from his refuge high on top of the temple of storms. Victorious, Loken disappeared leaving Tapre and Batsu on their own in the storm peaks, their only sensible course of action to return to Dalaran and report what has happened.

The death of Nartex and the splitting of the Shadow Guard

Tapré, Aug 12, 09 6:11 PM.

After Nartex disappears Batsu and Tapre travel back to Shadowmoon Valley to help the alliance fight the demons that infest the land, hoping that Nartex will come back to them soon. After a few days Nartex sends them a note:

Dear Tapre and Batsu,

I have reached the barrow dens of Moonglade by way of a teleportation spell of my kind. I have made several inquiries and have counseled with Keeper Remulos who has recommended that I venture forth to the emerald dream where he believes its power will be revealed. I have started my preparations with the guidance of Keeper Remulos, and soon I will be prepared to begin my dream. I will mail you in 30 days when my trip is complete to tell you of its outcome. Until then good luck.

This was the last that was ever heard from Nartex, and when Tapre paid Keeper Remulos a visit he was gravely told that Nartex had died while inside the emerald dream. This news shakes Tapre and he goes back to outland to tell Batsu. Unfortunately their pursuit of Morgoth has run cold as he seems to have disappeared completely and the pair are beginning to lose their patience. However it is not long after this that the Alliance enlist Tapre in Northrend. The pair decide that the Shadow Guard can no longer function as it is, so they pass it on to a powerful Paladin friend of Batsu named Tryonas and they leave the previously powerful guild to allow themselves to focus on the lich king.

Tyronas leads the Shadow Guard into a new era of recruitment while Tapre was sent out to the Borean tundra and Batsu stayed behind. However while Tapre was still sailing to Northrend Batsu is also conscripted and he is sent to the grizzly hills to deal with a problem with giants. With the original Shadow Guard all split up to defend the alliance and become more and more adept and powerful, Tyronas build the Shadow Guard.

The return of the brother

Tapré, Jul 14, 08 4:39 AM.

After destroying Skelekal and Kargoth the team travel back to Stormwind for some well earned rest, and for Tapre to look some information up in the library. After dinner Batsu goes out to shop for reagents for a while. While he is gone Tapre goes strange and starts saying that he can feel something in his house, something he hadn’t felt in a long time. He goes upstairs to find the last thing he was expecting. Basu standing in the doorway!

After the original shock Tapre finds several things out. Basu came back thanks to a 'soulstone' - a warlock instrument that can bring back people from the dead that he was taught how to use by his new master. Un-surprisingly Basu is disinclined to reveal who this is.

With the message conveyed Basu left with only one final comment. "Tell my brother he is not forgiven." Something that Tapre has no plans to convey. However Batsu is greatly troubled when he hears of Basu's return. What will this mean for the Shadow Guard? And what of this prophecy? What could that mean for the three of them in the Shadow Guard?

After several days out in Nagrand and Blades edge mountains the Shadow Guard take a well earned rest in Tapré's house. While Batsu is out getting the dinner Basu appears to Tapre once more. Tapre is NOT pleased to see him, but he hears him out anyway. He says that now Skelekal and Kargoth are dead the team should focus on getting the seal of ascension back. Tapre is reluctant, but he agrees with Basu, only after telling him that he wont do anything for him after this and if he wants something off his brother he is to ask him himself. Basu leaves and after only a few minutes Batsu comes back so the Shadow Guard can eat. While they are eating Tapre asks Batsu about the seal of ascension, it turns out that although Basu thought it was at the place where Mellar died it was actually in Batsu's bank the whole time! Tapre immediately guards Batsu to the bank where they pick up the powerful artefact. They debate who should look after it, in the end Tapre agrees to take it to Jaina. After eating some more Tapre asks another question of Batsu, a question that Basu encouraged him to ask.
"What were you doing just before you met me? What were your plans?" Batsu gives a blatant lie as an answer, which angers Tapre, who wont tell Batsu who he was talking to upstairs until he gives a straight answer. Batsu tries to walk away, but Nartex gets in the way. Tensions are running high, but Batsu decides that he has no choice but to tell the truth: One day when he and his team in Ravenholt (Batsu, Leachim, Wederan and Afelasheton (lash)) were training when they found a nearly depleted runeblade. However when Leachim touched the runeblade he went mental and killed the other two members of the team. He nearly killed Batsu as well, but for some reason Leachim walked off before making the killing blow. Batsu wants revenge, and that was why he was going around with Tapre, he even delayed them stopping the dark portal from being opened, because he knew that that was where Leachim was. Batsu expects Tapre to be mad, but he inexplicably understands Batsu's actions. That is when he tells Batsu that it was his brother that he had been talking to earlier that day. Batsu is not pleased, but he feels a lot better that he has told Tapre the truth and that he isn’t angry with him. In fact it seems to have made them better friends, as Tapre offers help to Batsu, who believes he will die on this quest. He bids Tapre take the Seal to Jaina and enjoy himself as much as he can before they go after Leachim... possibly to their deaths. Tapre takes this to heart and goes off towards Theramore Isle with a growing dislike for Basu.

Tapre and the Shadow Guard reach Theramore isle quickly and they quickly get to talking to Jaina. However she wont protect both Drakkisath and the seal of ascension so they propose a trade. Seeing the two together stirs up strange thoughts inside Nartex and he somehow knows that he should stab the sword into the seal. The seal becomes exactly the right shape for the sword just before Nartex plunges the sword into it. The seal appears to be destroyed, but in a flash of blinding light a druid appears in front of them holding a large staff. He cant remember much, but he was imprisoned inside the seal and forced to do evil. He gives Nartex the staff and tells him to look into the green light. As Nartex looks into it the Druid passes away. Looking into the staff makes him understand several things. First, the staff has the power of the seal of ascension, but with the evil will removed it is cleansed. It also dawns on Nartex that with the transfer of the staff, the mans quest has also been transferred to him. He must travel to moonglade and investigate the barrow den of Malfurion, who sleeps in emerald dream. Not 20 seconds later a group of bandits demand the staff and start on the group. With Jaina's help they make short work of the bandits, but after they are all dead or fled Basu appears. He attempts to take the staff by force, but while Batsu, Tapre and Jaina are fighting him Nartex escapes. With the realisation that the staff is now out of his reach Basu disappears. For now the Shadow Guard can rest in Theramore isle, but there troubles are far from over with Basu against them.

Morgoth, Skelekal and Kargoth

Tapré, Jul 9, 08 2:18 PM.

All the keys are in place, all the Shadow Guard go around Terokkar forest to gather strength. They take a time out and quickly travel to Stormwind, while they are there they hear of problems in Darkshire. They go to investigate the rumours that a scourge has gone to resurrect Morbent, the Unholy Brethren that the Shadow Guard destroyed. They find a scourge trying to bring him back and they stop him easily. Tapre tries to get information out of the undead, but all he finds out is that he was sent by someone who serves the scourge before he beheads himself. They go back to Darkshire and find out that a strange light has been emanating from twilight grove. The team go to check it out only to find a MASSIVE dragon guarding the grove. They sneak around it and find another scourge - the scourge that has summoned the dragon through the portal. They quickly subdue the scourge and tell him that the dragon is not an undead as he had hoped, but a dragon of the emerald dream which (although dangerous) cannot exit the grove, leaving Darkshire safe for now.

After some intensive training in Terokkar forest and Nagrand the team finally feel ready to take on the might of Skelekal! They travel to the Scholomance and quickly fight their way through the lower level. When they get to the alchemy lab they find Skelekal standing as a skeleton guarding the way on. The team exchange with him for a while before finally subduing and killing him. But his death cry worries the team "I am not fully dead". They decide to delve deeper into the undead school, Tapre can feel all of the undead close by and he knows that there are 6 commanders and that each must be killed to dispel something - but he doesn't know what. They persevere with the commanders and kill them one by one. When the last one has fallen they go back to the common room to find a human version of Skelekal in the centre of the room! The team waste no time and immediately start attacking him. Nartex nearly died when Tapre was teleported to one of the commanders empty rooms and the door temporarily locked, but Tapre managed to come back just in time to save him. Skelekal fell, cleansing the Scholomance, and ridding the Shadow Guard of one of their biggest enemies. 1 down, 2 to go!

The next morning, with victory in the air and a refreshed team they decide that it is time for Kargoth's end to come too, although they realise that if he can be converted back that would be much better for everyone (as he is Batsu's father). They travel to Stratholme and use the key that Tapre picked up last time they went to enter through the cities rear entrance. They fight through the evil city, destroying several Ziggurats along the way to break the evil seals on the city. They fight through an army of abominations before Kargoth's personal guards appear from his slaughterhouse. After a long exchange of blows the Shadow Guard are the victors, so they advance into Kargoths slaughterhouse. Kargoth recognises his son immediately, pausing only for a second before plunging into combat. Several skeletons appear from nowhere to protect the scourge commander, but with the help of Tapre and some of Batsu's stolen holy water they crumble to the floor. Kargoth puts up a good fight, but in the end there is nothing he can do to stop his demise. In his death throws he apologises to his son and tells them that the lich king has plans for each one of them! This news gives them pause for only a moment, before they ceremonially burn the body and escape Stratholme before anything bigger can trap them inside. A victory for the Shadow Guard, if a slightly hollow one, as Kargoth died and was not saved. 2 down, only Morgoth still stands between the world and peace.... supposedly.

The story of "the spell"

Tapré, Jul 7, 08 4:20 AM.

On their travels as they get stronger the trainers give them more and more spells and techniques Tapre learns of a powerful spell which, amongst other things can summon a charger - a powerful horse - to this world. He donates much gold to the people who can help him learn this power, as payment and compensation for a charter that he was given to initiate the spell upon himself. He is directed to a famous blacksmith, who can create the special bard needed for this special horse.

While gathering the extensive materials required by the blacksmith Tapre learns that his spell is the only thing that can cleanse Batsu of Mellar, but he and Nartex together are not powerful enough to gather all of the ingredients. After a long story Batsu comes back to them without the spell and (after finding out that they still need the spell to kill Morgoth) helps the collection of the materials, which sees them going into the depths of the undead city Stratholme. With a successful escape from the city holding the materials needed for the bard (and the key to the city which will be used later). Tapre takes the materials back to the blacksmith. After some persuasion the blacksmith creates the bard... but it still needs to be blessed by the equine lord of Dire Maul.

The Shadow Guard travel back to Dire Maul, but without the key they cannot get into the western wing, where the horse spirit resides. Instead they delved into the eastern wing, and after killing many corrupted trees they found the key to dire maul - the Crescent Key. This allowed them entrance to the western wing, where they found the equine spirit. Tapre placed the bard on its back and it blessed the bard. The Shadow Guard make a swift exit and Tapre goes back to Stormwind where the paladin trainer is delighted with his work. All is nearly in place, but the instruments used to tame the horse are still needed. For that Tapre must find two precious diamonds, a pristine black diamond and an Azerothian diamond.

After much bartering and spending of gold at the auction house Tapre acquires the precious stones and they are spelled by the Paladin master to be used. The taming awaits, but Tapre must lead his friends into the very depths of Skelekal's lair - Scholomance to finally learn the spell!

While questing for the key to the front door of Scholomance The Shadow Guard bump into Rhanyan. She can't tell them much except that she is kept very busy. Having said that she agrees to follow them into Scholomance to help Tapre to gain his power. They tentatively enter the darkness of the tower and fight their way to the basement of bones. Once they are there Tapre begins the ritual and the Shadow Guard are thrown into fierce battle. Tapre casts several well placed Judgments in order to destroy the ghosts. Soon the guardian on the spell itself is shown. The Shadow Guard are tired, but they manage to destroy him. Tapre blesses the stone and the ritual is complete. Now he has the power to kill Skelekal, Morgoth and Kargoth. The Shadow Guard now have all the keys they need to destroy evil forever, they just need to become stronger before confronting the evil leaders of the enemy.


Tapré, Feb 7, 08 3:15 PM.

After all the previous events (See extensive story on this site) the Shadow Guard finally seem to have all of the information that they need:
Basically Skelekal controls Rhanyan when she is in Azeroth, but while she is in outland she is under the control of Mellar, who is trying to get her to Shadowmoon Valley (where Mellar and Morgoth's outland base is located). She holds the Seal of Ascension, which is half of Orranis' infamous weapon. With it Orranis can be summoned into the body of a weak minded person who is strong with shadow magic. This makes Rhanyan a perfect candidate (as her mind has been compromised) meaning that as soon as Rhanyan gets to Shadowmoon Valley, Orranis will be summoned into her, he will then be able to easily break into Karazhan and take his body back.

At first the team think that all is lost, as she is a day or so ahead of them; but they manage to rally the support of the local alliance, and the cenarian expedition. They manage to make Rhanyan retreat back into hellfire from zangarmarsh while they train up and help the local factions against the burning legion. While on their travels the team hears of a hidden city where portals exist back to Azeroth.

They decide that although it will set them back several days, it is worth their while to go back to Azeroth, to stock up on supplies (as they had gone through the portal in a rush) and also to tell their allies of the situation (and because Tapre wants to see Jaina). After training in Zangamarsh they decide to go looking for it, it doesn’t take them long to bump into a massive city in the middle of a forest.
"It isn't very well hidden is it?" Said Tapre

Although the process is dangerous, with Tapré's bubble spells they manage to pass through the portal without harming themselves. They stock up and tell Jaina and Tyrande of the situation, Tapre also learns what he must do in order to cleanse Rhanyan. But he must first learn how to summon a Charger, and to do that he needs several expensive materials and the team need to infiltrate Stratholme, Dire Maul and Scholomance. After a heated debate they decide that they are not yet strong enough for such a challenge, and they must go back through the portal to Zangamarsh to finish their training. Tyrande also tells them that she has devised a trap for Rhanyan, but the shadow guard must lure her back into Zangamarsh. The team rest for the night, but tomorrow it is very much back to work for the team.

After observing the water level of Zangarmarsh spiking the team manage to lure Rhanyan into an orb, but not before she throws Batsu off of the town. He is dead, but after a bit of difficulty Tapre manages to resurrect him. Tapre travels to Stormwind to find a way to cleanse Rhanyan....

After 3 months of searching, Tapre finds out that the orb containing Rhanyan is in-fact not corrupt! He releases her from her prison and explains the situation to her. He dons his armour once more and the pair rush back to Shattrath to speak with Batsu and Nartex

After a long search they find Nartex, but he has bad news. Batsu has disappeared and has taken the now missing seal of ascension with him. Rhanyan decides that action must be taken! They pledge to continue their quest to destroy Skelekal and awaken the power within Tapre to cleanse the mind control. They go back to Zangarmarsh, but while there they meet with Batsu, who fights them until Rhanyan manages to get an insight into his warped mind. It seems after foiling Mellar and Morgoth's first plan to release Orranis they have started to look for 3 magical artefacts that together can bring Orranis back from the beyond. They sent Batsu out to find them and so far he has found 2, only Drakkisath, a lost sword remains.

The shadow guard must hurry to obtain Drakkisath before Batsu does, to prevent the world from ending.

The story develops further when Rhanyan suddenly disappears. Tapre and Nartex fear the worst, but they swiftly go back to Stormwind to Tapres house to see if she had gotten into trouble and needed to regroup. They despair when they don’t find her, but while they are in Tapre's house a messenger comes to the door. He tells them that Rhanyan has been recalled by Tyrande Whisperwind to help the night elf’s with an upcoming war that the high priestess saw one night in her dreams. Also in the vision was the location of that vital sword that the Shadow Guard are looking for: Drakkisath. It has been kept unknown to Aragul at ShadowFang Keep in Silverpine Forest. The pair must find ShadowFang keep and find the sword before Batsu can find this information out.

What’s left of the Shadow Guard go to Silverpine forest where they are directed to Ambermill. Once there they come across a captain who is willing to help them. He takes them across the forest to pyewood village where they stock up on supplies. Then there is nothing else for it but to delve into the depths of Shadowfang Keep. After a lot of fighting they find the sword and Tapre retrieves it, but it causes a disturbance. In a bid to allow the Shadow Guard to escape Verag sacrifices himself. It works and the Shadow Guard escape with the legendary blade. They quickly ride to Stormwind to keep it safe from Batsu...

While they are trying to persuade the leaders of Stormwind to keep the sword safe they meet with Lrak the messenger once more. He tells them that Mellar has sent Batsu back to Azeroth to release the evil demon Imo'thar who will be able to find the sword. However Tyrande knows something that Mellar doesn't - the link between Mellar and Batsu is now so strong that if one dies the other shall also fall. The Shadow Guard see this as a perfect opportunity to end Mellar for good so they travel to Dire Maul where Imo'thar is said to be imprisoned. Once they are there Batsu sets on them. After a fight where Nartex was killed Batsu also falls, Tapre brings Nartex back and they are both surprised when Batsu returns to life. But what is his allegiance? That is when he destroys the orb - preventing Orranis from ever being summoned again. Tentatively the Shadow Guard celebrate the return of their comrade, but it's not over yet.

They travel to Darnassus to speak with the High Priestess, she tells them that although Mellar's body may be dead, his spirit may endure, and even then Morgoth still lives, as does Skelekal and Kargoth. She tells them of a spell that Tapre can learn that will greatly increase his power - enough perhaps to defeat these three, but it appears he has already been told of the spell. The Shadow Guard decide to make it their top priority to lean this spell, as without it they are powerless against their enemies. The sword is taken to Jaina to be kept safe, and with Orranis no longer a threat at least the immediate threat to the world is over.


Tapré, Jan 19, 08 4:45 PM.

After a long day of helping Honour hold and Telhmalt The Shadow Guard decide to call it a night and go to sleep in the inn at Honour Hold. After only a few minutes of sleep Nartex wakes them all up complaining that he can feel a presents nearby. They are about to go back to sleep when Tapre also feels something. They look around and notice that what appears to be an image Rhanyan is standing in their doorway. After a moment of panic she tells them to be calm. Then she tells them to meet her sister just south of the dark portal, then she promptly disappears.

Although worried that this might be a trap, they decide to go and check out the area just north of the dark portal. While there they are accosted by a night elf woman who is initially very suspicious, but at the sound of her sisters name she allows them into her abode and they begin to chat.

The Shadow Guard tell her of the problems of Mellar, Morgoth and the rest of the Unholy Brethren, and they tell her of what they have already done on Azeroth to help the situation. She tells them of Orranis...

Orranis was once one of the two aids to the fallen titan Sargares. While Azzinoth (the other aid) was killed by a demon hunter named Illadin, Orranis managed to find himself a very powerful artefact, which he bound half of his soul to. After terrorizing much of Azeroth, Orranis was at last challenged when the night elves of the era used a portion of the sunwells power to create a lance of light - which they struck Orranis with - killing him from the inside out. His soul tried to escape to the heavens, but at the last moment he was struck down and fell to the ground - where deadwind pass is today.
The priests of the time sealed him within a basement, and built Karazhan above it where he was largely forgotten about.

When he died his artefact shattered into thousands of pieces, which a group of elves called the binders of hate collected over many hundreds of years - destroying them as they went along. There is now only one known to exist, but it has not yet been found..... OR HAS IT!?!?!?

After going over and over the facts again and again The Shadow Guard and Liblie come to realise that the last piece is in fact the seal of ascension, which is currently what is keeping Rhanyan under Skelekal’s control!
This revelation causes the conversation to go down several as yet unexplored routes. Like where was the artefact found? What if Morgoth found Orranis when he was digging in Azahara (remember the vision they saw of him there). 
They surmise that Morgoth found the ring, but it needed the power of someone who has lived with shadow magic all their lives. Naturally he turned to Mellar, but Mellar refused to be host to another consciousness, so they had to look for another host. That is when they found Rhanyan, and ever since then they have led The Shadow Guard on a long and elaborate goose chase in order to deliver Rhanyan right into their very laps.

The shadow guard panic! What are they going to do? If Rhanyan gets to Shadowmoon Valley (the unholy alliances base in outland) then Orranis is going to be whole enough to break out of his prison under Karazhan. Then he will truly be whole again, and capable of destroying the whole world! They think about asking Tyrande Whisperwind, but of course she is on the wrong side of a one way portal! Or is she? Liblie tells them that there is a way back, through powerful teleporters in the middle of a hidden city in Terrokar forest. But in order to survive the process they must become much stronger.

They resolve to ask honour hold to help them slow down Rhanyan, while they find the hidden city and become strong enough to warn Tyrande Whisperwind of what is happening. Then maybe... just maybe, they will be able to find Rhanyan and bring her back with the power of the light at Tapré's command...

However there is more! After this long chat Liblie says that she is tired and she must sleep. Then without any inhibitions she simply lays down to sleep. Tapre thinks this is most odd until Batsu reveals that she is infact dead!!! She had stayed alive just long enough to tell them what they needed to know before she finally rested. But this raised many questions. Did she know they were coming? Would she have died if Rhanyan had not been able to appear and make them come to her? However they quickly forget all these questions when Batsu finds a small letter on the woman’s body which reads
"Dear Rhanyan,
                        ********* (add later)

From your loving Mother"

This revelation shocks them all, but strengthens their resolve! Rhanyan MUST be turned back to good, not just to save the world but to learn the truth, and be given the letter given to her from her now deceased mother- whom she has not been in contact with for more than 20 years.

The Dark Portal

Tapré, Jan 13, 08 10:46 AM.

After finishing off the last Alter of Storms the Shadow Guard think that they have forever stopped Mellar and Morgoth from getting into Karazhan. However after a long chat with a grateful Tyrande Whisperwind it transpires that there WAS a good reason for the Brethren to open the dark portal. The reason is that they are looking for the key to the front door of Karazhan, which can only be found in OUTLAND, the world on the other side of the portal. Both the horde and the alliance have sent many fighters through the portal, but they have come across an old and powerful enemy - the burning legion!
Tyrande wants to send the Shadow Guard to go through the dark portal with everyone else, but they are not yet powerful enough to survive on the other side. She sends them back out to learn more before they go through the portal - possibly never to return!

After going back to Jaedenar to kill the dread lord within the team went to Winterspring. After finishing there they travelled to the eastern plaguelands where they had an encounter with Rhanyan and Skelekal on the island that houses Scholamance. After only 4 days Batsu and Nartex go back to Tyrande and she tells them that they are ready to talk to a man stationed just outside the dark portal.
The team travel to the blasted lands and make their way to the dark portal - there the man they needed to meet told them that they must travel through the portal to aid the people on the other side. Batsu is ready, but Tapre and Nartex both have second thoughts as they are all sure that it is a one way trip.
However, their decision is made for them when Rhanyan turns up and blocks any escape but through the portal. Initially they try to make a stand - but while they were growing in power so was she and it quickly becomes apparent that they cannot beat her. Just before they jump through the portal Rhanyan seems to be fighting with herself - possibly for control of her body, but this lapse is all too brief and the Shadow Guard are forced to jump through the dark portal to the world beyond!

Once on the other side they are all amazed at the size and scope of the new planet - but there is no time for wonderment, as soon as they move away from the portal a powerful demon charged towards them to go through the dark portal. This shook them up, but that was nothing compared to what they saw next! A huge pit lord was laying siege to the portal and was being held off only by a small band of brave humans and orcs. They knew they had to get out of there, so they hitched a ride on a few Gryphons that took them to honour hold - a nearby town.
"The portal was only opened two weeks ago - they can't have built a town like this in that time!" Said Tapre as they entered, but upon closer investigation they find out that the town (and indeed many of the humans inside) have been there for over 20 years, since the portal was last opened!

The Alters and Jaedenar

Tapré, Jan 9, 08 3:37 AM.

While in Felwood training up enough to cleanse the alters, the team come across a demon infested town called Jadenear. The team know that it is now controlled by Mellar (since he learnt to summon a great demon there). What they weren’t expecting was for Mellar to actually be there!

Mellar found them and they had to run for their lives. But Batsu was attacked by a guard and fell off the bridge leading out of the town. Nartex and Tapre get back to town after shaking the enemies off their tail, but they are distraught at the apparent loss of Batsu. However Batsu appears just outside the town with little life left in him. Tapre tries to heal and resurrect Batsu with little effect. With time running out it falls to Nartex to use a little known spell called Rebirth (that he had forgotten to tell everyone about) that brought Batsu back to life.

However Batsu had bad news. The only reason that he wasn't dead was that Mellar had actually let him go with the words: "You are more use to me alive than fully dead!"
This gives the Shadow Guard a lot to think about, but with Mellar now knowing of their existence, their location and their name they are in even graver peril than they first thought!...

The next day they are asked to go deeper into Jaedenar, right into the shadow hold where Mellar resides when he is there. Naturally they refuse, but Nartex wants’ to free Felwood of corruption. When it becomes apparent that Nartex is going to selflessly throw away his life for the good of Felwood the other two decide to maximise his chances of success by helping him. They quietly sneak into shadow hold and on their way rescue a night elf maiden. Unfortunately, the stupidity of the woman nearly costs them all dearly when she sets of the alarm. Several guards try to prevent their escape, but luckily for the shadow guard it seems that Mellar has gone back to his other duties. They escape with only an injury to Tapre's back; but while healing that they find out something interesting about Nartex: He can turn into a furbolg! With this revelation Tapre decides its time to tell the group of Jaina's chat with Thrall. He reveals that he was unable/unwilling to render help until horde forces are threatened.

After finding out that the dark portal may have been opened (see the story of the diary) the team ask Jaina to ask Thrall to help them again. She sends an aid to do it in her stead as she cannot go and see him herself. They decide that they must go to the blasted lands where the portal is located to see if the vision was correct, but first the shadow guard have lots of other (almost as important) errands to run!

After just under a week, the busy shadow guard finally find the time to swing by the blasted lands. Tapre is worried that they are too late - those worries turn out to be true as when they get there, not only is the portal open - but the alliance and the horde have already sent forces through! Did Jaina withhold vital information from Tapre? Or are the Alliance withholding vital information from Jaina? Either way it is not good news! With this huge setback the shadow guard decide to take some ground back. They storm the alter of storms in the blasted lands and nullify its evil force and destroy it. Not only does this relieve the shadow guard's anger, it also completes half of their task for Tyrande Whisperwind.

The next day - after hours of researching and a night out on the town the group decide that it is finally time for them to take on the final task of cleansing the second alter of storms. The travel through the infamous Blackrock Mountain is dangerous, especially when -for a moment- it looks like a dragon is going to come down and kill them. They escape to Morgan's Vigil where they regroup and refresh for several hours before finally travelling to the alter of storms. They encounter resistance, but manage to clear the alter of the evil orc warlocks and begin the long ritual to cleanse it of evil. The ritual is hard on Tapre and Nartex (while Batsu kills any warlocks that are summoned in) but they manage to cleanse the alter, thus preventing Mellar and Morgoth from getting into Karazhan. They return to Tyrande Whisperwind with their news.

Tyrande Whisperwind tells them to get to clear up Azeroth and become stronger before they are ready to go through the dark portal - she recommends that they go back to Jaedenar and kill the Unholy Brethren that rules it called Lord Banehallow. The team have their reservations, but with Mellar safely busy in Outland they decide that it’s worth the risk.
After fighting their way through the shadow hold, killing lieutenants on the way they finally find the huge dreadlord. The waste no time and swiftly assassinate him, but this puts the entire hold into meltdown - things start falling down everywhere - and the brethren are pissed. They all try to kill the shadow guard, but Tapre is far too good a paladin to allow them to die. They escape from the keep just as the cave collapses - an absolute victory for the shadow guard!

The story of the trolls

Tapré, Jan 5, 08 6:49 AM.

The team travel to hinterlands to get stronger. While they are there they learn a lot about trolls, which was lucky because when they used their hearthstone accidently takes them all the way back to Tanaris!

The team are so angry that they decide to vent their anger on nearby hapless horde - but they soon find themselves outside a strange sand city with two other explorers who are too scared to go inside.

The 5 of them brave the city, which it turns out is the lost troll city of Zul Farrak! The team fought bravely through much of the city - freeing several hostages in the process. But they then have to make a quick escape when they enter the inner city and find trolls that are too powerful to kill, they decide to run and vow to come back another day.

They go back to Theramore and chat to Rhanyan who (amongst other things) tells them that Zul Farrak is the ancient hydra god "Ghazrilla" can be summoned with a legendary mallet. Unfortunately the mallets power was banished and the mallet was hidden, and she doesn't know where it is...

The team ask Jaina about it. She revealed that the mallet can be found on the alter of zul and is being protected by a troll priestess. She also tells them that the power of the mallet is hidden inside an alter at the top of a town on the top of a hill. Unfortunately she doesn't know where this is, but trusts in the Shadow Guard to find it.

After finding their way to the blasted lands one of the men inside gives them another quest to do in the lost city. This rallies the Shadow Guard to look for the place called Jintha'alor mentioned on the tablet. Batsu manages to find where it is and sneak up to the alter where the power of the mallet was hidden so that the mallet now once more had the power to summon Gaz'rhilla!

With the power to summon the hydra god the Shadow Guard called on their old friend and another adventurer, but the whole city has been repopulated!!!! They decide that in order to fully cleanse Zul Farrak of evil the hydra MUST be destroyed. On their way they come across the 5 captured prisoners (captured again), but when they help them this time the prisoners turn on them. After a difficult fight the shadow guard won through and were finally able to continue on to Gaz'rhilla's chamber.
The trolls tried to prevent the summoning, but they were not strong enough and the Hydra god came out of the pool, only to be destroyed by the mighty shadow guard!
The sand trolls have been dealt with for now - but there are many other kinds of trolls all over the world...

The plot thickens when each of their class trainers independently tell them to go to a sunken temple in the middle of a large lake in the swamp of sorrows. They know of great evil living down their so they decide to go to Felwood to train up. Meanwhile they still need to go back to the deserted Zul Furrak to retrieve two tablets that may allow them to contain the god Hakkar who is rumored to reside in the temple.

After going back and searching the corpses in Zul Farrak the team find the two tablets that tell them of the location of an egg that can summon the god Hakkar. They are told that they must use it to destroy Hakkar once and for all and send him back to the twisting nether. The location of the egg is atop Jintha'alor! The team sigh and travel all the way back to the top of Jintha'alor where they retrieve the egg, now all is left is for the invasion of the sunken temple by the shadow guard, and the cleansing of it of evil forever.

After finding a couple other adventures to infiltrate the temple with them the Shadow Guard. The bottom half is easy for the group, but once they start climbing the temple things get troublesome for them. They destroy the 6 trolls protecting the prophet, then clear the hundreds of dragonkin on the top floor. This nearly kills them all, but they manage to win through in the end, much to their delight and relief. The prophet tries to take over Nartex, but after only a few seconds Nartex got control of his body back. With the prophet dead it was only a matter of time before the shade of Eranikus was released. The team went to his lair within the temple and quickly dispatched him. The only thing that was left for them to do was summon Hakkar to kill him once and for all. They found his alter of blood where he can be summoned and used the egg. The gates descended and several enemies appeared to prevent them from bringing the evil Hakkar into Azeroth, but the shadow guard destroyed them and summoned Hakkar. After several minutes of close battle Hakkar finally died, but all is not what it seems! It was only an AVATAR that they killed, and the real Hakkar is still at large somewhere else on Azeroth! A loss for The Shadow Guard.

The story of the diary

Tapré, Dec 26, 07 10:49 AM.

Batsu finds his fathers diary in the house. This leads him to search out where his father was buried. The gang find his tombstone, but it is empty. They do a ritual that shows Kargoth being dragged across the kingdom. They have no leads until they finally get their mounts and Tyrande Whisperwind gives them a lot of important information. She asks them to cleanse two Alters of Storms to stop them from draining souls that are breaking the barrier around Karazhan.

Whisperwind also warned Tapre that Batsu had been possessed by an evil demon called Skelekal and he is trying to make Batsu turn on his friends. She instructs Tapre to find Rhanyan - A priestess of the moon and friend of Tyrande's who has recently gone AWOL.

Meanwhile the diary has gone missing - presumed stolen. The guard must find it, but they have no leads. They go to duskwallow marsh to train up for the alters. While there Tapre bumps right into Rhanyan. She tells him of the treachery of the Syndicate and how Kargoth had started Ravenholdt to combat them. She took Tapre and Nartex out for a ritual where it was revealed that Kargoth was killed and brought back as an undead! This grave news was put aside as Batsu was still possessed.

The three of them lured Batsu to an island where they all tried to cleanse Batsu of Skelekal, but it didn’t work. Batsu kicked and screamed but Tapre and Rhanyan managed to persuade Batsu to try something else. It worked, and Batsu was cleansed of Skeletal's malevolent will, but at the cost of Rhanyan's health. Batsu feels great but he is worried about Rhanyan who is out cold. After a lot of worrying, Rhanyan wakes up and decides to join The Shadow Guard. She joins their quests, much to Batsu's delight.

Heartbreak! Just as Rhanyan is starting to fit in she turns dark and attacks the rest of the shadow guard. They are devastated as they wake up to see her running away. They immediately tell Whisperwind of the situation. She tells them to leave Rhanyan for now and focus on the more important issue. Batsu initially refuses, but he is swayed when he realises the gravity of the situation. The shadow guard will trust to fate that they will run into Rhanyan again - and hopefully when they do, they will be able to set her free.

After several days of questing in Feleras without incident The Shadow Guard decide that Rhanyan isn't following them anymore. They have a brain storm and figure that they can do a ritual using the spell that Rhanyan cast on them all. They do the ritual on Batsu who sees Rhanyan killing people in Theramore isle; what's more she looks like she is going to assassinate Jaina! They have to hurry, but first Batsu needs to find out how to make a potion that will allow them to turn Rhanyan's spell back onto herself so that instead of making them venerable to Skelekal's mind control it breaks hers instead. To find out Batsu asks Drager who tells him that all you need to do is sprinkle some druid's blood over yourself. After a short fight Nartex is forced to give up some blood and the Shadow Guard rush to Theramore Isle where they are confronted with Rhanyan. She beats Nartex and Batsu at the base of the tower, but when she gets to the top Jaina buffs Tapre so he has the power to defeat her. She looses the battle, but Skelekal quickly re-asserts himself and beats Tapre down just as the other two come around. It looks like Batsu is going to desert them and let Rhanyan kill Jaina, but just before she manages to cast the spell Batsu pounces on her and beats her once more. Skelekal is tired by now, but he manages to surprise Batsu and casts the spell on him, then on Tapre, then on Nartex. The spell is broken! ... Or is it? After making sure Rhanyan is ok Tapre and Nartex have their doubts over her allegiance until a public display of affection towards Batsu puts their minds at rest and Rhanyan is welcomed back into the Shadow Guard.
However! Rhanyan has some bad news, it's not JUST lay lines that are the reason that Mellar and Morgoth are trying to get into Karazhan! It's also because they want to summon an ancient god called Orranis (aka the destroyer) to destroy the world, and that neutralising the alters of storms will only slow them down. This makes The Shadow Guard feel like the battle cannot be won, but with the help of Jaina and Thrall to pull the horde and the alliance back together, there is still hope for Azeroth....

Or is there? Reports have been filtering through that the scourge (led by Batsu's father Kargoth) has allied with Mellar and Morgoth and is attacking the blasted lands where the portal to the abyss is rumoured to lie. The team decide to travel there to survey the damage.

After many adventures (listed elsewhere) the team go back to Theramore to relax and to chat with Rhanyan. She gives them bad news as usual, but when she learns that Batsu was nearly killed by Mellar she is both worried and excited because now that Batsu has had contact with the enemy they can do a ritual to see what the enemies were planning. He saw the dark portal opening and demons fighting demons. This confuses the party, but before they continue Tapre asks Rhanyan to give Batsu the diary back. She does so and the group go up to Jaina to tell her of the danger going on in the blasted lands. They decide to go and check out if the vision was true... but before they get anywhere the diary falls out of Batsu's pocket and begins to glow. Stupidly Rhanyan picks it up - she immediately becomes controlled by Skelekal once more and another unknown entity. She holds the team for ransom then escapes ... but not with the diary, which Batsu managed to palm before she disappeared.

After many adventures listed elsewhere (mainly in "The alters and Jaedener") the shadow guard find their way back in the blasted lands. After a set back they decide that they are going to destroy the first of the two alters. They get there and kill all of the warlocks, but they need something evil in order to cleanse the alter. They decide to use the diary! It works, but the team still need to cleanse the other alter. After travelling there they do the same the thing to the alter in the burning steps. As soon as the ritual is complete Batsu shoves his dagger in the book, which shatters into pieces. The diary -for now- is destroyed.

The auntie at booty bay

Tapré, Dec 23, 07 6:19 AM.

The team decide to visit Tapre's auntie in booty bay. She gets them to prove themselves then asks them to kill various enemies around Strangethorn Vale in order to allow the seed clan (a group of children) to play again in the Jungle.

After scouring the Jungle the team are pleased with their work, but they have no time to go back to Tapre's aunty.

Stromguarde Keep

Tapré, Dec 20, 07 3:53 PM.

The group have found out about Stromguarde and need to become stronger to infiltrate it and destroy the second in command of the syndicate. The group will first scout for clues as to the contents of Stromguarde by looking around the surrounding areas.

The group go to Duskwallow in order to become stronger

After coming back from Dustwallow the Shadow Guard find out some awful news: The argus wake are going to guard Lord Falconcrest making it nearly impossible to kill him. They go to Alterac Mountains to take them out and they get a surprise: Ailden Perenholde was hiding out in a house in Alterac. The Shadow Guard immediately killed him on sight. A victory for The Shadow guard, but now they need to speed up and get to Stromguarde before Lord Falconcrest finds out that he is the new leader of the Syndicate! ...

The heroes of The Shadow Guard have finished off most of the Syndicate; all that remains for them is to destroy the second in command in Stromguarde Keep. The team storm the keep and take Lord Falconrest's head as a souvenir. Now the syndicate has been eradicated from the world it is time for The Shadow Guard to move onto more important things...

The Shadow Guard form

Tapré, Oct 27, 07 5:10 PM.

After several days of traveling together, Tapre Batsu and Nartex decide to form a guild against the growing Shadow.

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