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Welcome to Duada Strid

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Zul'Aman Update.

539317817_Inactive, Dec 19, 07 9:55 PM.

Guild first Malacrass kill.  AWESOME work to everyone.  As always, it took about 20 wipes, but we got him.  Grats to Angel and Naax on loot.

P.S. 3 badges.

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Magtheridon drops more then just us!

flyingman, Dec 18, 07 7:39 AM.
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Congrats everyone on a great kill. We almost one shotted him last night. Myself happy we didn't, gave use few tries to work out some bugs.
Like I said here is the loot.
 Ettho got himself new chest Warbringer Chestguard.
Mackdknife got his chest also Netherblade Chestpiece
Drdeeds got Glaive of the Pit. He will still suck!!
Speaknoevil end up with Eye of Magtheridon
Naax got head last night!!! Congrats on Ring of the Recalcitrant

If you were not there please read up on Magtheridon.

VR dead 12/16

Mexjump, Dec 17, 07 12:39 AM.
Welcome all the new members that joined us for TK.

Set Absolute Position


539317817_Inactive, Dec 12, 07 8:48 PM.
Lurker dies.  New method.  Kill all three guardians and the islands.  Glad to see our melee DPS is now up to the challenge.  I can now compete for DPS on this boss !!  wootz.  Hated old method.  Good work DS.

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Hehehehe.  Kinda enjoying Frost

Give you something to watch.

flyingman, Dec 12, 07 6:19 PM.
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