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Welcome to KWA!!!
(Kill Wh0res Anonymous)

This outfit was created on the premise of having fun while maintaining an atmosphere of organization and teamwork.  Created on October 8, 2007, this outfit has experienced enormous growth in just the first few days of existence and is now home to over 500 members.   We have consistently been in the top 10 rankings since our second week of play, AND in just six short months, have accumulated over 1 million outfit points.

We welcome new members every day, and would gladly take the time to discuss our 'game plan' with anyone who is interested.  If you have any questions, or are considering a new and active outfit on the Emerald server, NC empire, send one of us a tell in game, or post in our forums.

Its time to play ... with KWA

CLICK HERE for step-by-step instructions on how to join!!!



Mizry, Apr 21, 08 12:29 AM.
Absolutely incredible work!  In the six months that the outfit has been in existence, we have wracked up over 1 million outfit points, and 500 members. 

KWA is now the number one outfit on Emerald for the New Conglomerate!

I am proud of all of the hard work and effort that every single member has put into making this outfit the BEST outfit in PlanetSide.



Mizry, Nov 14, 07 11:35 PM.
At 11:30pm, Wednesday, 11/14/07, the Ventrilo server came down for approximately 15 seconds in order to facilitate the update from v 2.3.1 to v 3.0.

The update was successful.

You will need to download the updated client v 3.0 in order to connect to the server.  Nothing has changed in the way of host, port or password.  You should have absolutely no issue with connecting as of 11:30pm 11/14/07.

You can download the updated client v 3.0 here.

Should you have any problems, please contact Mizry via PM on this site, or ingame.

Thank you.

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