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Mar 26, 08 8:10 PM
Vent Access
Jan 21, 08 11:47 AM
Recruiting All Classes/Levels
Nov 1, 07 12:58 PM
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We are now known as Skull & Crossbones on Garithos.  Just letting you that you guys rock!  I am damn proud of the progression we are making and we are doing it with quality people, not dar... errr... douchebags, like some people on the server.  Let people talk while we initiate action!

XXX Thunder XXX

PS:  Thanks for the kind words of support I have been recieiving, it means a lot and I will continue to prove the naysayers wrong on Garithos.
Other Guild News


539290572_Inactive, Mar 26, 08 8:10 PM.
With the guild's best interest in mind we have demoted all officers to Gamma Rank. We will be evaluating all current members and will find the best fit for the position. Please understand that this is nothing against the current or past officers but for us to be a strong guild we need to pull together and make this the best guild we can be.

Positions will start being filled as of Saturday March 22, 2008. If you have any questions or suggestions please get in contact with Bloodykisses or Thunderlipz.

Thank you all for your understanding in this matter.


Vent Access

Thunderlipz74, Jan 21, 08 11:47 AM.
Special thanks to Zelaphi who has graciously allowed us access to his vent server.  For instructions and/or login information please register for access.

Recruiting All Classes/Levels

Thunderlipz74, Nov 1, 07 12:58 PM.
We are currently recruiting all classes/levels.  Everyone are responsible for trying to invite new members to the guild so if you know or have run with anyone you feel would be an asset to the guild, by all means ask if they want us to invite them!

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