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Banners of the Storm, Assemble!

To all newcomers to the order, welcome! To all interested in more information on the Banners, you've come to the right place.

The basics. Banners of the Storm is a Heavy roleplaying guild on the Moon Guard realm of World of Warcraft. Our mission is to preserve the roleplay state on Moon Guard, and create a haven for enthusiastic Roleplayers both new and old to the realm. Whether you're just getting started in roleplay, or an old pro. We intend to bring story-based fun to all of our members. Our guild-chat is in character, however at the moment we do provide our members with an OOC channel. I'm always open to more ideas to make the Banners a more RP-friendly guild!

So what the heck do we do? We roleplay! But we also are interested in lots of other things that make the game great. Phat Lewtz? Sure! But if that's not your thing there's no reason to worry. Banners of the Storm is not a raiding guild. But we're friendly to those who want to join and maintain their raiding schedule. Will we ever raid? Maybe. I'm not against the idea, but Banners is meant to be an alt-friendly home for your Roleplay, as well as everything else. As a general theme, I want to incorporate World Defense into the Banners storyline (See Bannerlore thread). I believe we can safely make it mandatory for each officer to have the latest version of the addon ImprovedWorldDefense (for more information on IWD please consult the forums). They might ask (nicely!) to their fellow guildies to respond to the call and provide the Minimum amount of force necessary to repel the assault. That means letting Horde characters respawn and act until they engage a non-militant NPC target, whether they're flagged or not. If they attack you, defend yourself by whatever means necessary. Each Horde will be given an opportunity to yield. As of yet there is no requirement to flag up or down or remain perma-flagged. But this is open to debate as well as many other elements of the Banners. At no time will Banners of the Storm host raid events against Horde groups or towns for the purpose of retaliation or "getting their attention". This portion of the doctrine is non-negotiable. Furthermore, no member will flag purposefully in a Horde zone for the sake of "Luring them out" or "Getting the lowbies". Doing so is grounds for disciplinary action from either myself or the officers.

Banners' ranking system is a simple progression based on each member's commitment to the guild. Our promotion system is a tried and true method of calculating each member's level of participation in guild events on a weekly basis. 

        Lord Commander
            Page Knights

Doctrine! Ahh the old guild-killer. I want to make the Banners the guild that puts all others to shame. Integral to this vision is the concept of no established indoctrinization to the Knights who carry the Banner. I expect every member to carry themselves with moral dignity, but I do have certain pet peeves that I'm certain the guild will agree with me on.

1. Begging for help -- If I can, I can. If I can't I can't and you should start looking for an alternate solution to your problem. I'm hoping everyone who chooses the Banners will be mature enough to understand this.

2. Charging other guildies for services offered -- If you do something for another Bannerknight don't expect anything in return. If the Knight insists on some form of reward, accept it humbly and move on. But if you're holding your hand out after a VC run, or telling the Knight "Give me all your wool", you're wrong.

3. Respect other's RP choices -- I for one hope none of our members that are walking along stumble across a character that has used every RP cliche in the book in their storyline. (I'll address this more in the RP forum thread) But if you do, don't bash them. Remember, no story-line is perfect. Every bit of lore, no matter how close to Blizzard's storyline, has loopholes. Even if we don't realize it yet.

Finally, I want to encourage everyone to hash out their individual story lines. Find your niche by whatever means necessary. Your characters are people, and none are expected to fall into ranks and files with plain deadpan faces. If I wanted minions I'd roll a Warlock. If you want pointers in WoW RP, I'll give you my advice and give you examples of other RP guilds that work/have worked well. For more information on how Banners of the Storm originated, visit the Bannerlore thread in the Forum.

Take the Flag. Hold the Line! Banners of the Storm.
Other Guild News

Guild Bank Tab 2/6!

539285894_Inactive, Jan 26, 08 11:57 AM.
After several generous contributions from our guild members, we now have a second bank tab! The second tab is for items that can be withdrawn freely, without limitations. As always, we ask you use discretion and only take what you believe you may need and share the wealth!

Guild Bank tab 1/6!

539285894_Inactive, Dec 13, 07 3:23 PM.
For those who like to share their toys, we've got a tab now for that. Feel free to peruse the spoils, but remember, lewts (and money) doesn't grow on trees.

Go text-based when the server is down!

539285894_Inactive, Nov 27, 07 12:19 PM.
Join our chat server to take the Storm into the poor man's WoW!

Switch week is coming!

539285894_Inactive, Nov 8, 07 11:34 PM.
At the request of one adamant Bannerknight, Banners of the Storm will host its first week of Guild IC Switchery! .... The OOC channel will, again, by request, be none other than the fabled BKlounge.

Banners of the Storm Has a New Address!

System, Nov 8, 07 7:41 PM.
Banners of the Storm has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

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