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Have a instance run with the GuildMaster
Aug 16, 08 11:28 AM
Jun 7, 08 4:53 PM
Mar 23, 08 4:24 PM
Feb 3, 08 7:26 AM
Dec 21, 07 9:52 PM
Welcome to Tears Of Vengeance Guild

 This guild is a casual raid guild that is dedicated to it's members with Honor, Loyalty, Courage, and Freindship.

  There is a vast amount of experience in this guild in the original and crusade version of the game.  Our main mission is to have fun and support  each other.

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Have a instance run with the GuildMaster

539286218_Inactive, Aug 16, 08 11:28 AM.
We will be having instance runs on wednesday's at 7pm, this is to give new members an opportunity to get runs in to do the quests and level up their players.  This also get allows the guildies to get some time from the Guild Master to help them level.  The GM works with 2 guilds and one sister guild helping out so time is limited, so this gives an opportunity to get some time in on a scheduled day.

We are getting a lot of new people in the guild, we could like everyone to help each other out, and recruit your friends and people looking for a guild.  We would like people to start playing towards level 70 so that we can start running high instances with our guild again.

Also there has been some low level bank stealing, if you do not have the level for the items that are in the bank, DO NOT TAKE THE ITEMS,  the items are in the bank for everyone not just to cash in for gold.  Please understand the GM knows every item deposited and every item taken out and who did it at what day and time. If you care about your guild you will not do this.  If you want repair gold in the bank you will deposit, if not the gold bank will stay empty.
We cannot give you another bank tab if you do not deposit gold into it.  Presently the officers and GM have two guild slots, the next slot is 1000 gold so if you want more stuff (deposit).  There is a guild bank player if the bank tab is full you can deposit the items by mailing to TOVBANK in the game.

Everyone have fun in the game and Recruit some people, we need all levels tanks and healers are a must.



539286218_Inactive, Jun 7, 08 4:53 PM.
Hi all,

Got some new guildies and some have left,  we are looking for Healers and Tanks lvl 70 attuned and Kara, Gruul, SSC lvled..  Also looking for 40s to 60s for quests and lvling of our esisting guildies that want to do quests and old world instances.... pst Niightmare for more information.  This guild is on Garithos server.



539286218_Inactive, Mar 23, 08 4:24 PM.
Running Kara with a second guild to share resources, all lvl 70s need participate with kara to help out the guilds. PST Niightmare or Selenas for information.

539286218_Inactive, Feb 3, 08 7:26 AM.
HI All,

We are starting KARA again, but remember we are sharing guild resources between two guilds so if you don't get pick first it's cause we have to respect the ones that work hard to get there first.  We are all helping each other out due to the loss of people on the server.
Started on Headless again, and will continue up once we get the rhythm again.
Hope everyone is doing good this year, see you in the outlands,
we have been killing a lot of ally lately due to population shift of sever.


539286218_Inactive, Dec 21, 07 9:52 PM.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone, hope everyone gets what they want for christmas or what ever holiday they observe.

see you on the game.
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