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Nov 1, 07 10:09 AM
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Posted by lucytoots on 03-Oct-07 09:14pm WELCOME TO PUG (neptulon server)

Pug as a guild is only a few years old but the core members have been playing wow since beta and are all real life friends, hence we are a really friendly and fun guild with lots of laughter and micky taking in chat. But don’t be fooled by this because when seriousness is needed its there. We welcome all applicants to join us but mainly mature, casual raiders.

We raid Sunday 7.30 – 11.30 Kara and Tuesday 7.30 – 11.30pm Heroic, BST (GMT+1) until 28th October 2007 when they'll be GMT. Thursdays from 7.30 will be an option (again for kara or heroic) if we can recruit more peeps. You need to be prepared for every raid with your own consumables necessary for the given encounter. But again we are all prepared to help each other and will do what we can to help with prep. Kara and heroic keyed please..list your keys in application.

Ventrilo is required and English a must as I already have probs understanding the northerners in our guild (im from southern uk)

At present we have 2 solid healers (drood and holy priest), 2 hunters (1 bm and likkle me mm) , prot spec warrior, deadly lock and enhancement shammy. So not many of us as u can see ((( . We have recently been 7 manning Attumen, animal bosses and Maiden. We will consider any class but anyone up for some fun and hopefully loot, will be given a trial to see how they work with us.
Good gear please, preferably heroic/kara mix or better.
Attitude and friendliness is a must. We look after each other and help out when and if we can. We are not expecting the most hard core players and im afraid those who want to bust arse and get to the end game quickly need not apply.

We are a casual guild, we have fun while trying to progress but we do it at our speed. If you want fast easy epics and raid every day and ALOT then...THIS IS NOT THE GUILD FOR YOU, dont make a application if you will leave after 2 days. Thanks!
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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

539289897_Inactive, Nov 1, 07 10:09 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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