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Blessed Karma
Guild Leader Change
Nov 7, 07 7:59 PM
Move Cancelled
Nov 5, 07 4:52 PM
Nov 4, 07 7:47 PM
Possible move
Nov 4, 07 2:28 PM
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Welcome Blessed Karma Members

     It is with great joy that I have signed the leadership of Blessed Karma back over to Mistress Starwillow. She founded our family in the beginning and has now come to dwell amongst us again :)

Former Leader
Blessed Karma


Thank you Ellistrae for the wonderful welcome back. I have missed being part of the guild and the companionship it brought. I however had lost interest in the game and the stresses of real life had gotten too great and made my boredom with Everquest even worse. I loved my guild family very much and though I didn't want to leave, I felt I should leave it to someone who still cared for the game of Everquest.  Well, since I have taken a huge break from Everquest I feel refreshed and ready to regain my former friendships and enjoy the world of Norrath with you all.  Thank you for having me back. It will be a rough road ahead but I see light at the end of the tunnel.  Happy Hunting and See you around the World.

Mistress Starwillow
Leader of Blessed Karma
66th Necromancer of Tunare


Guild Leader Change

538871417_Inactive, Nov 7, 07 7:59 PM.
Thank you Ellistrae for taking great care with the guild in my absence. Alot of things have happened since I've been gone but I am happy to see the guild still alive.  I would also like to thank Quickquiver and Meditoad for supporting Ellistrae in this tough time in order to keep the old guild values alive.  Be ready for many changes and brighter times ahead.  Happy to be back! *hugs*

Mistress Starwillow
Founder and Leader of Blessed Karma
66th Necromancer of Tunare

Move Cancelled

539133498_Inactive, Nov 5, 07 4:52 PM.
The possible move was attempted and as it seems, all really has to offer is a way to track raid points. When this becomes a necessity we will provide links from this site to that site. This truly is the best place for Blessed Karma right now. It is more user friendly and the limits (and the adds) will be gone very soon.

I would like to send out a special thanks to Achillis for showing me around myraids while I was there and for the work that he did so that he could show me what they had to offer. Since our guild is no where being raid ready, we aren't ready to take advantage of the features of the site either. But this is ok in the end because they will also allow us to link to their site. This means that when we are raid ready we can set up there for raids, if we find that this site doesn't have everything we need.


539133498_Inactive, Nov 4, 07 7:47 PM.
We now have all the required approval and we will be updating with the address as soon as we are site approved :) Thank you for your continued patience as we complete the necessary transitions :)

Possible move

539133498_Inactive, Nov 4, 07 2:28 PM.
We have noticed the severe limitations of this web site without subscribing and we may be making a move to They offer the same thing plus a few extra perks without having to subscribe. This decision has not reached a definite conclusion just yet so please stand by for more information.
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