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Clean Up, Asile 5...
May 28, 08 12:36 AM
Oh Yes!
May 12, 08 7:33 PM
Oh No!
May 8, 08 12:19 PM
WoW Matrix
Apr 30, 08 9:14 PM
The Brigade Reborn
Apr 26, 08 8:10 PM
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"Fall in love every chance you get..." - Roxel Starsong

Anu Belorei Dela'na

Welcome, my brother and sister Sin'Dorei.  You have arrived at the online home of the Blood Brigade, an RP guild on the Venture Co server of World of Warcraft.  We are a private guild, and choose only to associate with our fellow Sin'Dorei. For our brothers and sisters who are looking to join out ranks, we offer a wide variety of services, such as Guild Meetings, Guild Festivals, a guild bank, armory, instance runs, Player vs. Environment and Player vs. Player.

The Arcanists would like to let all of our brothers and sisters that this is going to be a very important communication source within the Brigade. All members must register to obtain their rank as Magisters in the guild, as well as a few other minor tasks. For those who do not register, you do run the risk of being expelled from the guild. Do not take this lightly.

For more information on the guild, please see the various tabs above.

Other Guild News

Clean Up, Asile 5...

539294952_Inactive, May 28, 08 12:36 AM.
Ok, wow...there was some serious cleaning needed to be done around here...and its all sparkley and clean! :D! Fourms are cleaned up, Ranks, Promotions and Laws have been updated from a very old version to the we're all good!

Oh Yes!

539294952_Inactive, May 12, 08 7:33 PM.
Huray! I'm back! I can come online as much as I please! Huray! lol. And also...which is much better news than me as far as I concerned... ROX IS BACK!! That right! Our buddy is back from Basic as a Marine Privet! Huzzah! We are also going to have a huge RP event for Roxel's return!

Oh No!

539294952_Inactive, May 8, 08 12:19 PM.
So it seems...that my latest subscription cycle ended, and the bills have come in. Some of you have already done the math. I would like to take this time to offically state that making grown up decisions suck. I had to pay my bills instead of get a renewed subscription to WoW. So! I will be gone for a bit, which leavs Amal and Bre in charge of the guild until I can find a way back online. I'll try to get on as soon as I can! I can feel the withdrawl from no WoW setting in already...

WoW Matrix

539294952_Inactive, Apr 30, 08 9:14 PM.
Alright, so I came across this new program that I think everyone should check out. It's called WoW Matrix. I know at least most of you guys use a lot of addons, which I do as well. And every once in a while, like when new patches come out, or for whatever reason, you have to re-download all your addons and one by one go through all the files to put them onto your computer. Well, I found this program that stores all the addons from Cruse-Gaming and is constantly updating itself for the latest addon versons, and it automatically puts all addond you get from there in the right place on your computer. On top of that, for every addon you have, it alerts you when theres a newer version, and with ne click, can update all of your addond to the latest version out. Very cool, very easy, and something you guys should check out. Laters!

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